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    Evening basschatters, looking for a new loving home is my 2006 warwick dirty blonde thumb bass. This is a stunning looking and playing instrument. It's very light and very comfortable. I had no intention to sell this however I've come to prefer more "traditional" type basses. Mega punchy tone and very resonant. Truss rod turns fine and everything works as it should. Includes warwick straplocks and recently fitted with a set of super slinkys. Very good condition with a few small marks (see pictures). I'm ideally after a cash sale but will listen to trades however I will be fussy! Any more info or better pictures just ask. Thanks! *the missing control knob has since been replaced with a new genuine item.
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    Really? Literally no redeeming songs in their catalogue for you at all? 🙄
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    It was Paul's question about his switch that made me think this one through. Although it's a basic feature without Midi, it's certainly a very welcome feature. Cant wait to try it with the Genzler (when i get it)
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    I’ve said it before the helix can pretty much do anything in terms of practicality I/O etc. Well thought out units!
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    Other companies need to listen to this....
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    So glad to finally see someone who agrees with me on this song. The longer it goes on...
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    Hi guys, this is my new Fender bass, it is a limited edition PJ all black (with ebony fretboard). I love it, as well as being aesthetically stunning it sounds divinely, very thick sound and defined in any configuration of pick up, especially the split coil. I put the links of some covers with I posted on my channel if you want to hear how it sounds!
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    NOW SOLD Selling this beautiful MTD 535-24, sad to see it go, but needing to make room for other gear! It's an incredible example of one of Michael Tobias' 535-24, it's one of the most comfortable basses i've ever played in my life, with an incredibly multi timbral sound. £3400 NOW £3200 (open to sensible offers) Collect from West London, or shipping at the buyers expense. The only trade i'd consider would be a Fender American Elite Jazz Bass V (Champagne) + cash.
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    I went out today, ostensibly to check out a MusicMan Cutlass bass, in Diamond Blue, with maple fretboard. But with a whole day at my disposal and visting a shop run by a friend, I had to check out a few alternatives. My 2 main basses at the moment are EBMM Stingrays. A classic and a special. So the Cutlass seemed a very nice alternative to the Rays. I also played a mapleglo Rickenbacker 4003s, which despite it's rediculous hardware (bridge & string cover-rest), felt very nice to play and was a nicely built bass. But I didn't like the sound of the pickups at all, thick, harsh and a little crude. I had a quick go on a couple of 5-strings, an MTD Kingston and an EBMM 'Ray. Neither convinced me to have another go with a fiver. Alao had another try on a Marleaux Consat 4-string, I'd played before, but still didn't gel with. The Cutlass was pretty much exactly what I expected. Like a passive Precision but IMO, better. I was close to saying I'd have it, when Gary, the shop guy suggested a Jazz Bass. Now I've owned/played a load of Jazz basses but had gone right off them, about 3 years ago. But he pulled out a real nice one, although my intial comment was "not a pink bass!". It was indeed shell pink, with an off white (mint?) scratchplate, being a Fender Limited Edition American Pro Jazz Bass. But what grabbed my attention and got my juices flowing, was the all rosewood neck. A thing of beauty that played as well as it looked. But it had the narrow nut of a Jazz and it was pink! I plugged it in and was surpised at how much I liked the tones available. I mainly settled on middle pickup up 100%, bridge pickup and 75% and varying the tone from 100 to 75%. Then I said to Gary, this would look much better with a tort scratchplate. He agreed and produced one. We slid it into place and it transformed the looks of this bass. Wow, now I was really interested. So Gary said he'd replace the plate and put some Elixirs on for me. Yes please! Trouble was the plate fitted everywhere, except there was a small gap between it and the chrome, control panel. stinky poo! So the original went back on, with the Elixirs and Fender are sending a tort plate for this series, for me to put on ASAP. Got it home and have been blasting along to my tunes and loving it. I've been playing actives for years but my ears are enjoying this passive bass. And my hands are feeling very comfortable on this lovely neck. Just need that tort scratchplate, to perfect the aesthetics.
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    The Gretsch is not Nitro as it is a Korean one from last year, my only Nitro finish is on the neck of my 1972 Telebass which does not touch the legs anyway.
