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  1. Same thing Architect dealing in the above. Far more interesting than new builds.
  2. I wish he would come back to Birmingham Town Hall one of the best concerts I've been to.
  3. I think there hasn't been anymore of a technological shift since Cher's Believe which couldn't of happened earlier.
  4. Change to a black chrome control plate and it will be perfect.
  5. I'm thinking about one of these in the new year what does the upgrade bring to the bass?
  6. Bought a P bass loom off John. Very helpful and great service.
  7. Sweet. I think I shall be adding one of these in the new year!
  8. Have a look at GAK I think it's £280 odd
  9. The green colour looks excellent on them.
  10. Bought a bridge from Andy, excellent seller, easy transaction and delivered quickly.
  11. The new little Les Paul Juniors are interesting
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