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  1. We collaborate but are separate companies. Just FYI.
  2. Thanks Jack. There’s a little video I made here that shows how they work
  3. If only Gibson's lawyers felt the same way!
  4. We need to find a new manufacturer. But due to Covid delays with our basses - it’s not our top priority at the moment. Sorry!
  5. Accidentally purchased Vulfpeck Beautiful Game CD when trying to buy the vinyl on Discogs. Looking to pass it on. :)

  6. It's a pirate of my pedal yes. Bastards!
  7. They have truss rods yes. What they don't have is the two carbon fibre rods on either side of it that the final production models will have.
  8. It's too late to put the carbon fibre rods in now. They still work fine and setup ok. They're finished but have no hardware fitted.
  9. I have about 12 completed bodies/necks for the NT series basses (some 4 string, some 5 string) that the factory forgot to fit the carbon fibre neck rods for. I was originally going to bin them in India (which seems somewhat wasteful). But I don't want them getting out into the marketplace with my name on them - as they do not match our advertised spec. (not that they are bad by any means) Do you think it'd be worth bringing them over and offering them up on here (obviously for a small sum of money)? Are there enough DIY bass tinkerers to make this worth my while? TA! Stephen
  10. He sells them because I keep sending them to him and he doesn’t have space. Not because he doesn’t like them
  11. What you're not taking into account here is that my motivation is selfish and I don't have your best interests at heart. Unless your best interests align with buying a bass. In which case... I'm your best friend.
  12. Probably not. Sorry! They're not that far along yet.
  13. About £600-ish is the figure we’re working to at the moment
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