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    For sale this Fbass Bn4 from 2010 Perfect condition Rosewood fingerboard Fbass gigbag All works perfectly excepted the bridge pickup. No sound. I don’t know if the problem comes from the pickup or electronic. I know that G Furlanetto can replace the pickup if it’s that the problem. Price: 1900€
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    One more bump before I decide to keep it and refinish in orange metal flake 😀
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    Something we do on Double basses for some orchestral pieces is to tune the bottom three strings in 5ths (C G D G) ... various composers want the basses a full octave below the cellos. Not heard of that on an electric bass, but it should work OK - probably better as using all four fingers (not possible on a double bass really) you can still play a scale without changing position. Just a thought.
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    Got an interesting very rare purple burst Fender P if ya interested Karl.........😉
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    Cheers Dave, not something I've personally heard mentioned before so a very useful tip!
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    I had their DC9 I think it was, and it was a very good pedal. To the point where the first time I used it our lead guitarist was late, and walked in when we were playing. His first words were to ask if I’d got myself a compressor as the bass was sounding much better, more balanced and focused (he’s one of those techie people that understand sound and how it works).
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    I've successfully used wood glue and cocktail sticks or kebab sticks (for larger holes) on several bridges.
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    Don't know what it's called, but a guitar maker gave me it ages ago. He used it for measuring and adjusting top thickness and I believe fingerboards. Anyway, it's ready to go to a new home - listed in recycling here. Free of course.
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    I would say yes, which means Si must be the lead guitarist, and also be MacDaddy on here, and wants to focus on bass more rather than lead guitar. Which just leaves the issue of the missing drunk punter, presumably deceased at the hands of Sylvie for asking if she could put a song on for them.
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    Just used my ABM 500 on a gig last night for the first time. Loud, clear, great authority. Very impressed. The amp wasn't bad either! 😉
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    Nice, if I had £725 I’d be having this. Good luck with the sale.
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    While agree with everything you said the resonant peak knob is boost only on the EQ-01 as far as I remember.
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    While I wouldn't consider myself an expert I've owned and played a fair few of Alan's filter based EQ instruments. Unlike cut and boost EQs where you can twiddle with a vague grasp of what's going on and get the tone you want, with the filter based pre-amps you really need to know what you want and how to achieve that. There's more than one way to do it and Alan's filter based pre -amps have evolved wonderfully over the years so my ideas may not fit all. Saying that, it's not 'rocket science'. All that is needed is a little time spent understanding roughly how they work and then, vitally a structured approach to getting the tone you want. I still have my stunning filter equipped headless Salace 5. Basically, if you have a 2 pickup bass with a Low Pass filter on each pup you need to blend to one pickup and then the other and set up the LPFs independently. Take any 'global' HPF or sweepable mids out of the equation first too by using the upper knob set to it's mid pos'n. Make sure the LPF top knob isn't pulled up (can be a mid boost control, usually low mid on neck pup and high mid on bridge) and that the upper, resonant peak knob is fully anti clockwise (it's boost only even if there is a centre detent). Now for the basic tone. Turn the selected pup LPF fully anti clockwise. Then while playing gradually rotate the LPF, introducing greater higher frequencies until you get the base tone you want from the neck pup. Blend fully to the other pup and repeat. You can now use the blend control to move between pups to blend the two tones to suit. Depending on your setup, the resonant peak boost on each LPF can be used to trim that turn down part of the LPF cut off curve up a varying degree. A pull on the top knob may well be a mid boost as described above. You may also have a HPF fitted that is global, works the opposite way and may have a bright pull on top. The top knob is likely not a resonant peak but a simple cut and boost from its centre detente. Later models may have a John East sweepable mids that in my experience is tuned higher than the usual sweepable mids giving greater 'sparkle' options. My lovely Finn 5 Uber spec, now sadly sold, also had a global passive tone control that was an active/passive pull switch also. If all this seems overly complicated I apologise. It just needs to be done one step at a time and then once you have the 'meat' sorted for each pickup you can blend and add the 'gravy' via the HPF/sweepable mids, resonant peak controls and mid boosts and even a good old passive tone control. But if you just dive in and twiddle it can be a recipe for disaster imo.
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    OK thank you, I'm not really up on this side of things, appreciate the heads up
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    Cheers Sir, it is a monster, somehow I feel unworthy of it, very odd.
