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    Hi - am listing my Shuker black/maple PJ 4 string with jazz profile neck. I’ve copied a lot of the information from the BCer I bought it from. The bass has a Jean Jacques Brunel Precision English ash body core with swamp ash wings and is finished in a beautiful black gloss with a bwb pickguard. It has a maple neck with a select birds eye fretboard and matching headstock veneer that is truly stunning. The neck profile was taken from a Sadowsky Will Lee jazz, so is slim and comfortable and sports hipshot light tuners.. All hardware is black and adds to the classic black and maple look. The pickups are Di Marzio and these perfectly compliment the Sadowsky pre amp with vintage tone control. She weighs in at just a tad over 9lbs on the bathroom scales and is very comfortable to play. Included is the Shuker hiscox case. I am asking £950, £895 available for collection from West Yorkshire or can meet up within a couple of hours travel time. If someone wants to arrange a courier I will pack it up very securely. Trade wise I am specifically looking for a USA Musicman Sterling
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    New thread linked below 👍🏻
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    Isn't this a bit like having someone who's shorter than you get into the driving seat of your car and telling you it's undrivable cos they can't quite reach the pedals?
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    As I've already bought a channel strip this year and have 'baskets' and wish-lists bursting at the seams with bits I need/want to purchase throughout the year, anyone fancy joining me in a little drinking game? For every NBD, NAD, NCD, NPD, or any other New Something Day you spot, it's time for a dose of your favourite tipple. As it's virtual, I'll be breaking out the ice-water and dripping myself a rejuvinating glass of La Fée Verte, in deference to my devil-may-care approach to letting the gear flow in and the money out for 2020.
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    Alan at ACG made me this (essentailly a 32" scale P bass).
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    6.8 = maybe a bit on the low side but I consider that fact that I'm getting a reading at all as a win!
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    The bassist and keyboard player look like they could be characters from 'The Big Bang Theory'. It reminds me of when I played at a mathematics conference at St Andrews University, a few years ago. There was a lot of sandal and sock action on the dance floor that night.
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    Meeting up for the first time with three other muso's through JoinMyBand exactly a year ago, we plugged in, tuned up, and the first half-a-dozen songs we played all sounded great, everyone had done their homework and had actually worked on the songs we agreed to run through before turning up. Best first meeting I've ever been involved in, and we are still together now. 🙂
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    It's quite an old fashioned website, but Dennis Havlena had an article about converting low-end cellos using electric bass flatwound strings. http://dennishavlena.com/cellobas.htm
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    In theory yep, I'm in. Thursday's are our rehearsals nights, its normally the only night we are all free. As long as we arent gigging that weekend i can cancel it. Not been to the Garage for well over 20 years (although we drive past it going to rehearsals). Last band i saw there was Cutting Crew, around the time Died in your arms was in the charts.
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    Couple of good NP interviews I found on YouTube, what a nice guy John https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_mKr28G7og&fbclid=IwAR3ruL7mksoTYGlTNKLsVrEYATy1lHHXEVXYhf_yp0VYx_3FWDmcUgmK-4Q https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWyeMA78EEk
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    There’s a band I follow called Raging Fyah, they have been around from about 2006, and have been supporting since then , but they are now starting to headline , well worth a listen.
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    Or a fish-slapping dance:
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    Anyone else like to work on classical pieces from time to time? I've never had any classical training but I've found it's really helped getting my reading together to do things like this. ...with apologies in advance to any classically trained musicians who might be offended!
