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  1. Weird, mine are a two screw mounting. Then again, mine are a P4 size, whilst I guess yours are a P2? Same deal with the 'just some pickups in a box thing' though, took me a while to decide that it must mean there isn't a "bridge" and a "neck" pickup. Depth wise mine were fine too - although again, I had to transfer the springs and foam over from the originals. Couldn't hurt to include them I think. Sound wise, I thought it was a really big positive improvement at all areas, but then again we're dealing with a different configuration of pickup and bass which might make the difference with our respective experiences?
  2. Faith Patrick James Eggle PJE Legacy Neptune Baby Jumbo Electro Acoustic with Faith hard case. Lovely all-solid wood (spruce top, mahogany back, sides and neck) acoustic with Fishman's Flex Blend Acoustic Pre-Amp with condenser microphone and piezo combo, for a much more natural recorded sound than a plain piezo setup. It also has a hard to find 45mm nut width, rather than the more typical 43mm. Much nicer for those with larger hands. Condition is excellent, a couple of small scratches on the headstock and one or two pick marks on the body (impossible to photo - only seen with the light in exactly the right place). It's had home use only and I've kept it in its case with the D'Addario pro humidification system. Postage is possible, fully insured via UPS at £37.03. I am more than happy for the buyer to collect, and can deliver locally or meet mid-way. Oh, and the case lining isn't that pink in person! It's definitely red, but my phone camera seems to have had a right old time with it. The guitar is actually the right colour though! This is what Faith say about the Legacy Neptune: "The Sitka Spruce tops of these guitars have been kiln-aged through a process of torrefaction or torrefication. The Spruce is air dried before being roasted in a kiln with precise controls over atmospheric and oxygen levels to reduce its moisture content. Then as the wood cools, precise amounts of moisture are re-introduced to the wood. The resulting timber is more stable – always good when used as a topwood - and aurally, it produces a rich, mellow tone with a mature voicing which would take perhaps 20 years of waiting to achieve under normal circumstances. Treating Spruce this way has its benefits on the way it looks too with it taking on a golden-caramel colouring that sees this series radiate an authentic, grown-up vibe. They also feature solid high-figure, Flamed Maple bindings, Figured Ebony fingerboards and bridges, and bone nuts, saddles and bridge pins. Also for the first time in our history – each guitar has a solid Figured Ebony pickguard. This Faith Neptune model is based upon Patrick James Eggle's highly acclaimed 'Saluda' shape. A Baby-Jumbo size with a 16" lower bout, the Neptune is the perfect model for those seeking acoustic power without the physical bulk of a full-sized Jumbo." Specifications: Pickguard: Macassan Figured Ebony Top Wood: Torrefied Canadian Sitka Spruce Back Wood: African Khaya Mahogany Side Wood: African Khaya Mahogany Binding: Solid Flamed Maple Bracing Material: Hand-Scalloped Quarter-Sawn Spruce Bracing Pattern: Patrick James Eggle X-Brace Design Rosette: 5mm Abalone with Fibre Border Neck: Mahogany Neck Finish: Satin Neck Joint: Patrick James Eggle Bolt-On Design Fingerboard: Macassan Figured Ebony Fingerboard Radius: 16" Fingerboard Inlays: Mother of Pearl 'F' at 12th Fret Machine Head: Grover Rotomatic 18:1 Nickel Trussrod: 2 Way Nut / Saddle: Natural Bone Nut Width: 45mm / String Spacing 55mm Bridge: Macassan Figured Ebony Bridge Pins: Natural Bone Finish Type: PU Lacquer High Gloss all-over Preamp / Pickup: Fishman Flex Blend / Condenser Mic
  3. I've currently got a .135. There's some room to spare, I expect a .140 would fit, but I wouldn't like to say about anything higher than that. Main thing to watch out for is the bridge-end with that size string. A .135 Elixir was realistically as big as it could go, whereas the .135 D'Addario has a bit of room to spare. Tapered ball-ends would help of course.
