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  1. Left Handed Chowny SWB-1

    I've sent this link on to a customer who has been after a lefty from us for a while.
  2. London bass guitar show 2018

    We finally made it for Sunday. Apologies to all for missing the first day! Was great meeting everybody, really appreciate the time of everybody who popped by the booth to try out our stuff. Overwhelmingly positive feedback reminds us why we do this. @Happy Jack I hope you like your fretless. @NickD I hope you like your Pitchcraft pedal. Spread the word! We've booked again for next year.
  3. London bass guitar show 2018

    We are going to be there Sunday! Provided no more snow drops
  4. London bass guitar show 2018

    Sadly we are no going to make it. Our stock is still snowed in. Absolutely gutted to miss it. Me have a bunch of stock we were going to sell as show specials - and we will make it available at the show prices through here and on Facebook. Sorry all.
  5. London bass guitar show 2018

    We are set to exhibit but as things stand right now there is no chance of us making it up to set up today. We will see what the morning looks like. I’m not gonna hold my breath - Bristol is a bit treacherous
  6. The Big Fat South-West Bass Bash 2018!! 08/04/2018

    Sorry all. Rubbish personal stuff has meant I need to cut back on the time I'm away from home. Will hopefully catch you in 2019.
  7. Hello from South Africa

    Howzit! I'm originally from Fish Hoek. ;-)
  8. CITES - worthy reading.

    For a company like ours - the import into the UK isn't the problem. That import fee split across a big shipment of instruments is negligible - although it adds lead time and headache. It's the sale of basses that knocks rosewood on the head. About 30-40% of our instruments head out of the country. With an individual re-export fee of £50 and the time to apply for a license for each bass - simply makes it commercial unviable. Ergo... no rosewood in the range.
  9. CITES - worthy reading.

    Some thoughts on this: There's more to it than sound. For a fretboard wood to work it helps to have certain qualities. * It needs to have a pocket grain and not a linear grain - dense enough that it can hold frets. * It needs to be hard. * It needs to polish smooth (if it's not going to be laquered) * ideally be naturally oily. This means that you end up with about 3 practical fretboard woods. * Rosewood * Ebony * Maple So maple is of course blonde - and looks dirty when heavily used. Ebony is expensive. So rosewood was always a practical choice. Yes - there are a fair number of other woods that you can use. But the cost of transporting them to where the factories are (generally in the east) is high and of course it's not very environmentally friendly. We are looking at Laurel and Bhilwara (both of which grow locally in India where we manufacture our instruments) Indian Rosewood is sustainably managed - so this new CITES change has been particularly hard on their industry. I believe work is afoot to exclude Indian Rosewood from inclusion in Appendix II
  10. We have conquered NAMM! :) It's good to be back.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Chownybass


      It seems to be so far. Retailers on the hook. Lots of interesting endorsers too.

    3. Passinwind


      It looked like you were doing consistent business every time I walked by.

    4. Sibob


      Nice to meet you at last too! The 33" CHB's were very cool!
      Would like to see how they are with some flats or tapes on them :)


  11. Woo. NAMM baby! On my way. :)

    1. Sibob


      Got a booth? Or just hanging out? I'll be there, so would be good to say Hi :)

    2. Chownybass


      Got a booth! 4252. Come visit.

    3. Sibob


      See you there!

  12. NBD Chowny SWB1 PRO

    Hope your bass gets there soon. Don't be shy with your opinions when it's in your hands.
  13. NBD Chowny SWB1 PRO

    On the active passive front - we are strongly considering for 2018 to do away with the "Active" and "Passive" split and just have one option. And that'll be "Active" but with a Push-Pull Volume pot that switches between active and passive.
  14. davie504 and other awful clickbait horror

    Not one of the kids who came and played the bass at my stand did anything douchebaggy. They just banged out some tunes. Just because that's what gets them interested doesn't mean that's what they're going to do.
  15. davie504 and other awful clickbait horror

    Sure - he's not for you. You are in no means in his demographic. You may as well spend your time getting annoyed with TV adverts for CBeebies. As a guitar manufacturer. And also as somebody who has worked with Davie504 - I think you're missing something very important. People like him are VITAL in getting young people interested in playing the bass. Kids (largely) don't care a stinky poo about what famous rock star plays what bass. But what kids DO do is watch a lot of youtube. I have kids coming to my stand at guitar shows *specifically* because of Davie. So what that recent "The Guitar is Dead" article https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2017/lifestyle/the-slow-secret-death-of-the-electric-guitar/?utm_term=.ce7968ff795a didn't take into account was the effect that these youtube players are having on sales. Just my 2 cents. **EDIT haha. love the censorship applied to my post. "stinky poo"