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  1. Saw this bass online on eBay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sire-V7-5-string-Bass-Guitar/183915913425?hash=item2ad23e20d1:g:J1AAAOSwE~pdS85U
  2. Someone please take it, i get more tempted every time I look at it I have also sent you a PM ben
  3. Hi all, Wondering what strings everyone is using for their 5'vers. Kind of need something to do slap and finger bass? I'm currently running Dunlop steels on my 4 string and quite like their responsiveness, i had d'addarios on my 5'ver (Sire V7) before and they just felt dull in comparison. Many thanks, Ben
  4. benroch


    Would one accept an arm and a leg in payment
  5. gorgeous... if only i had that money spare
  6. Oboe... I play violin to diploma standard, so thought oboe would be easy to pick up... I was very wrong. To those who struggle with violin i'm not surprised, its unlike many other instruments...
  7. I have to agree when it comes to basses and guitars, however as a violinist and bassist myself i can say that you certainly do know the difference between a good violin and a bad violin if you are any sort of musician ben
  8. Hi All, I'm currently looking for a bit of a project and have hit a stumbling block trying to find a jazz bass body (4 string or 5 string)! Does anyone know of any broken basses that they might be willing to sell? Thanks, Ben
  9. I recently bought one of these and its probably the best bass I own! Anyone who is looking for a fiver shouldnt dismiss these, IMO they sound better than some of the higher end basses! GLWTS! ben
  10. any videos on how it plays with upgraded parts? Thanks, Ben
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