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    Shuker 5 String Single Cut.. Back to £1000 Turns out the active is fine it’s just a noisy socket (that I already knew about). On this style of active the tone controls don’t function in passive mode; they come in to play when the push/pull volume control goes active; according to Barry at KGB. The actives are not Bartolini (unlike the pick-ups) - it appears they are Shukers own & incidentally I think it sounds great. KGB is replacing a pot and a noisy socket so I’m down about £45.00. As I’ve had the work completed and pick up the guitar tomorrow it’s back to the original ALREADY LOW asking price of £1000. I’m keeping the information below for clarity, but it’s no longer £850; and it is functioning fine.. *** £850 - If you get it fixed..! *** There is a fault with the active side of the electronics; the passive works okay 👌. I’m only selling this bass to fund a Jazz Deluxe / Elite or Ultra, and I’ve seen one I like for £850. If your prepared to except the fault, then you are getting an absolute bargain & a luthier could make the active sing again. This offer can only last while the other bass is still available or until the guys at KGB musical instruments fix the fault, but they haven’t contacted me yet so I could pick it up in a heartbeat. £850 doesn’t cover postage or hard case. I’d like someone to pick it up or buy my hard case and arrange their own courier from my address. If you buy the hard case £50 (Hiscox) and arrange your own courier I’ll wrap this bass in all kinds of bubble wrap packing and place the lot in a bass size cardboard box.. If in the meantime KGB fix my guitar this bass goes back to £1000..! Still Getting the electronics fixed. Due to illness the guitar is still (1 week thus far) at the workshop (KGB Musical Instruments). £1000 Up for sale / or trade is my Shuker Single Cut - 5 string. I’ve owned it for about 8yrs and never really gigged it. Mainly used for practice sessions and home playing. It could probably do with a small service (crackly jack skt) but it’s still very playable; in good overall condition with low action and a stable, fast shallow neck. 34’ Scale and Bartolinis. Payed a lot more than I’m selling for. The only mark I can see on it is a small nick in the lacquer on the top edge of the body. Not sure of the woods but I think the facing is spalted ash with a tiger stripe finish that looks amazing. 24 frets in good condition. Currently fitted with 30-115 (super light) Status steel round wound strings, and there’s precious little rattle. It’s a lot of bass for the price! Selling as I’ve recently played a friends USA 77 jazz at a gig; and I want one. So this has to make way. If anyone has a newish re-addition 70’s jazz I’ll consider a trade / swap..! Ideally a USA Jazz Deluxe with the block (70’s style) neck inlays and edge binding or an Elite or Ultra.. ideally looking for a buyer to arrange local pick-up.
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    A 4 hour round trip but well worth it - in lovely condition. Glad I didn't commit to the abstinence thread. Many thanks To Phil for posting it originally. Bye bye Sire V7 !
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    The poor bassist appears to be having some kind of medical episode, and the nasty keyboardist is taking the pith out of him.
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    Aria Pro II Cardinal series CSB came in various configurations. Double cutaway 32" scale, passive, mostly 1 pup, some had 2. I have one of the top end of the range 'Black n Gold' models and it is a corker. My second, actually - I was stupid enough to sell the first and lucky enough to find a second.
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    There's one of these in my future. But just not right now. Sadly.
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    Off the top of my head, it's Tim Allen at gig.ink who does thse. Or anything you want on a trc.
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    Yes I saw that on Friday night, well Saturday morning and really enjoyed it. Who knew Billy Idol would've became a wildlife enthusiast 😉
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    My Bank account is happy that I don't need another Trace Elliot... I see somebody with sellers remorse in the near future...GLWTS
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    I managed to get to 04 Jan without buying anything. I’m obviously rubbish at this task.
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    I am easy too - I spend a long time getting to know what the pedals do, then I tweak and leave - best way. You are not overthinking just exploring
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    Surprisingly easy to get a great deal on a used Sandberg, particularly the 'Basic' models. The name doesn't do it any favours, that's for sure, and I guess they're just not that well known to those that don't frequent bass forums. I paid £350ish for mine and it's one of my favourite basses.
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    Found this on YT. Ideal for Sunday afternoon viewing:
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    Debated this one with @Machines and @Cuzzie we all agreed it was a steal, but couldn’t justify it. Glad it’s gone to a reputable home.
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    I'm not sure this is a viable business model, TBH.
