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  1. What midi?

    I use a Native Instruments S61 keyboard over USB and haven't once noticed latency to be an issue. Latency is affected by many things (how much you've got going on in your DAW, your CPU power etc.) but on my Focusrite Forte I set it to recording mode with a sample rate of 128 and I can record fine with no noticeable lag with a fair bit going on (i7 4790k at 4.5ghz). I'm also quite active over at VI-control - a forum for composers using virtual instruments (where their PC specs include 64GB RAM and above due to the size of their virtual instrument templates) and there's never any mention of going via midi rather than midi over USB so I'd quite confidently say this is a non issue unless you're using a soundcard not designed for audio production.
  2. May Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    Thanks I've got a few versions of Ethera. The vocal phrases are sublime and this one, plus the Ethera Soundscapes one have a lot of synth, soundscape, ambient texture type stuff that's really good quality. I use them quite a lot in my tracks.
  3. May Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    Here's mine. Had a nice opportunity to test drive the appropriately-named Temple Drums from Soundiron and the new Ethera EVI vocal/synth library. Also in here are some amazing instruments from Sound Dust - Cloud Cello, Cloud Bass and Plastic Ghost Piano (which is mixed with a sprinkling of The Giant piano which you may remember from some of my earlier tracks). I went for the story that I saw in the picture - the German U-boat docking next to a mysterious temple as part of Hitler's obsession with the occult. The lone figure gets drawn deeper into the temple's mysteries and never comes back out.
  4. Which Audio Interface?

    I've got Windows drivers working fine on Win 10 (and previously on Win 7) for my Focusrite Forte. The only problem I had was that the free anti-virus programs (Avast and AVG) mess your latency up but swap to another anti-virus and it'll be fine. I started out with a simple audio interface just to record myself playing so I could listen back and work out how I could improve. It grew out of that and now I record with a whole bunch of software synths, virtual instruments (including entire orchestras) and I'm loving it. You can go as basic or as advanced as you like and you'll get plenty of help from people here in this forum too.
  5. April Composition Challenge - VOTING!

    Ha, I didn't even notice that 😀
  6. May Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    Oh, nice and creepy! I like it 😁
  7. April Composition Challenge - VOTING!

    Well done Rikki, congrats!
  8. New strings broke my nut!

    Thanks for the advice folks! I'm still deciding between doing it myself or trusting it to a pro just for convenience. Will let you know what I decide!
  9. April Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    Mine seemed to have vanished! Possibly due to me renaming it...
  10. New strings broke my nut!

    Yeah, shame they don't mention that on the strings at all!
  11. New strings broke my nut!

    Yeah, and as it's my fault for putting fat-donkey strings on it without checking the nut size I don't mind forking out for a new one. How easy is it to remove this and fit a new one yourself? Or is it something I'm better off paying a luthier for? I'm crap at DIY although I can do fret levelling, dressing and polishing ok.
  12. New strings broke my nut!

    Damn, put this one down to bad luck / lack of knowledge then.
  13. I decided a short while ago to string my Yamaha TRBX 504 with Rotosound Tru-Bass 88 strings to give it a nice, different range of sounds to my P and J. I found time to put them on today but as soon as I tightened the E string it broke the end off the nut! See pics below. So I'm gutted and rather annoyed. Surely this is a manufacturing defect in the nut? Reckon I'll have any joy getting Yamaha to replace the nut or should I just fork our for a new (possibly brass) one myself?
  14. Numpty question about CDs

    Will iTunes open up the FLAC files or do they just stick to their propriety ALAC format? If so, I'm sure you can burn an audio CD from there although it's been a long time since I allowed iTunes on my PC.