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  1. Dry fingerboards are not only found on HB basses! recently bought a Gibson SG bass, lovely apart from the inside of the case being full of fretboard dust, fretboard almost pink from dryness.
  2. As im in my cave, building a model plane . . . . . . Radio Caroline Flashback and if 'alexa' is asked for 'bass up' you can enjoy the old Motown bass lines !
  3. Davids LPJ with the standard pickups and flat wounds sound really good. He tried mine and was impressed. Stewblack, just message me if you want to try one. . . . It's not black though.
  4. I've fitted the excellent Retrovibe 30k pickup in my EB0 so it wouldn't be a straight comparison I'm afraid, but if it makes any sense the SG feels nicer than the nice feeling EB0
  5. It's definitely got a thinner body and is lighter than my Epi EB0
  6. Black Friday deal saw me parting with my credit card for a new one. BUT omfg. Lovely brown hard case, holding a bass that was so covered in dust, a fingerboard that was so dry it was pink. Pink dust everywhere that looked like the paint had not adhered to the corners or crevices and a loose jack socket. spoke to the dealer, who said it had come direct from Gibson, and the security label was intact when it arrived so I believe them . secured a further discount on the price, dusted it off, oiled the fingerboard, tightened up the socket, and its wonderful to play . Im surprised ( despite hearing lots of nasty comments about Gibson) that they allowed this sort of lack of final inspection lack of quality.
  7. Welcome welcome. As to Church music, I'm in the process of getting the fellow Friday night players to learn 'Standing in the power of Love' an old Carl Perkins adaptation of a church tune.
  8. Welcome , your mention of 'the streak' reminds me I heard it on Radio Caroline Flashback only this weekend ! I remember 40, but it was a quarter of a century ago.
  9. Different, but medium scale is the Retrovibe LPJ style. Love mine in burst finish around £245 on eBay . Or you can go direct to website.
  10. Lemon oil seems to work nicely.
  11. Took the bird out last night, the chaps liked it, and the sounds I managed to get out of it ( some of them actually fitted in with theirs) after the playing the EB0 for 6 weeks , this one is needing a wider strap. . . . . Other than that . . . . Love it.
  12. Jean-Luc, what oil have you used to perk up the finish ? ( if any )
  13. Saw this on EBay last week, offered a price, and got it. how it survived Hermes delivery only in its original box, with a boxed amp taped to the bottom, I will never know. I guess the courier gods were on my side. I am liking it muchly.
  14. Thankyou kind sir . I felt it better than f####up
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