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    This, ladies and gentlemen, is clearly 80’s icon Max Headroom who, having finally escaped his digital prison, is enjoying the warm r-r-r-r-r-rays of the sun on his face.
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    If you really want to get noticed, try the Jetco 50. Not as expensive as you may think and certainly makes a difference on stage.
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    Bass hand over day. Here's Martin this morning collecting his new Zoot Funkmeister 32" custom build.
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    How about this fella? Just don't mention Brit Rock to him. He hates it. Bigly. But he is cool and handsome. So there.
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    https://www.joinmyband.co.uk/classifieds/im-handsome-like-phoenix-and-play-all-instruments-t1171847.html I'm getting really good vibes off this guy!
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    'Fever' by Peggy Lee (with Joe Mondragon playing a mesmerising Bass line).
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    He sounds like he's trying really hard not to let slip that a) he lives in his mom's basement and b) he's an Incel.
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    I was at Download Friday Saturday Sunday, had an awesome time, but wasn't camping. We stayed in town, and shuttle bussed in and out each day. I have been to a few festivals in the past with camping, but this one was by far the largest (90,000) and arguably the most enjoyable. The mud situation was fine for me - I was never so out of it that I was falling over. My wellies were filthy below the shin, but I stayed completely clean otherwise. The rain was a bit crap when it came (I think the worst was during Slash) but a cheap poncho over my rain jacket and I stayed totally dry. The vibe was relatively healthy in my opinion - I didn't see any aggro of any description from crowd or staff, olds and kids were always allowed through, and it wasn't too claustrophobic (we were only about 30 m back from the stage). Some drugs floating around so I can understand that putting people off, but I found them easily ignorable. The crush to leave was bearable - from being close to the stage to queuing for the bus was about an hour, but it would have taken at least 20 minutes even if you had a free run at it. No one pushed or shoved or complained - it was more of a stoic smiley shuffle. The shuttle buses were regular, and staff were buoyant - we were three and the ticket was £14 return for the whole group! On site prices were slightly inflated, but a fiver for a pint isn't the end of the world, and acts as a bit of a buffer against getting too wrecked. Never took more than 10 or 15 mins to get served either, apart from maybe once on the Friday. Free fresh water stations all over the place too. The toilets were pretty gross, but I can't see how that can be avoided. All in all, and speaking as someone who typically feels pretty uncomfortable in crowds, I was impressed by how user friendly the whole thing was. I had a blast and would go again. I think the not camping was the trick... The only negative point was the sound - so kick heavy, followed by horrible snare bonk, and then everything else sitting somewhere underneath. I suppose it was better the further back you were, but we hoped by being close to the sound desk tower we might stand a chance... Nope. Tool still blew my mind though 🤘
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    My favourite bass player of them all is Rinat Ibragimov. Some wonderful youtube videos of him playing - mostly the more Romantic repertoire. He had a major stroke a few years ago, which tragically left him unable to perform, but his sound and emotional connection with music are endless inspiration to me The Koussevitsky was one of the pieces in my ARCM recital many many years ago, I had a couple of lessons with him before the recital. Eye-opening.......
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    Festivals - bit of a lottery. The best ones i went too were the free ones. Watchfield , Windsor , but even the one pay festival i went too, Knebworth, was a hoot. A less famous free one i attended compared to the above, was a MAG festival. For those that dont know who MAG is, they're the Motorcycle Action Group. If you didnt know, you'd expect there to be appalling condition, bikers batting the shyte out of each other, riding their bikes over tents etc. Not so. The place was spotless, no litter to speak of, and any small amounts were cleared up, the toilets were the cleanest of any festival id been to, and didnt reek. I never saw one fight, and everyone was as pleasant as hell.
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    **£700 ** Absolutely torn doing this as completely in love with this bass, but as much as this bass is the sound in my head, I've had to accept that it's not the right sound for my band 😭 Purchased from Rhysyjob last year in brand new condition (original sales post below). Bass is immaculate and comes with official Spector fitted hardcase (I purchased separately new from thomann for circa £150). Bass is just over 1 year old, has been gigged but never used in anger. Would prefer local collection or drop off but will ship at buyers cost. Looking for £850 ono including hard case.
