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  1. Option 5 Destination Thumb boost pedal for sale. I have never used this pedal live so it's an absolute 'like new' condition. The pedal gives your bass a nice boost. Asking price is 55 GBP incl shipping from the Netherlands The Destination Thump is a super simple easy to use reliable and necessary tool for any bass pedal arsenal. Use it to make your amp louder for solo work. Use it to revive tone from long lengths of cable and too many pedals. It can also be used to put 'hair' on your strings by overdriving your bass amp gain pedal for fat killer and cutting tones. All at a price and quality make that you have come to expect from Option 5. These little boxes are so handy you may as well have two! Features All analog circutry 0 to 15 dB of CLEAN gain VERY low noise floor Easy to adjust gain trimmer will not be moved accidentally by your foot Standard regulated 9 volt DC wallwart operation True Bypass RoHS compliant.
  2. NBD Chowny SWB1 PRO

    Just received my second Pro two days ago .This time in Aqua burst. Great fretwork on this one! Same goes for the lacquer, not a flaw.I didn't do a full setup since the bass had been in pretty cold weather for a few days. Only changed the strings to a set of Fender Shortscale's as an experiment. Not bad! Practised some Proto Cosmos on it yesterday. Really punchy bass this one!
  3. NBD Chowny SWB1 PRO

    there is a big difference in tone between having the tone pot fully open or fully closed on my SWB's, perhaps newer strings will make it more noticeable for you? That being said the standard pots on the SWB are not the most precise imo. Putting in a different more precise tone pot would ofcourse solve this problem. It's a cheap and easy fix if it bothers you.
  4. SOLD Chowny SWB1s fretted and fretless SOLD

    Yes the DiMarzios fit right in.
  5. SOLD Chowny SWB1s fretted and fretless SOLD

    Forgot to mention, price is incl. shipping to the UK.
  6. After a lot of thought I've deceided to sell two SWB's from my little collection to make room for something new. For sale are: Chowny SWB1 Tobacco Burst fretless. 30,75" scale with an (slightly flamed) ebony fingerboard. Side dots are on the note. This bass weighs 3,7 kg. Comes with an extra custom wood-like trussrodcover and an almost new set of flatwounds. There is no wear on the fingerboard. Chowny SWB1 Vintage Blue fretted. 30,75" scale with an ebony fingerboard. Weight is 3,5 kg. I replaced the stock pickups in the fretted SWB with a set of new DiMarzio model J's. Original pickups will ofcourse come with the bass. (Below is an example of it's slap sound, but this bass can also sound extremly deep and funky when played fingerstyle on the neck pickup https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQzWYpZkQeE ) Both basses are passive and are in a like new condition, no scratches or damage whatsoever. Both basses also come with Gator hardcases IMO the SWB1 is the absolute best shortscale bass you can buy in this price range. Great value for the money. I would like 365 GBP for each bass incl. the case ofcourse and including shipping costs to the UK. When bought both at once there will be a small discount in the price. I'm located in the Netherlands and have sold and bought various basses in the past here at Basschat.
  7. NBD Chowny SWB1 PRO

    Here it is. The quality could be better, it's a bit too dark at the moment.
  8. NBD Chowny SWB1 PRO

    Made simple video last night with the PRO and man does that bass play nice! incredible low action without buzz......
  9. a wise decision! beautiful little bass!
  10. NBD Chowny SWB1 PRO

    I have a very nice Gator shortscale padded gigbag. If I'm not mistaken bassdirect sells them. They are a bit expensive but really really good quality!
  11. NBD Chowny SWB1 PRO

    Nice! Definately get the medium scale! Shortscale GHS are just a bit too short, I know that from experience
  12. NBD Chowny SWB1 PRO

    Absolutely a lot like the Stanley Clarke Alembic, that's one of the things I love about. You can actually get a really decent Clarke- like tone out of the PRO too!
  13. NBD Chowny SWB1 PRO

    Just a quick update, I have been playing this bass a lot the last few weeks and yes it really is good! I used the bass on a few gigs and in the studio and it's just an amazing versatile bass with a really big sound. I gave the body a really slight oil finish (well actually dr. Ducks axe wax) which brings out the grain in the wood even more, beautifull! I did have to get the edges of some of the frets dressed though, they were a bit sharp, but that's what you can get when a bass has been made in a nice warm climate and then is transferd to the cold Netherlands. That being said I can truly say that these basses are really really well made and are definately worth the money! Love it!
  14. NBD Chowny SWB1 PRO

    Yes definately doesn't disapoint!