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    We stopped doing Sit Down after the singer/guitard and I played a weekend drum clinic thing for an ex-drummer; long story short, we played it 48 times in one weekend. After that, it got dropped for a good while. As you say, it's always a guaranteed floor-filler to have in the back pocket. And you can play it while asleep, too... 😀 Surprisingly, The Smiths' This Charming Man and There Is A Light never, ever fail. Massive bonus is they're terrific bass lines that are fun to play. Oh, and I Am The Resurrection, too - people might be politely enthusiastic during the verses, but once the chorus drops...blimey... 😃
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    Record the sessions and then listen to them as a band to discuss any level, clarity and other issues. If he can practice to change his faults give him that opportunity.
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    I have been at gigs where the sound has been fantastic, then spoken to people that were at the same gig but sitting somewhere else and have said the sound was rotten. Venues can have different characteristics depending on where you plonk yourself.
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    I've been itching to tell people about this for so long! Doug has dedicated his life to this for two years, it looks incredible. The idea of going full digital is scary, but this just looks fantastic and the price is fantastic. Who knew i'd be a fan, eh? It's only usually Darkglass stuff I like..... 😉
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    Some very interesting basses and amps this year I'm happy to see acg @skelf getting the attention he deserve. Would love to visit one year....
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    You're going to have a long slog to get a radius on SS like that. Better to find someone who can bend the radius into the steel and bond it to the neck.
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    Jackie Mittoo is someone I’d recommend giving a listen to. He was an original member of the Skatalites and became pivotal in the running and success of Studio One in Jamaica. Here’s a link to a compilation album on Spotify...
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    In the past, I had a few pedals which needed a 3.5mm jack to power them from a PSU (ProCo Rat, EHX Small Stone/Small Clone). I simply modified a few of the leads with a 3.5mm jack I bought from the local music shop, figured out the positive & negatives, then soldered the leads to the jacks. Lasted for years with no problems. Sold the pedals and included the leads.
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    Fit a new jack soldered to suit the polarity. Centre positive is more common place, bit guitar pedals seem to be t'opposite for some reason. Decent PSU's allow you to switch the pooatiry.
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    You really gonna argue with him?
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    Uptown Skunk Three little birds Hey Jude...24hr version
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    Big thank to to the many on here who helped on my other thread. In the end, I bought a Spector Legend after a wee haggle with Kenny's Music in Glasgow. Very impressed with their service after my experience at Guitar Guitar where I went in to buy a bass they said had been sold when it hadn't - wee bit of insider trading? Anyway, went in to look at their Spector NT Walnut and it was a thing of beauty with a great neck. This being said, it had a small electrical issue and so I tried... Spector Legend Custom NT Walnut Spector Legend Classic Tobacco Stain Fender Player PF Precision in Silver Fender Jazz Vintera in Gold To be honest, the last three impressed me immediately. I was surprised at how much I liked the Vintera neck and the Precision sounded like a Precision! I eventually chose the Spector because it was more versatile, had a lovely growl when required and a tone boost. The cheaper price saved me at least £200 too and being stingy this helped. Now, I usually get a No 1 or 2 haircut, but Spector provide some useful accessories including a cheap lead (don't bother Stuart!), some Allen Keys (have I lost them already?) and a haircut guide. According to their chart, I'm not allowed to play their bass in public until July. Hey ho!
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    Which colour would you go for @Al Krow, Tropical Seafloor, or Pacific Blue Burst?! I quite like the Tropical Seafloor one, shame the colour does not spread to the back though unlike the blue:
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    What on earth are Ibanez doing releasing pics of this chambered body, 18mm spaced, semi-para mid enabled headless bass?! Haven't they heard about our GAC 2020, or are they just trying to make life difficult? 😁
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    Shoreline uses lh3. You can tell that this is made by esp because of the duncan designed pickups.
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    Even worse, it was while cleaning up after the cat that I missed it. Fuming as it was well within budget.

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