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  1. Chownybass

    The Big Fat South-West Bass Bash 2019 - Sun 7 April

    If nobody else pipes up - I can sort you out. No need to pay for fuel.
  2. Chownybass

    The Big Fat South-West Bass Bash 2019 - Sun 7 April

    Also good for spotting West Country bassists who could (and want to) potentially do videos for me 😉So my visit down there is not entirely selfless.
  3. Chownybass

    The Big Fat South-West Bass Bash 2019 - Sun 7 April

    I'll bring some Chowny bits for the raffle (not basses I'm afraid). Quite looking forward to this.
  4. Chownybass

    Who's just been on the telly then?

    I didn't see this at the post at the time. We import from India tariff free under an EU trade agreement. So yeah - Brexit sucks for me.
  5. Chownybass

    London Bass Guitar Show 2019

    We'll have a pair of Mark Bass Cabs this year, with in ear monitor amplifiers running to Headphones. So best of both worlds. Hopefully it'll be quieter than where we were at NAMM this year, where the ambient noise in the room was 100-105db.
  6. Chownybass

    Chowny Retrovibe Evo

    Nope. All just finish differences.
  7. Chownybass

    Chowny Retrovibe Evo

    None of the shops carry the regular EVO. I think Gear4Music has a few of the Davie504 ones. We have our HQ in Bristol if you're passing (or close by)
  8. Chownybass

    Chowny Retrovibe Evo

    *SUMMONED* Hi! So. Biased opinion alert! Our goal with these was to create a 24 fret lightweight bass that sounded exactly like a vintage stingray. The stinger pre-amp is based on the original 1977 pre-earnie balls stingray preamp (it's kind of all boost and no cut) and the choice of pickups means this bass sounds pretty damn close! There was a video of the "Old Smoothie" Stingray on Andertons website and it was notable how close it sounded. We're pretty pleased. We have stock of Surf Green, Cream and Black (my favourite) if you were considering one. They still have a jazz width neck. They do however feature the Stinger pre-amp as standard.
  9. Chownybass

    Hello from Bristol UK

    Howdoo! Welcome to Basschat. Bristol represent!
  10. We're back! NAMM COMPLETED! 

    *ping* Achievement Unlocked 50G


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    2. Daz39


      They look really nice with the pickups like that btw (and the colours)

    3. Chownybass



      Ah, is that what it is. OK thanks.

      Yeah. We've been making them a while. I wouldn't say they're a faker though, more that they are designed in that style. :)

    4. knicknack


      Just had a play with the NT4... very very impressed!

  11. NAMM Badge deadline is tomorrow. If anybody wants a badge to come check out our stuff, hit me up!

    1. Rich


      One of these years when I can afford the flights, I'll take you up on that :lol: 

    2. Chownybass


      Rather save your money for a sapphire burst CHB 😉

  12. Chownybass

    Bass Strap Width (What do you prefer?)

    Sure. I get that my straps aren't gonna be for everyone. Certainly not at my target price.
  13. Chownybass

    Bass Strap Width (What do you prefer?)

    No probs. Now get yourself down to Greggs! **** <- topical reference alert
  14. Chownybass

    Bass Strap Width (What do you prefer?)

    I can get wider ribbon and webbing. But they're not as easy to come by. You can't really trim the ribbons as if you take the edge off it would unravel.
  15. Chownybass

    Bass Strap Width (What do you prefer?)

    We took that in account with the nuts on our basses (we moved from bone to synthetic bone) but have not managed to find something that works as well for this yet. Basses = Vegan. Straps = Not Vegan. We're working on it though.