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  1. Bumpy bump! Nobody interested in this amazing, like new, 5 string? Cheap cheap
  2. Pricedrop to 685,- and open to negotiation! Trade wise anything goes, shortscale or medium scale basses have my preference though, would love a Fender Starcaster or a Fender mustang.......
  3. For sale is this beautiful Human Base ROXY B5. The bass comes a with a good quality SKB case and is in absolute mint condition. The bass is about 1 year old and is perfect in every way, but since I bought another bass with a low B it is just not getting used. Specs: Swamp Ash Body Maple neck Rosewood fingerboard 24 frets 34" scale Nut width 45 mm (17,5 / 19 mm spacing) Delano Xtender pickup Series/parallel switch active Glockenklang 3-Band Preamp Graphit nut wit ha zero-fret 3,9 kg The bass is located in the Netherlands but safe and secure shipping is not problem! Asking price is 680 gbp incl. Shipping! trades could be possible!
  4. For sale is my wonderfull Musicman stingray 5. This bass was made in 1998 and is in great condition. It has some wear but nothing big. The frets and trussrod are 100% perfect. The bass has a nice low action. Comes with it's original case. Asking price is around 1100 gbp incl. Shipping. A trade is possible with a Fender precision USA (profesional or elite serie) or with a Nate Mendel signature or a roadworn MIM (both with some cash added). A Limelight P would also be of interest.
  5. Pedro bought my Carvin. Everything went perfect. Easy communication and fast payment, deal with confidence! 👍
  6. Here is a great Review of the PB5. Note that the bass I'm selling is just passive. cheers!
  7. Carvin PB5 for sale. In mint condition! incl. original hardcase. A very well made and great playing passive P bass. The bass is pretty light (will weigh it later tonight) and has a string spacing of 19mm. That's also the reason I'm selling it, I like the 17,5 mm on my Stingray 5 better. The bass is located in the Netherlands but safe and secure shipping is not a problem. I have send quite a lot of basses to the UK without any problems. For more info or a soundsample send me a message! Asking price is 685 gbp. Trades are possible, 4/5/6 strings, fretted/fretless, just give it a try! PB5 General Specifications: 5-string, bolt-on neck scale length 34" rosewood fingerboard with white dot inlays, 14" radius Carvin locking bridge, strings through body 19 mm Stringspacing at the bridge
  8. For sale is this G&L L5000. This serie was the last serie Leo Fender worked on (design that is ofcourse). Only around 400 L5000 basses were ever produced and a handfull of them them were fretless. This 1992 L5000 is in extremely good condition, only a few slight dents (but you really have to search). It comes with the original case. Plays like a dream and with the current d'addario tapewounds it sings with loads of mwahhh. I'm asking 699 GBP. The bass is located in the Netherlands but safe shipping is ofcourse possible. I've added a really short video as an example of how the bass sounds. Listening with headphones adviced. I played some low and some high melodic stuff. Not the best video quality but it's better than nothing I guess.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. Really like your DImension, need to sell my Fender Professional P bass first though
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