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    Someone help me out! I heard this cab and bought it (guy I bought it off had only used it 4 times in the house - great condition) alongside an amp head which I wanted. It was absolutely gorgeous sounding. However, I already have a 4x10 which I love, and I really want to keep this too and probably will if I play it at practice this week. So, someone buy it off me before then! I really cant afford to keep it! Reviews out there online, pretty much all saying it's the best 4x10 cab they've ever used. 4ohm means you get the very best out of your amp! Also has a fully adjustable tweeter. It is fairly light, and has 3 handles depending on how you want to carry it, and lovely recessed wheels. These cost a lot when new - £1100+ Grab a bargain. Pick up Leyland Lancashire. Photos to follow: ------ Below spec is from bass direct. GB 410T UB4 - £1162 DISCONTINUED The UB series features classic design, powerful tonal output packaged into lightweight touring cabinets finished in a black “nubby-textured” vinyl and a silver/ black wire mesh grille cloth. Whether the music calls for the clarity and response of slap-style, the grunt and growl of pick playing or the warmth and punch of finger style, the UB series delivers. Each cabinet is loaded with our GNX10250 loudspeaker, compression tweeter and custom designed crossover network with a 100 watt tweeter level control. This design offers 1000 watts of output in a compact, easy to transport enclosure. The Edge-Lift handles, rear-mounted casters and rear skid rails make it a breeze to get this 72 lb. cab from stage-to-stage.
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    No worries pal. If you need me to sort something I’m coming up north 4th July will be somewhere between Leeds and Manchester. 👍🏻😃
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    You were on my list if my courier couldn’t collect my cab actually mate. Catch up soon buddy
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    There's no need to wait for the tube heaters to warm up before switching standby to on. The standby is there to allow you to turn off the main power rails while leaving the tube heaters on, so there's no wait to warm them up again after you've had your pint and are ready to play the next set.
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    Basschat comes through again; marvellous.
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    Absolutely stunning 👍
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    Congrats that looks lovely enjoy it 👍🏼
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    This is the same experience I have. At the moment I am completely happy with my gear and to be honest the only times I go in there is to get strings really, to look at what kind of gear is around these days or to assist a mate with a purchase decision. A second pair of ears.
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    If you can get 150 hours community service and a £350 fine for throwing a milkshake, what are the police going to do about all the people who lob pints of amber nectar at crowds? I demand action!
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    I’m down to 3 now; fretted and fretless Jazzes and a ‘beater’ P bass for sweaty rock gigs... ... for now.
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    Normal service resumed... Sounds good! Didn't appear to like the Smoothhound much, bit poppy and crackly. Perfect on cable. Cracking little amp! @obbm's cable is a work of art, and looks capable of carrying the National Grid. The cable is well over 1cm in diameter, and the jack is enourmous! Well done, that man! Edit: cable resistance 4.5 ohms per kilometre? That means the2x 0.75m conductors in this cable have about, well, no resistance. Wow.
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    Of course there's always the thing about how different the bass feels to play, depending on whether you like the 'floor' raised or lowered by the 3mm or whatever it is. 🙂
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    Ah - found him! - here he is....
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    Just read this on the web site, came here to post it but damn Sir, pipped to the post. 🤣 X
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    I gave up worrying about that a long time ago.
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    I used to love Megadeth when I was a teenager I must have seen them live 4 or 5 times. Bruce Dickinson resumed his career after a brush with throat cancer, here's hoping for a similar outcome for Dave.
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    Hi. New member here. Been playing informally for over 20 years. Had four strings and five, fretted and fretless. Now settled on an Ibanez SoundGear 875 which sounds gorgeous.
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    I'll get it weighed tonight. Yeah I can ship no problem.
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    I really want a 32" P bass. I bought one of the new Ibanez basses a few months back. It's ok for what it is, but it doesn't sound like P bass. I don't know if removing the active pre-amp would help. I think there were some 32" P bass copies made by companies like Aria and Greco. The Westone Concord is 32", and has a P style pickups and passive electronics - although it doesn't look like traditional Fender P Bass. I would love it if Fender bought out a Mexican made 32" P bass.