  4. Sold a Hagstrom Swede to Howard, lovely chap and easy to deal with, very straightforward transaction. Hope you enjoy the bass! I'd have no hesitation in dealing with him again.
  5. Ah - never seemed clear to me exactly what they were. Still I've checked the documentation and the 6 string EMGs in a 45 format are exactly the right length (115mm) but ~4mm too wide (38mm vs the cavity which is ~34-35mm). The 40 housings are just shorter, but the same 38mm width - so routing will be necessary with whichever EMG option it seems. I did remember checking before I settled on the Aguilars, and it's a bit of an odd size so there's not many options if you don't want to get the router out.
  6. Marvin_

    Dubs Feedback.

    Sold a TC MojoMojo to Ben - pleasure to deal with, really straightforward transaction, and let me know when it arrived. Cheers!
  7. I didn't hear about it until afterwards. Does sound like it's worth a go. I don't believe so - if they do then they'll not fill the cavity, but IIRC they're shorter but wider than the Bartolinis, so the cavities would need widening. Also with the pikcups being slanted, you'd have to consider whether the pole pieces are the right spacing, and aligned correctly (if they're pole-piece humbuckers). The Aguilars I used are rails so less sensitive to placement (in fact they're designed for a 6 string). Nordstrand will build most of their pickups in exactly the right configuration as they know the instrument anyway, so I believe you can have more or less any of their designs in the right size. Pricey though I do accept.
  8. If the order is less than £135 (inc shipping) from the EU, VAT is included already, so no worries. If it's over that, you'll not be charged VAT at purchase, but you will at customs (plus applicable duties, and the courier's clearance fee). Thomann however have now arranged VAT pre-payment, so it's like it was pre-Brexit.
  9. On mine the dots are also pretty bad in terms of 'glow in the dark', but I've got used to it by feel anyway. The standard pots are a slimmer shaft than many, so if you use a knob with too large an ID, it'll not rotate around the centre axis, so it'll hit. I found there is a black/gold set that Thomann sell which is the 8/6mm stack and the 6mm required for the single pots - https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_parts_dual_knobs_bk.htm and https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_parts_t_style_knob_black.htm. I have these on mine and the fit is spot on.
  10. I think for the most 'hifi' sound the Nordstrands seem to be the preferred setup. Apparently, because they make the pickups for the EHB15xx series, getting a set is just about emailing them and they'll make you some. The Aguilars do me. I've just sold my Hagstrom Swede as with the Aguilars, it does more or less everything I need it to. I don't play any ultra modern hifi type stuff though, and also play only for my own amusement, so your mileage may vary. I think the Aguilars do every style I play (from the Beatles to Green Day via Motorhead and Led Zeppelin) better than the Bartolinis. I think it certainly helps, but not enough in my view to save the Bartolinis...
  11. Sold to, and collected by, Howie, thanks very much!
  12. Very nice condition Hagstrom Swede bass, with a (not Hagstrom) gig bag. I've owned from new and it's a home-only instrument. The beauty of this instrument (apart from the looks - if I could justify it as an ornament I'd be keeping it!) is how versatile it is. The basics are two humbuckers with a dedicated volume and tone each, Les Paul style. However, the tone knobs pop up to split to single coils, which can be done per-pickup. The upper switch allows a quick change between neck only, both and bridge only pickups, whilst the lower switch is a filter. The middle position is the bypass, whilst down is a high cut and up is a mid and high cut. This means you can get some classic, almost flat-wound tones from a set of roundwounds, at the flick of a switch. There's a great video on Youtube showing the tones available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8XvCUtJznc It currently has a set of D'Addario XL roundwounds, and I'll include a set of strap locks to fit the fitted buttons (the originals will be included too). Since I fitted some Aguilar pickups to my Ibanez EHB, the Hagstrom hasn't really had much of a look-in for what I generally play. I don't have a box or case for this bass, so collection, or local (ish) delivery or a meet-up will be necessary. Gives you the chance to have a proper look over and make sure you're happy too.
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