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  1. Spamming some more UK product development pics. Here are CHB body blanks ready to be routed (and be painted and have necks fitted).
  2. Morning all! UK production moving on nicely. Here are some more photos of the SWB-1 and SWB Deluxe basses in progress.
  3. YOUR WISH IS COMING TRUE! The Evo will be short and medium scale in future. Probably winding down the Davie504 relationship though.
  4. And here's the real bass porn! UK Manufactured SWB Deluxe Basses on the go /
  5. More UK manufacturing photos. Here's SWB-1 with it's top on.
  6. Photo showing first UK built body ready for the top to go on. The holes are the cable routing for battery cables and some weight saving chambering. Fully Ash Body SWBs will now be an ash body with an ash top. So it'll look like one piece, but underneath you've got some stuff going on.
  7. Rotosound. With a few exceptions where we're using GHS.
  8. Bodies and necks made, painted and finished here. Products assembled here. Strings from here. 90% of the value of the bass will literally be tooled and created in the UK. I think I can say "made in the UK" 😉
  9. New bodies will be chambered. So weight will come down.
  10. Be nice guys! So. Yes we could get our own hardware made. We've looked into it for sure. But we'd have to make LOADS of it to make it economical - tying up capital (which is stretched because of covid and brexit). So it's just not practical. Or not economical. And by all means we'll be looking at local woods where we can. Yes - the goal is to make as MUCH in the UK as possible. Some things are easy (strings) and some things are hard (pickups not in a standard jazz/soapbar housing for example) But to try do that all in one go is just not practical. One step at a time.
  11. Hardware unfortunately still comes from Korea. And the USA. There just isn't an alternative. Yes we will try use UK sourced wood where we can. But things like Maple come from Canada/USA.
  12. TBF We'd have had to put up the price of the Indian Manufactured ones too anyway. Maybe 10-12%. Timber has increased massively in price, parts have increased too, as has shipping.
  13. There are some improvements in the standard model that make up that price too. Chambering in the body to get the weight down some more. Improvement in quality of parts. A second battery compartment. Improved bridge positioning. Veneer on the headstock. etc.
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