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  1. I'm booked to do this show. It'll be very well attended. Also they've got their review channel up and running "Bass Guitar Review" http://bassguitarreview.co.uk/ their first review is linked below. They'll be doing one of my basses next week (Retrovibe Vantage Tony Butler Signature) *SHAMELESS PLUG* It can only be a good thing this show. We tend to see the same faces year on year and the bass guitar show in London. So to get to another major bass only show in another part of the country is exciting. Look forward to seeing you at both events!
  2. Just spotted this. To add a little context - although it's not an excuse as such - you caught me on an exceedingly bad year, with my wife going through chemotherapy and me trying to run the company single handed I just could not keep on top of admin, especially when it fell outside the usual workflow. Yours is not the only case of this, I just didn't cope with keeping on top of this stuff. We are also REALLY struggling with backorders/stock so it'd be very difficult to switch it out without having anything physically in our hands to switch it out for. Our rep is rightfully taking a bit of a hit for this, with some orders having had to wait as long as from August 2018 ... Left handed bassists! Grrr 😉 Hopefully we'll see you back for a bass in the future, although if not - I'd totally understand.
  3. I've given them a nudge today to say that there are "no announced artist rumblings", which as an exhibitor doesn't thrill me either. Response was : "We will be beginning artist announcements at the end of this week, hopefully the names we will be getting will sway any negative comments the other way."
  4. Chownybass

    Chowny SWB-1

    *puff of smoke. You summoned me master?
  5. Maybe playable. Maybe not. You have no right to recourse if it isn't. I'm quite philosophical about the copies of my stuff floating around. I know my basses are better. I know they're copies of the old chinese versions of my basses, although the factory I used to use swears they are nothing to do with it. I can't stop it - so I don't get excited about it. I also know since we moved production our basses are SO much better than the ones we were getting out of China - even before they started knocking them out with cheaper parts etc. Also Aliexpress is just a marketplace. Like Ebay. They don't actually make anything. They just facilitate the sale.
  6. If that’s what you want to call it. My point was that anything on aliexpress is not ours
  7. They are built by us. All the basses we make are our own designs. We use production facilities in India. We do not sell anything on Aliexpress. Although I believe there are some fakes of our stuff around now. We sell on our own website, and via some retailers in the UK (Bass Direct, Bass Gallery, Andertons and Gear4Music) We at Chowny make the Vantage basses but that’s as close as you’ll get to a 4005 with us. David @ Retrovibe does make small numbers of these in China from time to time. But not through us. Hope that all makes sense.
  8. It was pretty tame for the most part. They sent me an invoice, so stuff must be happening! I'll have a moan at them about the marketing. They really should be ramping it up already.
  9. Making samples as we speak
  10. Another great bash. Rather enjoyed myself. Thanks and kudos for all the hard work organising and making food! See you all next year
  11. I gotta say - you're the first person to complain about the frets. Proof that I can never please everybody. They're medium jumbo frets (which are pretty common across most basses) - what do you prefer?
  12. I thought you sold it. One of the first 12 made. A piece of Chowny history.
  13. Happy to switch it round for you if you want. I have a few SWBs in tobacco burst.
  14. I've also got some clearance left handed Vantage basses. Wasn't gonna bring them - but if there are any lefty players attending that are interested let me know. - Stephen
  15. They're 2018 Chinese Made ones that I've messed with the tailpieces etc etc on.
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