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  1. Still interested... just in case. Renato
  2. Hello Steve, I hope you are well. Is your DB680 still being sold?
  3. Most of you probably knew about it already... I think this looks very, very promising!
  4. Hi Steve, I would email Aguilar Support at [email protected] and ask them to confirm the part number for the fuse holder body for you. Email them a photo of the socket showing the missing cap, just in case. They may provide an American part number, but it should be easy enough to find a UK equivalent. Once you have that part number, you should be able to order it from an electronics parts supplier such as Mouser or RS.
  5. 110% with you on this one, but graphite has its lovely flavour, and it marries a StingRay body beautifully.
  6. Some do end up on eBay and find a new home... there are a couple up for grabs now.
  7. I bought a Cutlass II in the late 90s in my native Italy; I brought it over with me in the UK, when I relocated at the end of 1999. It is now part of the collection of a very well loved English bass player. In the Summer of 2018 I was lucky enough to find a Status neck on eBay and I bought it for a StingRay I used to own at the time. I loved the combination, possibly even more so than the Cutlass II, as I have never been a Sabre type. To each his own, I guess... I hope to play another one before I die! 😎
  8. Hello and thank you for welcoming me today...

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      Many thanks, SpondonBassed

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      Hiya vStrings :crigon_04:

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      Hiyas Teebs, many thanks!  🙏 Most kind of you to say hello 

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