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  1. February Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    Still barely made a start but ended up finishing it. It's a bit rough but I figured that nothing coming out of that contraption was going to sound intricate.
  2. February Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    I've barely made a start on mine as I've been away and then I've been ill for a bit. Still gonna give it a go but it may be a shadow of its intended self!
  3. DIY Acoustic Panels

    Awesome mate, thanks for posting this!
  4. Bass ports and monitors

    I can wait a week Would be awesome to hear how you get on and of course any tips will be appreciated!
  5. Bass ports and monitors

    I'm mostly just whizzed off that I spent £320 on my Yamahas and they're the least used of my mixing tools! They sure sound good when I'm sat at the back of the room though... So for the bass trap I'm thinking at least 20cm deep like you said, and as deep as I think I can get away with. Height wise 70-80 cm would cover off where my head and speakers are at with lots of room for movement. For the width, would I have to have it directly in front of both speakers, or just wide enough for me? It's the difference between it being 190cm and 110-120cm. Actually, I just checked the dimensions of that stuff on the Homebase site. It's 45.5cm tall and 120cm wide so that's about right. A little extra height would be great but that could do it. 10cm thick and 8 in a pack so could go 80cm thick although that would be a bugger to store away... Or 4 deep (40cm) and stack them on top of each other to create a 90cm by 120cm by 40cm trap. Again, that's a bit big to store somewhere! Could double up as a nice footstool though?
  6. Bass ports and monitors

    Looks like I've got a project then If I moved my sofa to just behind my mix position and moved my monitors down so they're at the same level would this give me some indication of how much a bass trap would help? Or is a sofa (fabric one not leather) useless in this regard? I'm just thinking that hearing *some* difference would spur me on to build a bass trap.
  7. Bass ports and monitors

    Sounds like a good idea. Maybe a couple of bags of that stuff stacked up on top of each other behind me may do! (My DIY skills are zero.)
  8. Bass ports and monitors

    You know, I did an experiment where I moved my couch to be sat along my back wall. I was hoping the mass of it would act as some sort of a bass trap but it made no difference.
  9. Bass ports and monitors

    Cheers! Lots of good advice and info. I'll see if I can record some audio or a video of me walking around my room so you can hear the bass. From my seating position heading backwards it starts off as 3/10 (with 10/10 being normal bass volume) then drops to 1/10 then hits pretty much zero in the dead centre of the room then goes to 4/10 in the back third then 9/10 when sat right at the back of the room. It's a lesson in room acoustics and just how much it buggers up yer bass! One thing I may do is use TeamViewer to remotely access my PC from my MacBook Pro so I can mix whilst sat at the back of the room! I've got Sonarworks headphone calibration which I find is helping mixes on headphones translate better so I'll keep an eye out on the room version being on sale.
  10. Bass ports and monitors

    Good question but there's a reason. My hi-fi soundcard (Asus Xonar Essence) is what I use to go into my amp then my Tannoys. Whilst I can play tracks in real time on that at times, it often can't cope with most of my orchestral ones, especially when I'm running synths and effects too. It quite often crashes if I push it hard. One time it crashed and the dogs down the road started barking and I had a little ringing in my ears. So I try to avoid it as it was obviously pushing out some seriously loud high frequencies that I couldn't hear but were in the damage-dealing range. The latency is far too high to use it for recording from my midi keyboard too. So for recording and mixing I use my Focusrite Forte. I don't have a way of getting that to use my amp or speakers unfortunately. Otherwise that would be a good solution. Just to add, for general music listening, the Asus soundcard is superb. Can't praise it high enough. For music creation though, it doesn't cut it but to be fair, that's not its intended use.
  11. Bass ports and monitors

    I bashed my room measurements into a couple of those tools you mentioned. First up is https://amcoustics.com/tools/amroc which gave me this: Then I popped them into Room EQ Wizard and changed some options to what seemed right (wasn't sure what I was doing really): Finally, here's how close my monitors are to my wall. Not sure if I can get them any further back as the stands are pretty much against the skirting board. I guess this means I should rely more on my ATH M50x headphones for mixing. Maybe I should cut my losses, sell the Yamahas, go back to my little M-audio BX5As and use the money to grab a pair of Sennheiser HD 600 headphones... I bought the Yamahas last year as I wasn't getting any bass out of the little M-audios. Seems my room was the issue and I could have saved a bit of cash.
  12. Bass ports and monitors

    The room's almost square rather than rectangular. Good idea about swapping the speakers over. If that doesn't make a difference then know it's not their position that's causing it. I've tried the HS7s in their current position and have moved them incrementally out from the wall until they were around 2 feet from the wall and there was no noticeable difference in the bass response. They probably are too close, but as I can't move them out further it's more convenient to have them up against the wall. I'd knock over the speaker on the right every time I came into or left the room otherwise. It seems odd that my hi-fi speakers are positioned in what I'd thought would be the worst position whilst the monitors are in the best yet the sound doesn't reflect that! When I get the chance I'll swap their positions and will report back.
  13. Bass ports and monitors

    I've been reading up a bit on acoustic treatment for rooms to help me mix properly on speakers. I know that I need bass traps galore at the very least plus other bits of treatment. At the moment I'm renting a flat so can't install anything and don't really have the space to put massive bass traps all over anyway as my music room is my living room. So I'll have to save all that for if/when I get a dedicated or better room that I can customise Anyway, the purpose of this post is to mention something I've found quite interesting. When I'm playing music on my Yamaha HS7 monitors (the white ones in the pic below) there's very little bass when you're listening in the sweet spot in front of them. The bass disappears almost completely when you move back into the room and get around halfway in. Then if you sit at the back of the room you get the bass at a level I'd expect. So, it's a rubbish room that obviously needs treatment as the bass is being cancelled out quite a lot. However, check out the black Tannoy speakers on my computer desk. When playing music through these the bass is fine. It's fine everywhere in the room. No change, good volume, everything you'd want. So what's the difference? Well, those Tannoys used to be owned by the Tannoy sales rep I got them from 25+ years ago. He'd bi-wired them and "custom sealed" them. I wasn't entirely sure what he'd meant by that but I've realised that he'd turned ported speakers into non-ported speakers. Nothing comes out of the bass ports at the back. The Yamaha's however, have bass pumping out of their bass ports. I remember reading in Mike Senior's Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio that he says never get ported small monitors, always go for un-ported. So I reckon my problem with bass is due to having ported monitors. So I wonder if using un-ported monitors would give me the better bass performance that I'm getting from my Tannoys? It's an interesting observation at least and my recent discovery of what "custom sealed" means has answered the question of why my hi-fi never seems to have the same acoustic issues as my monitoring system! Pic of my messy living room:
  14. February Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    I've had a play on one of those and it was really interesting. I'd never have thought it would replace a more traditional keyboard though. Also, I'm sticking with trumpet buttons as it makes me smile
  15. Glad you liked it. The urge to resolve the "melody" was eating away at me all through the recording but I'm glad I held out until the end. It's a lovely collection of instruments to work with too.