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  1. This looks right up my street I'm gonna try and make a return for this one but no promises! Now, where did I put that bagpipe VST...?!
  2. I think I'm partly responsible for the bagpipes ban. Not that I ever used them, I think I just mentioned in passing that I *may* use them.
  3. Let me know when bagpipes are allowed and I may be back...
  4. Hey, is this still available? I'm after one and I'm also based in Bristol
  5. Thanks Si, I guess I'm a little miffed that my baby was discontinued and won't be optimised any more. I do have to add that Focusrite support (including yourself) have been brilliant at sorting out any issues. I'd have liked the level of tweaking and optimisation that RME are known for but that sadly won't happen with the Forte, even though it sounds like you'll all do everything possible to ensure it still works. :)
  6. That doesn't give me faith in the long term life of my Forte. It's working well at the moment but no guarantees for the future?
  7. He hasn't even banned bagpipes this month
  8. Well then, maybe, just maybe I can try and find some time this month... (in all seriousness, I'm away from my PC most of the time at the moment so probably won't be able to join in again this month.)
  9. That's definitely how you do it.
  10. Voting was easy for you two! I went with the one that made me jiggle more
  11. And I could have done with some bagpipes!
  12. For the first time in a long time (over two years maybe?) I'm going to have to miss this one I've not been at home much recently so haven't had the chance to sit down and compose anything. So sorry, no ukulele from me this month! I'm hopefully back in business next month.
  13. Northumbrian pipes actually sound quite good. Not technically bagpipes but similar enough. I think I'm still banned from using them though.
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