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  1. On BBC 1 News this evening talking about the effects of Brexit on an import/export manufacturing business. Weird day! 

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    2. Bass_Guardian


      Actually shouted your name out at my tv last night.

      I know that bass! That's a Chowny! Oooft its Stevie!

    3. Chownybass
    4. RichardH


      Yep - I spotted you too! 

  2. Chownybass

    Bass Strap Width (What do you prefer?)

    Thanks to all who voted.
  3. Chownybass

    Bass Strap Width (What do you prefer?)

    Ah yes. Those are indeed leather.
  4. Chownybass

    Bass Strap Width (What do you prefer?)

    Nope. I'm not going that upmarket for my first foray into accessories.
  5. Chownybass

    Bass Strap Width (What do you prefer?)

    Multiply by 2.5 to get cm.
  6. Chownybass

    Bass Strap Width (What do you prefer?)

    I wasn't gonna get into that - as I didn't want to get too salesy and annoy anybody (and by extension the mods). But since you ask :
  7. Both curious (and a bit of market research as we'll be making some straps). The ribbon artwork is only 2" wide... so a wider strap means putting a border on them. So just trying to find out what people like. How wide do you like your bass guitar strap?
  8. Cancellations have left me bereft of Bristol bassists for my videos. If anybody fancies doing one and can drag a drummer along let me know.... 

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    2. ThePapabull


      I'm in Newport (25 miles away) and would be up for it. I don't have one of your basses (although Ive always fancied one).They have such a good vibe about them. I'm guessing you'd have one i could use for the recording. also I've got a few ideas that could help showcase your basses in a different context too.

      Let me know your thoughts.


      cheers paul

      mobile : 07590 025414

    3. funkyjimbob


      Well, I am in Cardiff most weeks Monday to Thursday for work so that's even closer? I am able to help if you need me to. :)

    4. jebroad


      I'm more than happy to leave school and commute by train from derby daily. 

  9. Aww mate. Sad to see this going. You were one of our very first customers! In fact this was one of the very first batch. PS: Buy this man's bass! It has pedigree!
  10. Chownybass

    Here's one I prepared earlier!

    Any XL Guitar Gig bag should fit it. Or if you wait 3 months. We'll have one out specifically for it.
  11. Chownybass

    Chowny Bass Updates

    New gig bags (these will be included with all CHB basses going forward)
  12. Chownybass

    Chowny Bass Updates

    We'd be happy to have you dude! Love your youtube videos. Your Paul Gilbert one is kickass If you're ever on Holiday in the UK - come visit.
  13. Chownybass

    Chowny Bass Updates

    Two updates. We're looking for bassists to come to our office in Bristol and film bass demos. Jams. Songs. We're not fussy. Whatever you feel like doing as long as it has our basses in them. Particularly if you're in the Bristol or surrounding area. Will pay for contributions (which is why locals are good - as it keeps costs down and showcases good west country bassists!). Please get in touch. We'd love to have you. ALSO.... We have new t-shirts! Details below. These are available to order from our website for £15.35. Order here : http://chownybass.com/product-category/chowny/merch/
  14. Anybody on here speak Italian and can spare me 10 minutes of your time? :)

    1. HazBeen


      My wife and her sister are both Italian. If you cannot find a 'direct' BC member willing to help feel free to contact me, I am sure my mrs. or my sister in law will help if I ask nicely.

    2. Silvia Bluejay

      Silvia Bluejay

      As long as it doesn't require having to speak to a native on the phone*, I'm happy to help. :)

      * My speaking-proper-Italian-to-strangers skills have gone seriously downhill in the last 25 years.

    3. Chownybass


      Thanks to Silvia I'm now sorted.


  15. Chownybass

    Eastwood Custom Basschat Edition Bass?

    Building a bass isn't as simple as deciding on a spec. Sending it off to a manufacturer and immediately getting 12 basses back. If only it was. Dealing with the factories isn't easy. We manufacture in fairly small numbers - but even we have minimum commitments in order to deal with the factory. And they're way more than 12. To make a bass the process goes something like this : Draw on the back of a piece of scrap paper something like what you want Turn it into a proper drawing Finding out the specifications and dimensions of the parts and then modifying the drawing again. There's maths. Maths is involved. Finding the parts. Again a problem with scale here - depending who your parts supplier is - parts minimum quantities can be very high. Choosing and sourcing wood (or picking something your factory has ready access to) Get samples made. VERY RARELY are they right off the bat. And as the one commissioning the design you pay (sometimes at a premium) for each sample. We've never got the product right first time with the factory. Generally 2-5 prototypes are made. Once all that's done you have got to get the product made. Then shipped (unless you're happy to pay courier prices) It's expensive and time consuming. It takes us generally 12 months at least to bring something to market. I doubt it's any different for Eastwood. Now. None of this is to say it isn't possible. Just thought I'd offer some insight. You could certainly do it easier if you used an existing body (P-Bass/Jazz Bass) and neck. But then... what's the point? Why not just buy a cheap P-Bass and modify it yourself? If anybody has any questions about what making stuff is like... my door is always open. If anybody has a desire to start manufacturing basses en mass... my door is always open (it only benefits us to put work in the direction of our factories) Laters!