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  1. Welcome welcome. As to Church music, I'm in the process of getting the fellow Friday night players to learn 'Standing in the power of Love' an old Carl Perkins adaptation of a church tune.
  2. Welcome , your mention of 'the streak' reminds me I heard it on Radio Caroline Flashback only this weekend ! I remember 40, but it was a quarter of a century ago.
  3. Different, but medium scale is the Retrovibe LPJ style. Love mine in burst finish around £245 on eBay . Or you can go direct to website.
  4. Lemon oil seems to work nicely.
  5. Took the bird out last night, the chaps liked it, and the sounds I managed to get out of it ( some of them actually fitted in with theirs) after the playing the EB0 for 6 weeks , this one is needing a wider strap. . . . . Other than that . . . . Love it.
  6. Jean-Luc, what oil have you used to perk up the finish ? ( if any )
  7. Saw this on EBay last week, offered a price, and got it. how it survived Hermes delivery only in its original box, with a boxed amp taped to the bottom, I will never know. I guess the courier gods were on my side. I am liking it muchly.
  8. Thankyou kind sir . I felt it better than f####up
  9. Good morning ladies and gents. Has anyone had any experience of this bass ? Ebay embuggerence has lost me a defretted model this weekend. . . .arghhhh so , do I fork out nearly £600 for a new one ? Any info appreciated.
  10. Well , how about the Retrovibe LPJ style medium. Bought mine a week or so ago, and its lovely. 42mm nut, about 18.5mm spacing at the bridge. the neck is so nice I'm going to use one on my aluminium tele bass build. All for £225 !
  11. Listen to the Albanian entry, they nicked the intro from 'be my baby '
  12. Once IT happens, can we stop embarrassing ourselves ?
  13. The end of a dog lead and the only place it would connect ?
  14. I never thought I'd see the 'guitsteel' on this forum, or indeed it's picker Thankyou Happy Jack
  15. Rolling Stones . . . . Let it Bleed, always there , along with Uriah Heep . . . Demons and Wizards.
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