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  1. November Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    Got my final* mix up now. It's a bugger to mix this one. So much low end staccato strings thick with exciters and an orchestra that barely cuts through when Action Strikes are belting it out too. * When is it ever final really?
  2. November Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    I'm working on another mix of mine. There was a lot I didn't like about the percussion and some other elements.
  3. November Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    Here's my track (and my first post on the shiny new Basschat!) Sound Dust Cloud Bass provides the beastly roaring backdrop with textures by Spitfire's Orchestral Swarm and strings mashed by exciters from Albion One. Edit: Forgot to say, the DOOM array made its way out of this track as it didn't sound right. Bah! More work needed on that thing.
  4. November Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    My DOOM array is actually sounding rather weak in my track, we especially when compared to Sound Dust's superb Cloud Bass (seriously , check out their instruments, they're awesome). It's coming along nicely with some great additions from Spitfire's Orchestral Swarm (as used in Blue Planet 2) and some gnarly ostinato strings from Albion One out through a distorted exciter. I'm pleased with it so far DOOM is great, perfect for stress relief and I love the soundtrack. Did you see the Mick Gordon video I posted where he talks about the sound design for it?
  5. Mastering software/plugins

    Another +1 for Ozone here. I'm using Ozone 8 Advanced but I started with Ozone 7 Elements and got good results from that. Ozone 8 Elements seems to let you have more control than 7 did. It's got a maximiser, EQ and imager in there. The imager really helps open up a piece I find. https://www.izotope.com/en/products/master-and-deliver/ozone/ozone-elements.html I find that when I use the gain-match bypass feature on Ozone there's not a massive difference between the bypassed and processed versions in terms of for example, the EQ suddenly changing loads but the subtle difference has a huge effect on opening the track up. It also does matching of a reference track which I quite like as it gives me a good starting point. But saying that, I'm sure over time I could take what I learn from Ozone and use other standard plugins like the ones mentioned above and get similar results.
  6. November Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    I detect a sense of.... DOOM! in this month's pic
  7. October Composition Challenge - VOTING..!

    [quote name='lowdown' timestamp='1509528922' post='3399597'] Thanks for the kind words folks. I thought there was some great ideas this month, considering the nature of the picture. I am out at the moment, so will send a picture over later. Would that be to Skol?...I will see if I can find an action photo, so Mornats can unleash his track of Doom!! [/quote]
  8. October Composition Challenge - VOTING..!

    Loved it, well done mate!
  9. October Composition Challenge - VOTING..!

    That's Embertone's Joshua Bell violin. I used the mod wheel set to control velocity and vibrato together and the instrument's superb programming simply responds to your playing. It's incredible. Check out the thread over on VI control about it. I also did this one when I first got it: https://soundcloud.com/mornats/vashj It's hands down the most beautiful sounding VI I've ever heard. Definitely check it out even if you have other solo violin libraries.
  10. October Composition Challenge - VOTING..!

    Voted. Great work everyone!
  11. October Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    [quote name='Bilbo' timestamp='1508928734' post='3395380'] Everything I try sound weak and predictable. I just can't play a musical instrument :-D [/quote] That's never stopped me
  12. October Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    Here's my entry that almost never made it due to temporary hearing loss and me hating the track up until very recently! https://soundcloud.com/mornats/fae Joshua Bell Violin, The Giant piano and Ethera vocals feature on this one with support from Albion One, Apocalypse percussion and Olympus choir..
  13. Earplugs?

    I've been using a pair of Senner earplugs for a few months now but I'm going to splash out on a custom moulded pair. I think my ears are either too big or too small for the Senners and whilst trying to get them to fit I must have compacted some ear wax into my ears. I ended up with ringing in my ears then almost total hearing loss in my left ear. It's cleared up now but the thought of that being permanent has pretty much opened my budget to whatever it takes to protect my ears. So I'm considering getting the ones moulded to my ears so that I know they'll fit properly. The ACS ones are mentioned a lot on here and it was interesting to hear about the Specsavers ones being good too.
  14. October Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    I had to take a week off from working on mine as I ended up with a blocked ear. Was a scary week as it started with a ringing in my ears for a while then almost total hearing loss in one ear and muffled hearing in the other. It's fine now but wow, it's never too early to start looking after your ears! Once I find the thread on here about ear plug recommendations I'm going to order a pair of custom moulded ones for gigs. Don't care about the cost after this. I had a decent pair of off-the-shelf ones but I reckon it was inserting those that compacted wax in my ear leading to my problems. My track's not sounding as I'd like it but I can get what I want to do this weekend I think. (All at very low volume as my cleared ears are a little sensitive.)
  15. New YouTube Video Series

    I like the lick of the week videos. Nice bite-size pieces that you can fit in any time you have a little time spare.