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  1. My fave bass is a £170 Squier with EMG GZRs and a Gotoh bridge. It plays beautifully and sounds great. Does it look like a US Fender… no. But, if you fancy a super-duper US Fender and can (almost) afford it, I’d say go for it. I had a US Jazz in the past and it was beautiful in all kinds of ways. I only sold it because I decided to go short-scale, but I wish I still had it… just ‘ cos.
  2. I strummed/picked/plucked away at all manner of guitars acoustical and electrical for nigh on 30 years. I can honestly say that I wasn’t much better on day the last as I was on day the first. Once I picked up a bass it was a duck-to-water experience. Most of my gigs have been as a sax player… I think it may be that I’m better playing one note at a time. Playing an entire chord obviously counts as multi-tasking.
  3. One band I was in… we’d pile on the stage, pick up our instruments and someone would shout “Go!” Worked a treat.
  4. I always pronounce Jaguar the Pink Floyd way.
  5. I’ve been to Graceland. They wouldn’t let us in to the lavvy… maybe a cover up. I think this conspiracy theory may have legs…
  6. From my neck of the woods… Half Man Half Biscuit. Dread Zeppelin. I saw Albertos y Lost Trios Paranoias once… but they didn’t go down well.
  7. I’ve mentioned this before… I work on the pain/pleasure ratio. 51% pain: 49% pleasure… time to go.
  8. We did some wedding gigs in leather and chains. We also played some WMCs in evening suits and dicky bows.
  9. Mostly leather and chains for me.
  10. We drove halfway across the country for a fairly standard club gig. We opened the back doors of the van and the BL’s cat shot out and promptly disappeared into the nearby industrial estate. The BL swore his missus would have his nuts if he lost the cat, so we promptly set out in pursuit… took over an hour to find the moggie. We were really late setting up that night… great gig, though.
  11. I played almost all of my gigs with a fretless. I actually found it easier for my bony arthriticky fingers… felt like I was coaxing the notes out and not holding down at all. I mostly played classic rock and for me it was just “playing bass”… although not having frets definitely changed my technique. I went for side dots and ears (no lines). But you need mostly ears and feel… the side dots can disappear under stage lighting. I used to practise in the dark. I play short scale now… because it’s better for my bony arthriticky shoulder. I’m back on frets but use light strings and an even lighter touch. It works for me.
  12. I’m so glad I stopped licking my strings… filthy habit.
  13. Sunburst and torty… I love it. Even better than candy apple red and black… just.
  14. So… when you have a fear of the in-laws coming over at Christmas… it’s actually xenophobia… I knew it.
  15. I’m offended by that… maybe… dunno… I’ll have to think about it…
  16. Woohoo! Merry Christmas, everyone… get the sprouts on to boil…
  17. He could change his name to Nut Loaf… probably suit him better.
  18. A bit like Pschitt lemonade in France. Yes… before the pedants pile in… I know it’s onamatopoeic
  19. I’ve played quite a few Military bases, never had any problems… including Sergeants’ Mess gigs. I always thought that posh weddings were far worse.
  20. Well… I’d buy it if I didn’t already have one. Covers bedroom, rehearsals and (my kind of) gigging… but extension cab always an option. I love the effect that the gain control has over the volume and tone… and it’s light enough to swing over my head. I sold all my other amps.
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