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  1. Great bass and a great seller! good luck with the sale! cheers!
  2. Sometimes you just have to give in to temptation I'll pay the shipping 😎
  3. Yet another drop to 450 gbp Incl a new Gator case! I need this sold.....
  4. badastronaut

    Chowny Bass Updates

    Definately! would be awesome to check the Chowny HQ
  5. badastronaut

    Chowny Bass Updates

    If only Bristol wasn't sofar away...
  6. Only 495 GBP for this beauty now. Incredible value for money if you ask me. You won't find a better one soon!
  7. badastronaut

    Afternoon visit at the chowny office

    cool! curious to see how your replica will turn out!
  8. Just bought a new bass so I need some cash, so once again a price drop. 500 gbp incl shipping! If you are looking for an amazing sounding P bass that plays extremely nice, this is it! the neck is super nice and the sound is one if the best P sounds I have heard. Bargain!
  9. thanks! it is indeed a great bass and this one is in such a good condition, even the gold hardware is still shiny as the sun
  10. Just bought a new bass so I need some cash, so once again a price drop. Bargain for such a lovely looking and playing bass! 500 gbp incl shipping!
  11. Small sample video. First (latin) part is with the tone almost completely off, second part is with the tone fully open. Just soms senseless late night noodling, but it gives an impression.