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  1. Well well, after trying to play a HB, which I found difficult, I found this beaut on a FB group. sounds superb compared to the HB, and a bit easier to hold straight, and it looks the dogs danglies . tried it out with the band last Thursday to positive comments. ( clue to our music is in the name “The Elderly Brothers”) it came with a Beringer acoustic pedal, which I’ve yet to try. any other owners here ? feeling happy
  2. RobF

    Retrovibe T30

    Pickups are normal Telecaster 6 string. David where are you ? tell us all about them no, I’m not on commission
  3. RobF

    Retrovibe T30

    I’ve got his 32 neck on a LP body. Very bass with flats.
  4. RobF

    Retrovibe T30

    Sits nice on my knee or a strap. come round and try it Stew Or nip up, see David and try one
  5. Well , anyone else tried one yet ? Telecaster body and pickups with a lovely shortscale neck. ive not had it long enough (nor am I good enough )to define the sound. BUT I love the look and the sounds I can get out of it with the supplied Rotosound strings. It sits nice and is a real looker to me .
  6. Ok on a big scratch plate ?
  7. I collected this bass this morning. Superb condition. A real credit to its past owners
  8. Pinball , good morning. I can see this bass in my collection. PM me please.
  9. RobF

    Your Go To Bass

    Epiphone EB0 with flats and retrovibe 30k mudbucker
  10. I only know it's not a proper English longbow !
  11. Quick one taken in the dark , it arrived 'set up' for rockabilly, with an action higher than I've ever seen ( obviously needed) with a bow but no arrows !
  12. Well it came in a box over 6 foot long, it's very black and very tall. I'm not sure what I expected, but it is better. Scroll head is superb. I will begin learning to play it tomorrow.
  13. I guess that is a no then . It arrives next Tuesday.
  14. I've waited for this model to be available, I've got a thing about the scroll headstock, it now is, and I've ordered it. right or wrong ? Anyone got one ?
  15. Dry fingerboards are not only found on HB basses! recently bought a Gibson SG bass, lovely apart from the inside of the case being full of fretboard dust, fretboard almost pink from dryness.
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