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  1. Very good comparison video! Sounds great with flats, thanks mate.
  2. Wondering how this bass sounds with roundwounds. Do you have any clips of it?
  3. Hey guys! Placing for sale the best Fender Jazz Bass that I ever played. I had plenty of Custom Shop and Vintage Fenders, they were all good, each one with their own character. But this bass has something special. This Fender is from 1972, it has everything original and it is in outstanding shape for its age. It comes with a vintage Italian hardcase. The bass in very lightweight - 4 kg. Price 3700 euro. Looking for sale only, no trades please. Location Barcelona, Spain. Worldwide shipping available.
  4. Hey guys, I’m placing for sale one of the most comfortable bass I have had - the Ibanez SR1405 Premium. It has a very ergonomic body and neck, very lightweight. It’s the lightest 5 string bass I've ever had - 3.9kg. The sound is very organic, thanks to the instrument’s woods and the Nordstrand Big Single pickups. The Ibanez Custom Electronics 3-band preamp with mids selector is very versatile, although I usually use this bass more in passive mode. It has a Jazz Bass character. This bass is in excellent condition. Price 1050 euro.
  5. Open for a trade with a Fender Precision '57, can be custom shop or Fullerton.
  6. Hey guys! I have a question for you regarding the best way to handle the double bass when going to rehearsals and local gigs. I use a gig bag, but it's a bit hard experience to put the instrument inside/outside of it (compared to electric bass) and sometimes I feel like the instrument is not protected enough, specially around the bridge area. So I'm thinking about getting a hard case. It will solve the above issues, but it might add a new one: portability. I would appreciate your thoughts and experiences on this topic. Many thanks!
  7. Thanks for the nice words guys!
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