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  1. Now including a brand new case!
  2. Weight is 3,9 KG and nut width is 40mm cheers!
  3. badastronaut

    FS: Relic Precision Fretless **Now parting out**

    extremely cool bass! GLWTS!
  4. For sale or trade is this great and pretty rare Japanese Lakland skyline in top condition. This is an amazing playing and very versatile bass. The Japanese Skylines are different from the korean versions. These are made in the ESP shop. Instead of the Bartolini's the japanse Skylines have active/passiv Duncan Design pickups and a different pre-amp. Also different is the trussrod. Instead of the normal truss these have the Musicman style spokewheel system. BODY WOOD : Alder / Quilted Maple Top NECK WOOD :Hard Maple (graphite reinforced) FINGERBOARD : Rosewood SCALE LENGTH : 34" Number of Frets : 22 CONTROLS : Cut & Boost: Bass, Midrange, Treble, Panning-Style Pickup Blend Control, Master Volume (Pull for Preamp Bypass), 3-way Bridge Pickup Coil Tap Toggle. PREAMP :CI-R-03 3band Preamp PICKUPS Duncan Design MM-J Config Perfect frets! super low action possible! If you are looking for a a high quality bass with a lot of sound options this definitely is a good option. Price is around 850 825 775GPB! I added 2 videos I made while practicing some stuff. Nothing special but it gives a bit of an impression. That being said, this bass has so many sound options, almost impossible to show in a one or two videos.
  5. Looking to sell or trade this Sandberg Thinline fretless with fretlines. Amazingly easy playing bass. I dropped the price a bit already since the initial price seemed a bit to high after checking recent Thinline sales here on Basschat. The price is open to some negotiation! Colour / Finish: Natural Neck construction: Bolt on neck Strings: 5-string Frets: Fretless Scale Length: 34" (86,36 cm) Body Material: Walnut Top: Flamed Maple Neck: Maple Fretboard: Rosewood Electronics: Passiv Including: Gigbag Weight: approx. 3,68 kg More and better pictures coming tommorow. Will trade for a fretted 4 string! The bass is located in the Netherlands but shipping is not a problem!
  6. badastronaut

    Maruszczyk Jazzus 4 Bass. SOLD.

    cheap cheap cheap! what a bargain!!!! even with the battle scars! pffff 😵
  7. badastronaut

    SOLD Maruszczyk Jazzus 4a custom 835 GBP sale/trade

    great! good luck with your sales! Unfortunately I'm terrible at skateboarding, otherwise I would have surely accepted your offer
  8. For sale or trade this beautiful Maruszczyk Jazzus 4a custom. Light weight bass with great balance. It has a Lace Sensor pickup in the Stingray position, amazing amount of output! It has an Active/passive switch and a 3 band EQ. The tuners are Hipshot ultralights. This bass is a one of a kind, as far as I know there is only one. This bass is as good as new, only played by the people at Public Peace. No scratches/dings or dongs. Comes with a set of fresh strings and a a nice low action. Price is 835 pound (new this bass would have cost at least 1400 GBP ). Trades are welcome, I'm open to a lot but especially looking for a good fretless or a hollowbody bass (Fender Starcaster, Guild starfire etc). Thanks for looking!
  9. badastronaut

    Sold - Noguera 6 Expression Deluxe

    Beautifull! GLWTS!
  10. Thanks! I added another trade option, a fretless bass would also be welcome as a trade.
  11. Thanks! Good luck with your sale too!
  12. Thanks! One extra video I made a while back, it's bit weird and I don't look that happy (had terrible hayfever) but it's another good example of the sound of this bass.