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  1. Sorry, no - I should have updated the thread which I'll sort now.
  2. 👍 I ended up down the Lachy Doley route only a few weeks ago after watching Snarky Puppy at NPR and wanted to know how you get THAT sound. Turns out it's a Clavinet with a Castle Bar or Whammy Bar... I just thought someone had stuffed a Raleigh Chopper's handlebars into a keyboard. Snarky doing their thang might as well be in here... hellyeah...
  3. Finally, I am among you. You may have seen this on Classic & Cool Guitars... it's exactly what I was hoping for and Mark's description was spot on. The small ding is very much less than I'd thought and tbh I'm glad to not have the exchange Cort any more because I was just being uber precious with the glorious finish on it. Still no sodding skirting boards in the kitchen... harumph. But new bass = "what skirting boards?" = 🥂
  4. Love a bit of Nate Smith in the evening....
  5. Woke up this morning (nope, no blues verse to follow) with this in my head...
  6. MisterT

    Show us your rig!

    Bought the first Vanderkley 112MNT about 4 years ago and finally made it a pair.
  7. MisterT

    Feedback for Aero71

    Marinus bought my Sims pickups - paid without fuss and arranged the courier / sent labels and then contacted me when the shipment arrived. Recommended & thank you Marinus.
  8. Didn't like the TN that was in the rehearsal rooms, but it had more juice about it than my Eden WTX500. I also traded up to a Magellan 800 and the 350 is going to sound the same bar the power. Totally in love with the Magellan, can do everything the Eden could but way better. Near silent where the Eden had a bit of noise - definitely worth the money.
  9. There's only one way to find out.... I need to try both. I'll have to prep MrsT for TWO basses arriving. I may be some time. Thanks for the tips, I'm hoping to be among you soon.
  10. Right, I'm getting the hang of this now... if I may quiz you guys a bit more... (presumptious MisterT? Why yes...)... Can the TM4 get a similar bridge sound as the TT4 if you bung it in single coil mode?
  11. Apart from the pups then.... is there any difference between the TT4 passive and the TT4 regular but in passive mode? Hope that's not a daft question.
  12. After reading the past few posts I went looking at Mark's site and spotted this... https://classicandcoolguitars.co.uk/portfolio/sandberg-tt4-black/ At the moment I've a Cort A4 Artisan in spalted maple and a 2017 MiM Jazz in a very similar colour arrangement to the TT4 here. What I want is to keep the Fender tone but add in the Cort's richness.... I play passive most of the time and the Cort oozes this creamy rich smooth neck pickup. Where it falls down (for me) is the bridge - it's not Jazzy enough, it's too modern. It's actually exactly what I was after at the time and then I got the Fender. Tried an Ida Neilsen TM4 at Bass Direct and loved the tone but couldn't get along with the distance between the PG and the strings. Have only just seen an interview with her where she explains that the pattern on the PG is sandwiched between 2 sheets so it's thicker and that suits her. Ida definitely doesn't have sausage fingers like wot I have. I wasn't exploring everything on the bass at the time as I was buying the Magellan amp - the only thing that I would like to explore is TM versus TT. But hell, look at it. Yes, after all the diagnosing and pontificating, it still comes down to looks So... what's pointing me at Sandberg are probably the things some of you have already found. I want a Fender Jazz sound but with more tone options if I want them along with better build quality (and no nose dive). Can't see me shoving nearly £2k at a USA Fender.
  13. I wish I hadn't found this thread. I am weakening for a TT4....
  14. Interesting @cheddatom - we are now into stuff that I get involved with professionally. I've designed some user interfaces in my time (including end-user finance procedures) and giving the customer all the info without clutter is very high on the list of priorities. There's boatloads of ways you can do this, and everyone has an opinion (nervy side glance to camera remembering 'that' meeting). The designer of what you've posted there might argue 'well, it's bold text and a bold link, plus to get here you hit the 'frends and family' option (along with the assumed implications therein)....what more do you want?'. There's no perfect answer, but I love digging around watching visitor flows before and after something as 'simple' as a design change. I'm with you on this one btw, I'd want to rejig that somehow.
  15. @Maxillius bought a Laney cab from me and everything went as it should - and a nice person to deal with. Echo the other comments with good communication throughout - likewise from me with courier updates etc.
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