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  1. Placing for sale a very special bass - Ibanez BTB1825. It has a 9-piece Panga Panga / Purpleheart / Maple neck, Ash body with Walnut on the front and back. Panga Panga fingerboard, Aguilar DCB pickups and 3-band Custom Ibanez preamp, with active / passive switch and mid frequency selection. When I bought this bass I asked to replace the jack with a higher quality one. This work was done by a professional luthier. The original jack worked perfectly, but I prefer the traditional jack system. This Ibanez is really comfortable and light weight. It has a deep sound with plenty of definition, thanks to the choice of woods, the 35" scale and neck-through construction. The bass is in mint conditions, hasn't left my home. Includes original Ibanez soft case. Price €1300, sale only. Location Barcelona
  2. Hey guys! I am selling my Fender American Jazz Bass Professional 5 string, in Olympic White finish. This is the 5-string Fender bass that I liked the most. I compared it to a Fender Elite series that I had (more expensive model) and this passive Fender has a more organic and vintage sound, as well as the low B string has greater definition and volume for my taste. This Fender is in mint conditions. I'm the only owner, I bought it new in store. I have asked Xavier Lorita (professional luthier, whom many of you surely know) to change the Volume / Volume / Tone to Volume / Balance / Tone configuration. Which is much more practical and comfortable from my perspective, especially for live performances. Lorita also shielded the pickups on this Fender to avoid noises. This Fender has an Alder body, Maple neck, Rosewood fingerboard, 34" scale, Fender Single Coil V-Mod pickups. The bass comes with its original Fender hardcase, among other candies from the brand. Price €1450, no trades please. Location Barcelona, Spain.
  3. It's still available, seΓ±or Please let me know if you have any questions.
  4. Just in case someone could be interested 😎
  5. Thanks guys! Might consider a trade for an alder/rosewood Fender Precision. Cheers!
  6. Thanks everyone for the feedback. The pickup pole pieces are not holes, but now that you say that @ClassicVibes it looks like holes from these pics Will do better photos, sorry about that.
  7. Hey guys! Placing for sale my Fender Custom Shop '58 Precision Relic Limited Edition for NAMM Show. Comes with original Fender Custom Shop hard case with Limited Edition label in the interior, certificate and all cookies. Excellent reproduction of a vintage bass. Mint conditions, only has been used with flat wounds. Based in Barcelona, international shipping available. Price 2950 euro. Photos from the previous owner.
  8. Thanks guys! Might consider a partial trade for a Yamaha BB or BBNE2 series.
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