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  1. The pre-amp is not the problem, I'm just more of a shortscale player nowadays. I was looking to add a normal scale but a 6 string is just too big for my liking nowadays,
  2. Cheers! It's actually way to cheap, I absolutely believe that it's impossible to find a better 6 string bass for this price. ACG's are so well made!
  3. final pricedrop to 1199 gbp. Insanely cheap for a bass like this!
  4. Looking for a quick sale! Open to sensible offers!
  5. Price dropped to 1250. Ridiculous price for a almost new (2018) custom ACG!!
  6. Thanks! There's one more! it truly is an awesome bass! (best listened to with headphones, otherwise you propably only hear the high stuff)
  7. Haha sorry! I can always take one string of for you Good luck with your sales too!
  8. All trade propositions are welcome! must be someone here for this awesome 6 string bass!
  9. what beautifull basses Rob Allen makes! good luck with your sale!!
  10. Some more sound samples, a little jazzy noodling and some slap, note I'm not a star at slapping and on a 6 things get even more complicated just wanted to show that it is possible to slap on this bass despite the 16.5 mm spacing.
  11. Sorry to spoil the party, but after looking closely at the pictures I'm pretty convinced this is a Chinese copy! A very good copy for sure, but not the real deal. If you look really hard at the second pic you can see what I mean...I'd stil buy it if I didn't have the money though....
  12. Bought a Fender Professional series P 5 from Maciej. Absolutly brilliant! quick and easy communication, fast shipping and very secure packing. Thanks Maciej!!!!
  13. Beautiful bass! GLWTS!
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