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  1. MisterT


    I'm just putting the finishing touches to an email campaign for a customer who genuinely only knocks discount off everything at this time of year and Xmas. His punters know this and so look forward to the offers / save up in readiness. You could argue that he'd drop sales pre and post the offers but it doesn't seem to affect things and he always does well from the campaign. Same as owt else really, there's some proper bargains. For me, it's either a balls-out good deal or don't bother.
  2. Ooh ta, didn't know about this. Sammi Garett's touring with Freekbass at the moment, busy bees they are.
  3. MisterT

    Talk to me about the blues.....

    Been listening to Marcus a little while, came up in a youtube recommendation because I was listening to Dumpstaphunk and I'm so glad it did. Coming to Manchester in October, really want to go see this band. Love his style.
  4. MisterT

    SIte security- https

  5. MisterT

    SIte security- https

    The mediaplex http thing is back on the Elixir strings gif... http://img-cdn.mediaplex.com/0/25163/182158/UK_BassStomp_468x60_new.gif?mpqs=&mpssl=1&mpvc=
  6. MisterT

    Learning bass after 40's

    Late starter here (started late 40s now in early 50s), no guitar-based background in my youth either. Do it. The comment about leaving the bass out - so true. Mine's hung on the wall here in the home office and it's picked up every day.
  7. If funk had a face, it'd be Bernie's. From about 7,20 on this vid... (ps, I've never seen a bass player lick his fingers to play either... his own fingers I mean, cos licking Bernie's would be a whole new chapter).
  8. I don't even know where to begin, you might find some of it bordering on rock, RnB orJazz but the funk is a core element with the purple one. Try the following: Dear Mr. Man, Stare, Let's Work, Musicology, Sticky Like Glue, Black Sweat, Here Eye Come. Stunning thread (opened my eyes and ears to new avenues), thank you to all, nobody's posted anything bad. I'll just leave this here.
  9. It's the first dishwasher we've ever had - proper ratchet purchase, I'll never go back! (sorry about appliance lovin' but y'know..) Now if only I'd thought that about the Eden 410 I had (a good ole thumpety thump but too honky)... this thing you've got here - yummy.
  10. This has made me rethink my kitchen plans. *ponders integrated 4x10 next to dishwasher* GLWTS - tempted but kitchen's slurping all my money at the mo.
  11. Bumpingtons. Was going to use the bump facility but thought I'd add that I'll be at the LBGS Sunday in case anyone wanted these bringing along and meeting in person type thing.
  12. Not sure why I'm not getting notifications to this topic. It's set to 'Notify me of replies'. Trades... hadn't thought about it but off the top of my head I could be interested in and in no particular order...(with or without cash adjustment)... Vanderkley MNT112 MM Sire bass A good quality 10 / 12" combo - Markbass etc.
  13. Hello all, delayed response from yours truly is just because I only just got the notification there'd been a reply. Something up with the site when I tried to log in too but here I am. @TheGreek - thanks for the bump. Dimensions are: 90mm wide x 55mm deep x 20mm high. Weight each is 220g.
  14. Project anyone? Brand new, never used. Link to these on the SimS site http://www.simscustom.com/pickups/4string.html I've had them since April 2017, haven't done anything so rather than sitting in the cupboard here they are. Will post insured only (not included), or you can pick up from the Wakefield area. Reduced (10/08/2018) to £250