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  1. Listen to the Albanian entry, they nicked the intro from 'be my baby '
  2. Once IT happens, can we stop embarrassing ourselves ?
  3. The end of a dog lead and the only place it would connect ?
  4. I never thought I'd see the 'guitsteel' on this forum, or indeed it's picker Thankyou Happy Jack
  5. Rolling Stones . . . . Let it Bleed, always there , along with Uriah Heep . . . Demons and Wizards.
  6. This weekend , In preparation for making a pearl one for my telecaster guitar, I used an offcut to replicate my EB0 scratchplate. No problems using a £12 blank from eBay . Scroll saw, files and sanding block. It cut nicely and looked good on the bench. the problem came when I fitted it to the red EB0. Aged white pearl on an EB0 ? Looked horrendous.
  7. Ez bass sorry, the image of 3 members was promulgated in the book 'written ' by keef and mick , not BW 's the high point for me was the whole of the Let it Bleed album. Bills book 'Stone Alone' is indeed a good read . ISBN 0-670-82894-7.
  8. Yes, I'm fully aware of Azaleas, that's what I want to hear.
  9. Inspired by a previous post regarding the Fab Four, and being a Stones fan for many years, yes I'm old . in his book Stone Alone, Bill Wyman has numerous references to Keef and Mick. In a big book about the Stones ( can't remember the title, nor find it at the moment) it sounds as if there were 3 members of the Rolling Stones, Mick, Keef and Charlie. im open for education, from the more enlightened members here.
  10. Now 'fortunate son' thankyou to my Alexa
  11. Creedence , it came out of the sky.
  12. Lovely looking semi in sapphire burst is now hanging on the wall. Any comments as to preferred strings, player comments etc welcome.
  13. I'm 65 with a mental age of 15, should I now be worried ?
  14. The Fortunes , bass player Eddie Mooney. On clips of the singing/miming to their song ' Here it comes again ' only 2 strings on his bass ? . No E or g ! Noticed from an obscure Facebook link .
  15. RobF

    Short scale GAS

    Floating hooky . www.chownybass.com
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