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    So the neck eventually arrived a week or so ago and I'm gearing up to "eventually" now getting started...!! My starting plan is to Tru-Oil the neck, and as I'm planning on a darker(ish) Walnut finished body, I'm actually liking the contrast of the 'raw', natural light colour of the maple, so I'm not really planning on staining or darkening the neck to any great degree other than that to which the Tru-Oil will bring as it is applied...which I'll call when I'm happy during the application process. I've also got myself a custom decal* made from Rothko & Frost, which quite clearly states "Waterslide decals are not compatible with Tru-Oil or other oil/brush on finishes"...!! - however...I've also read that Tru-Oil, once cured, can be sprayed over with Nitro. The plan for now is to Tru-Oil the neck, once desired colour and finish has been reached and allowing time for the Tru-Oil to cure, I'm then thinking masking off the neck and underside of the headstock and spraying a couple of coats of clear Nitro over the front of the headstock only, purely to give the decal a base to adhere to, then apply decal and a further two three coats of clear Nitro over the top. I've read online the about the very high standard of finish from a Tru-Oil neck, so I'd be reluctant to completely coat the entire neck and head with Nitro if at all possible. As a bass build virgin, does that all seem logical a plan so far...?! *The "A.L." is my wee boy's initials and the serial number is his date of birth...I know, so obvious and cheesy...!
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    Managed to spend a bit more time on the project over the last week. Want the cable to be 'extendable' in case I need to put an amp on top of the cab (instead of in the amp section of the combo). This is my method of making sure it doesn't pull on the speaker connection. Those of you of a nervous disposition look away now, horrible bodge coming up. Nice solderless connection, nice. Damn, the speaker won't fit in the cutout. Didn't see that coming. A carpenter mate advised me to buy a drum sanding kit from Toolstation. £9? Sorted. After about 30 mins and a LOT of dust. Had to vacuum the inside of the cab too. Speaker now fits fine and there is even a tiny bit of play.
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    Yeah I know that feeling only too well (not with our drummer I hasten to add, it's usually the 6 stringers counting with their five fingers that fecks it up) 😖
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    Hans solo's half brother 😂
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    I’m really enjoying this series. It looks into the fringes of musical performance across Uk. Not everyone’s cup of tea but I find it really exciting. Today’s was especially good A guy who up-cycles stuff he finds out walking and turns them into drone makers https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0006132#play
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    Bargain. Best value one I’ve ever seen. The quality of these stacks up against everything else I’ve ever tried and the necks are the best!
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    Agreed, We have 3 gigs coming up this weekend, hopefully we can redeem ourselves. Blue
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    Have a look at these. This should cure you -
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    It's still my favourite. Gets played more than all the others. Best business I ever did
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    It looks even better in real life!
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    Going into a TC450 so the input has a spectracomp in it. Pretty well always on.
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    But it's possible it's only a minority market because they're not available. There must be quite a few players/beginners who find a full size hard to get around on but don't want a Shorty and are simply unaware that medium scale basses exist.
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    He looked into my eyes just as an airplane roared above Said something about football But he never mentioned love. or There's a guy works down the chip shop swears he's Elvis Just like you swore to me that you'd be true There's a guy works down the chip shop swears he's Elvis But he's a liar and I'm not sure about you.
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    Got on well today. MrsAndyjr1515's sister has come to stay for a few days and they have been out all day, no doubt comparing their poor choices of spouses, so I've cracked on pretty much undisturbed all day! For flat faces, once I've run over the face with a plane, I use the chalk/engineers blue trick. I put some school chalk on my dead-flat chisel sharpening diamond stone: Then put it on the face and just move it a couple of mm, leaving me the chalky high spots: Which I then scrape off the chalk and a smidgen of wood underneath the chalk with cabinet scrapers: ..and repeat until the chalk smudge is all over the face. Ditto for the block. Then I added a dowel as a belt-n-braces support: ...and put in a corresponding hole in the block. Then added a generous coating of titebond and clamped: I'll leave that clamped overnight and then should be able to carve the corrected horn end tomorrow That's enough for one day

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