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  1. MisterT

    “Congrats you have won a prize” pop up?

    Dunno if this will be the issue at all but I'd check on those banner ads, the serving party's code may be out of date because the mediaplex ones at least are serving images & return links over http rather than https. Firefox is refusing to even show them now.
  2. MisterT

    No Prices On New Guitars in PMT

    This. I've bought 2 basses from PMT Leeds and a few other bits over the past few years. I have always given them a crack at a deal and 9 times out of 10 they match or beat it slightly. I get to play new toys when I go in and when I'm ready to buy I'll do my homework online then see what the store can do. And they know this so I'm grateful for having a retailer nearby where I can try the goods. That tobacco burst MM in there - not a huge fan of the look but lovely to play. I'll take the lot.
  3. We got one of them in his late 40's. I wish he'd just lay down 8ths on the hihat and a steady kick / snare but oh no... here comes a fill guys (you had one of those a bar and a half ago, remember?) and you'll love this one...two...hang on, five... wait, nearly got it... and... back on the one....or is that 3?
  4. MisterT

    Who are you seeing live next?

    Just got back from seeing him in Leeds and I'm speechless, he's as good as you think he's going to be and then some. Such stage personality and the band are t.i.g.h.t. I don't know if by posting that I'm upsetting you, Simon but it's a thing to behold.
  5. I was toying with the idea of actually fitting these hence I've not bumped the topic all year. They could do with finding a home. New these are £432 inc VAT for the pair - £250 and they're yours (and they're unused new).
  6. MisterT

    Feedback For Subfeeder

    What a thoroughly nice person to deal with. John bought my Soul Food pedal and despite the post office cocking up and it boomeranging back to my address he was very patient with yours truly. Hooray for people like this & a hearty 'thank you' for your understanding, John.
  7. Pedal clearout. Hardly used and only at home. Complete with original box. I'm in Wakefield - shipping £5.
  8. Like new with 2 years of home use. Original box and all cables. I'm in Wakefield - shipping £10.
  9. Pedal clearout. Hardly used and only at home. Complete with original box (mint) and 18v psu (psu never used). I'm in Wakefield - shipping £10.
  10. Pedal clearout. Hardly used and only at home. Complete with original box and psu (psu never used). I'm in Wakefield - shipping £5.
  11. MisterT


    I'm just putting the finishing touches to an email campaign for a customer who genuinely only knocks discount off everything at this time of year and Xmas. His punters know this and so look forward to the offers / save up in readiness. You could argue that he'd drop sales pre and post the offers but it doesn't seem to affect things and he always does well from the campaign. Same as owt else really, there's some proper bargains. For me, it's either a balls-out good deal or don't bother.
  12. Ooh ta, didn't know about this. Sammi Garett's touring with Freekbass at the moment, busy bees they are.
  13. MisterT

    Talk to me about the blues.....

    Been listening to Marcus a little while, came up in a youtube recommendation because I was listening to Dumpstaphunk and I'm so glad it did. Coming to Manchester in October, really want to go see this band. Love his style.
  14. MisterT

    SIte security- https