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  1. I'm not usually into "metal" looking basses, but hot damn that thing is slick. If it wasn't blasted Xmas in a month I might've had a punt, I'm after a good PJ bass config too. Damn. GLTWS!
  2. Ohhh a medium scale Evo sounds interesting! Yes.
  3. I have the 4 string version of this in black. Fantastic bass, I'd nab it myself but this side of xmas is a no go. GLWTS!
  4. Was just to post about these, surely anyone about to spend that much on a bass knows how to google a brand name.
  5. Looks like it'd work great as a whammy-bridge. What a donut
  6. I've been looking at these today but the 5 string version This is gorgeous though GLWTS!
  7. I can't comment on them 2 particular models, as I only have a Harley Benton MB-4 But I can say they're great build quality, especially at the price point. Mine had smooth fret ends and only needed a minor set-up to get going, tuners were a bit stiff but they hold the tuning really well.
  8. If anything I'm more interested in trying some out. Great news.
  9. Oh damn, that pickup combination is something i've wanted for a very long time. Gorgeous. Shame my budget for this year is gone. ... maybe GLWTS!
  10. To each their own but IMO they're a bit naff and 90% of the time they're charging you more for it purely because of the artist. Take Flea's jazz bass. Brand new they're £900-£1000 for a MIM jazz. On the other hand Adam Getgood's signature Dingwall range was really well priced and it helped Dingwall to become more popular. (I even had one for a short while and it was a dream to play) I'd buy one if I got a real good deal on it I suppose, I prefer to buy budget instruments and change some things around and make it my own, rather than buying a signature series.
  11. I never really saw the appeal of a relic bass myself until I found a brand new Vintage V4 Icon for a steal at £200 so I nabbed it. The relic-ed parts on the neck and fittings were really authentic looking but the body was terrible, looks much better after I took to it with a scalpel and some sandpaper though. Would I buy one again? ... Meh? (picture on the stand is before I made it better... or worse depending on your view)
  12. Well thats.. interesting. It's definitely growing on me... I think. GLWTS!
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