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  1. Sold a pedal to Luke, paid by BACS the same day, no issues and great communication. Smashing. 👍
  2. Great seller! Highly recommended and great guy

  3. IE 11 definitely shows this ad and others don't. Are the ads non-turnoffable / governed from above on the hosting package or something? Yeah, if you can avoid it then stop using IE, it's godawful. Chrome / Firefox are so much better / secure. Edge is better than IE but you're still better off with the other 2.
  4. Item was exactly as described - great guy to deal with via PMs & phone and when I picked the cab up Andy had it all set up to demo. Couldn't ask for more, cheers!
  5. My MiM Jazz is the same - need to get min 3 winds on the A string or it has a buzz on the nut.
  6. Actually, it's now subject to being sold... I'll update if this goes through.
  7. Isn't there a recent thread on here where the person posting didn't use insured post and it went missing? I have customers who ship heavy items around the globe and that price doesn't sound horrendous if there's insurance & tracking and whatnot. You pays your money....
  8. I was going to just say 'no' based on the Uptown Funk thing which just left me wondering what the fuss was about. But that clip - straight up James Brown - really enjoyed that. Slapped wrists for me there.
  9. Dunno if this will be the issue at all but I'd check on those banner ads, the serving party's code may be out of date because the mediaplex ones at least are serving images & return links over http rather than https. Firefox is refusing to even show them now.
  10. This. I've bought 2 basses from PMT Leeds and a few other bits over the past few years. I have always given them a crack at a deal and 9 times out of 10 they match or beat it slightly. I get to play new toys when I go in and when I'm ready to buy I'll do my homework online then see what the store can do. And they know this so I'm grateful for having a retailer nearby where I can try the goods. That tobacco burst MM in there - not a huge fan of the look but lovely to play. I'll take the lot.
  11. We got one of them in his late 40's. I wish he'd just lay down 8ths on the hihat and a steady kick / snare but oh no... here comes a fill guys (you had one of those a bar and a half ago, remember?) and you'll love this one...two...hang on, five... wait, nearly got it... and... back on the one....or is that 3?
  12. Just got back from seeing him in Leeds and I'm speechless, he's as good as you think he's going to be and then some. Such stage personality and the band are t.i.g.h.t. I don't know if by posting that I'm upsetting you, Simon but it's a thing to behold.
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