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  1. Vintage machine heads from China. If possible could you pm a link to these? Many thanks
  2. Wishing you a full recovery. I used to work with toughened glass and it can behave unpredictably. You can hit it with a hammer on the surface and nothing will happen but then it can just shatter on its own. A gentle tap on the corner will also make it shatter.
  3. The couriers I have spoken to in my area of London are all under pressure from the increased workload.
  4. No they are not the cleanest environments
  5. I work for Royal Mail. The problem in sorting offices is that we have to practice social distancing so letters/parcels can't get sorted as quickly and efficiently. Also staff are off sick. The number of letters has probably decreased slightly but parcel numbers have massively increased. In our London delivery office tracked parcels are a priority and letters and non tracked parcels are having to be delivered every other day as opposed to the normal everyday.
  6. I agree the Bass Collection logo is horrible
  7. Original bass player Rex Horan is on the first couple of albums. Their latest, Golden Days is a masterpiece.
  8. Thank you, most generous, I look forward to reading this. 🙏
  9. Could this be a design collaboration with Mark King? 32" scale length and 30-90 gauge strings as standard.
  10. Yes I have had mine for 18 months. I have the mosfet model also and love them both. The only strange thing with them is when powering the amp on the mute is disengaged.
  11. Oh I don't know. I haven't made a string order for a couple of years.
  12. Yes don't remember them being amazing but they were my introduction to flats so I had nothing else to compare them to.
  13. I have Picato flats on my P bass because I have an endorsement deal with them. They seem really smooth with possibly medium tension. I just want the bass to sound old like Jamerson/Pino. They work for me and stay on the bass until they break. I think my current set have been on there for 5 years, so relatively not that long. Previous to the Picatos I had Rotosounds so that's all I can compare them to.
  14. Yes me too. was thinking recently that there hasn't been a series on for at least a year. I am sure it used to be on more regularly.
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