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  1. I have one of these which has a preamp and fuzz that can be activated independently or combined. The rip control on the fuzz really does rip your sound up.
  2. Yeah this is the level of geekery I was hoping for from Basschat.
  3. Thanks for posting these graphs, they're really interesting. I'm still planning on getting a Digbeth and its main use will be to DI into my audio interface so it's good to see where the controls lie on the EQ graph as I'm used to tweaking EQs that way.
  4. Love the look of these. I'd have kept the gold pickguard myself but seeing as I have a gold one on my P bass that's not surprising
  5. That looks good value, thanks. I'm going to try and demo the Laney Digbeth before buying anything. For me, the sound of the Laney EQ, and the saturation of the tube drive emulation, plus the headphone out are winning over the extra drive options of the Sansamp. I'm interested in that slight overdrive saturation, just-about-breaking-up sound more than a distorted sound (I have a Zander Sono that can rip the sound to shreds if needed). But good to know that Sansamps are within my reach if I go second-hand, which I don't mind doing.
  6. If I get to try one in my local PMT I'll report back to let you know what I think.
  7. Yeah, whilst I like the Sansamp sound I don't always want to record with it so I like the idea of being able to start from clean and add to it from there. The Laney Digbeth seems to do this which is why it's top of my list at the moment.
  8. Much better! It's around £211 so not much out of my budget and they also do a stage EQ version that's cut down but cheaper. I'll check it out.
  9. Man that Fishman is fugly but I've heard they sound great. I also noticed that Laney have some other bass pedals out and I quite like that compressor...
  10. Thanks for the input everyone, super useful This! I think this may be the one. It seems to have a focus on the EQ and the drive sounds really nice, with that nice tube amp harmonic breakup of the bass. Headphone and line in would actually be super useful too. Comes in at a penny under budget too haha. What I liked, as demoed in the Anderton's video below, is when they put it in bypass and you got the plain bass sound, then switched bypass off and the sound just sounded a bit better, and fuller. That's what I want! And an added plus, it looks like my local PMT have them in stock so I can try one.
  11. I've got a Focusrite Forte but even though it has an instrument level option, and good preamps, I still got much better results going through the DI from my Markbass combo. I also want something I can plug into a PA if I get to go out and play live again.
  12. Yeah that price can't be beat. My only hesitation is that I don't require distortion/drive really so if that's the main thing going for the Behringer (and Tech 21) then I wonder if it's what I need. I'm assuming the clean sound and DI are good?
  13. Yeah that a true. The compressor and distortion I could drop quite easily. I don't need distortion/drive at all on it and I'd be better off with a dedicated compressor anyway.
  14. Yeah, at £28 that Behringer would be hard to beat, especially if it sounds almost/just as good as the Sansamp. And enough budget to look at a good compressor or Zoom multi.
  15. Hey folks, As my Markbass combo has died on me I'm looking at getting a DI/preamp box. I'm not gigging at the moment and may not for a while so my main requirement is to get a good DI into my audio interface to record bass. My Markbass CMD121P had a good DI but it's kaput. SO my main requirements in order are: Great DI out Great natural sound Good tone controls Compressor Drive/distortion I already have a Zander Sono distortion pedal so that's right at the bottom of the requirements list. Budget is £150 or less. I've looked at: Sansamp - too expensive but seems to just work for a lot of people. Fender Downtown Express - I love the look of it but demos on YouTube show it as being a bit bland in terms of sound. Behringer BDI21 - a Sansamp copy for £28 - cheap enough for a punt? Various Darkglass ones - way too expensive but seem lovely. Ashdown Ant - this is a bit of a cross between a pedal and an amp so could come in handy if I play live again. Twice my budget though! An alternative is an amp head with a good DI out but it would have to work without a cab plugged in or if that's not possible, have a separate volume control for the DI out so I can record silently. May be bale to stretch the budget for this. Combos would work too but would need to be small and light (like my Markbass was). Any thoughts on anything I should avoid from the above or anything I should look at?
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