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  1. One of my favourite of Flea's lines is from Unreachable - John Frusciante Love that track
  2. Or go even further and get someone who can sing lead vocals in tune... And remember the lyrics 👌
  3. Yeah it was alright. Flea and Chad still know how to hold it together, Anthony seems to be losing it lately, he needs a break imo And Josh just seemed to be in his own world lmao, he's much better on the songs he's actually written (or helped write)
  4. Yeah, the guitarist had an 8 string that he tuned E B E A D G B E I played around with a Kalium string that was as thick as a pencil but saying it sounded "muddy" was a hell of an understatement. So I recorded the songs and used the normal E on my five string as the low note, think he pitched corrected it down an octave, its barely even distinguishable on the recording though.
  5. My old metal band used to play in drop Ab.. which wasn't too bad but the B string was floppy as hell Two of the songs were in drop E, then were funny with me when I just played in standard tuning lmao
  6. I have a Fleabass that I wished they made higher end models of. I get why the company shut down but it's got a real unique sound that with better pickups and better woods/construction would've been a killer intermediate bass.
  7. Ive spent the majority of my time using a 5 string and only recently gone back to using 4 strings. Even when jamming to a drop D song I've never dropped the E down because I like the sound of the B string on the D, and grooving below the D was also fun in some songs. BDADG got a bit confusing for me so I stuck with standard so my memory of scales and all that wasn't messed up. If I'm using a 4 string there's not really any other choice in going drop D but I tend to find it makes the string a bit floppy. Each to their own though I guess
  8. Little jam I did for a contest on Instagram
  9. I love jamming to Throw Away Your Television though, got a nice minor groove in the verses. Yeah some tracks on By The Way and Californication leave a lot to be desired, sometimes I like the simplicity of them, as I understand it Frusciante had literally just gotten clean for Californication and had "lost" his skill level.
  10. BSSM was his 1st major progression into writing melodically driven basslines, I think Rick Rubin gave him an acoustic guitar at the time and said "try writing songs on this" or something. "Mellowship Slinky" is probably my favourite bassline off that album. Love it. For me though Stadium Arcadium is a big collection of everything that Flea can do, its got some slap in there (that isn't too balls to the wall) as well as some gorgeous lines like "If". And I'm damned if I can muster the stamina up to play "C'Mon Girl" all the way through.
  11. I started playing around 8 years ago and it was "RHCP - I'm with you" album that made me finally pick up a bass after playing guitar for a few years. The first song I learned was The Adventures of Raindance Maggie, followed by Factory of Faith and Dani California... Then the rest of their discography 😂
  12. Final design looks alright, not exactly blown away by it but its nice enough. Can't help but feel you could probably get a similar tone if you just stuck some flatwounds on a stingray though. £1500 is a bit much for me, and where the heck is the tone control?
  13. Haven't seen one in any shops yet and there's only a few clips on YouTube so far. Another month I guess before it gets out. Maybe.
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