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    Controversial choice maybe but... This one for me... The song itself utterly dull. The only likeable bits are all of Norman Cook’s Big Beat loops and samples layered on top. It goes way downhill after the intro. Ever heard Cornershop playing the actual song sans Fatboy Slim embellishments? Yawn...
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    We play regularly in a large chain pub in Glasgow, and there is a DJ on playing crowd-pleasers before we go on. Without fail, while we’re setting up we’ll be asked to play some ridiculous pop song - clearly intended for the DJ. Usually while I’m crawling on the floor running cables in to a monitor or something equally glamorous. I’d more expect to be mistaken for a janitor than DJ! While actually playing the same pub a couple of weeks ago, we do ‘One Vision’ by Queen I’m the first half of the set. After EVERY song for the rest of the night, a girl approaches the stage and asks us to play Queen. We don’t know any more. Emotions rise as she gets more drunk, and she’s almost in tears by the end. Though while we’re actually playing, she’s very happy and dancing to every song. There’s also the punters who request songs that are obviously not going to happen. Like Beyoncé or David Guetta. We’re a bunch of guys aged from late 30s to mid 60s...
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    I never knew it could be so much fun
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    Many an hour lost lurched over pedals, tweakin and a freakin (sonically)
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    I've gigged a single Barefaced one10 on lots of gigs in small pubs with drummer and guitarist. It coped easily enough using with a GK MB200 or, over the last couple of years, with a Quilter BB800. I have a pair of one10s and combined, they can cope with any gig I'm likely to do. Frank.
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    You must have an idea of how you compare to other bass players that you like or listen to. 1. can you play what they play 2. can you play it exact same as them 3. can you play as well as other local bass players you've seen 4. can you keep good timing Just a few simple little things to help you judge your ability. Once you have an idea how competent then have a go at a jam night or even get together with fellow musicians just for a laugh and play a few songs you all like. Hopefully that will give you a better idea how good you are. You'll never know til you try. Dave
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    I can't really answer your questions Ray, but that first picture of you playing is an absolute joy.
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    I agree. Best. customer. Service. Ever.
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    Best in the business for service IMO
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    Quick heads up if anyone else is interested. There's a black Friday sale on today with 30% of all courses. I've just bought the Basic Fundamentals course for £35 instead of the usual price of £50. I'm looking forward to getting stuck in now.
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    BassChat is definitely more about the chat than the bass. The bass bit is the starting point, but it's the social chat that is really why we keep coming back. And the occasional cake.
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    Great basses and great price as well!
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    It was ok until the vocal started.
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    That's what I was afraid of at that stage, that her annoying behaviour was part of some sort of misguided mating ritual... Unfortunately (for her) we might as well belong to different species. I don't do stupid. I have enough with my own stupidity
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    I just dragged my missus to the screen to show her your efforts and she was mightily impressed. 'Go back up,' she said. 'Show me the room again'. I complied with her exhortation. 'That's lovely,' she said. 'You could do something like that'. Seems like I owe you a beer (or even an entire crate) Matt
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    scuse me people. the OP isn't meant to be about just naming one hit wonders but it's about the ones you rate AND ALSO what other singles released by the same bands should've been hits but sank without trace e.g. House of Pain, best known for Jump Around but the follow up Shamrock and Shenanigans is just as good...IMO
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    As a songwriter and a listener the lyrics are massively important to me - they’re 50% of the package. I want a song to be equally strong on both counts. That said, I’d rather listen to a song with a strong melody and weak lyrics than a great lyric with a poor tune.
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    Nice work. You should go into business, building old school sleeves/cases for those of us who use modern class D jobbies and want the vintage look.
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    If I had a calendar it would be on it. Frank, check out Tiffins all you can eat curry house, only a couple of miles from the venue 🥵🥵🥵
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    So I bought one of those fancy brief case pedal board thingies. I have been left with many questions. The bottom half has little rubber feet at the corners indicating it should be the half in which the pedals sit. If this is so then given the bottom is deeper than the top the pedals sit too low to use. Also the handle and clasps are then vulnerable to being trodden on. If the pedals go in the lid, no rubber feet and you have to open the case upside down. There is a strip of furry velcro stuck in the lid. This runs the width of the lid and has scratchy velcro attached to it. I don't know what this is for. The block of foam supplied with the board would raise the pedals to a usable height but is far too squishy so can't be for that. With the pedals in the lid and the foam in the base the unit won't close. Yours, bewildered Stew. 🤔

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