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  1. I've been a bit quiet on here for a while but this is something I'm looking forward to. I can't remember if I actually signed up originally but put me down for this one
  2. I'm still waiting for the no bagpipes rule to be lifted.
  3. Ah, lovely thanks Douglas! (And long- time, no-speak, hope you're doing well).
  4. Hey all, I'm looking to find the best way to record two inputs from my bass into my audio interface. I want to record one signal clean, straight into the line in and another to go through my effects pedal then into the other input on the interface. Can I grab a simple splitter cable such as this https://www.gear4music.com/G4M/Klotz-1-4-TRS-Jack-1-4-TS-Jacks-Interconnect-Cable-3m/25A5 (which is balanced/stereo to 2x mono) or am I looking at something more sophisticated? This is just for a recording experiment so something as cheap as a cable is preferable!
  5. I used to have a PJ bass and still love the sound when I hear it on past recordings. Maybe that's why I like that Sire U5 But that P bass tone just fits in everywhere and can't be beat.
  6. Almost 5 years on from when I first got this (4 months off the full 5 years) and this is still my number one bass. I've not bought another one since either. Still love it. I only thought of how long it's been as I saw a Sire U5 online today and thought hmm, I've not bought a bass in years, I wonder why...
  7. Good to hear! I guess a Scarlett would be great as a main interface if my Forte ever stopped working. Hopefully it won't but it's good to have done the research so I can simply grab one if I ever needed it without thinking and be up and running again in no time.
  8. Thanks again Si! For the most part, I'll be recording performances of virtual instruments, quite often orchestral VIs. Here's a screenshot of my work-in-progress template. This is just the strings section and when I get brass and woodwinds I'll refine it so it fits into RAM. Currently it's taking up 18.5GB of RAM and consists of over 40 tracks each with an instance of Neutron on it. Usually I'm ok at a buffer of 128 for recording midi in but if I throw in any synths or anything CPU intensive (like Ozone on the master channel) then playback and recording become problematic. I can quite often go back in and re-record some midi whilst I'm in the mixing/refining process so being able to keep that buffer down to 128 is super handy. I guess that my PC's overall grunt will have more of an effect than the interface and it's drivers for this type of work? If so, then it'll just come down to whatever preamps and ins/outs I need and the Clarett 4pre or the Scarlett 4i4 looks ace for that.
  9. Thanks for replying Si! It sounds like the Clarett 2Pre would be ideal. I could have the synth plugged into it permanently have have two inputs at the front always available. I tend to only record one or two things at a time but there's value in having a stereo synth plugged in and ready to go all the time. Another thing I want to do is to take sounds out of my DAW, into hardware effects and bring them back into the DAW. As you mentioned, the Clarett can do this too. Would there be any risk of a feedback loop? I'll try and describe the setup in my head. Virtual Instrument hosted in a DAW > Interface > line out from interface > into effects pedal > line in to interface from effects. There'll also be two outputs to my monitors from the interface. With regards to latency, what I mean is in my DAW I'll have an orchestral library loaded in. At the moment, just with the string section that's around 17GB loaded into RAM. So there's a lot in there! I set my buffer to 128 which means I can record with my midi keyboard with no problem. However, once I get some processing going on those virtual instruments the CPU will start to take a beating. It's an i7 4790k running at 4.5ghz across all cores so it's old, but it's no slouch. I believe an interface's ASIO drivers can be a factor here in terms of keeping the buffer low (thereby combating latency) whilst not putting too much strain on a CPU. Or I could be totally mistaken Either way, my Forte is decent in that regard and I won't want to take any step back from that. Finally, I'm guessing what you said about the Clarett would also be true for the Scarletts other than the quality of the preamps? Thanks again for answering, you're a large part of the reason why I'm not thinking of jumping ship!
  10. Thought I'd open up this thread again as I've just received an email from Focusrite advising: "Forte is no longer under development support, meaning we are not able to provide any further updates to support macOS Catalina or future versions of macOS or Windows. Forte will continue to function as normal on macOS 10.14 Mojave and below. The latest version of Windows that Forte was tested on is Windows 10 build 1809 - you may experience problems with your Forte if you update Windows beyond this version." So first off, I'm not really complaining about this, I'm actually pleased they took the time to tell me. It's a shame, but hopefully it'll keep working and I'm sure the team at Focusrite would help me as much as they could if it stopped working. So going back to Si's comment about the Clarett 2Pre being the closest in terms of I/O I wondering if you could help me with what could potentially be a replacement. What I need from an interface is super low latency for working with loads of virtual instruments (Spitfire sampled orchestras, with synths, other stuff and effects on). I'm also thinking about trying to route audio out of my DAW and into some outboard gear like effects pedals. Also, I may get a hardware synth to record into my DAW (Korg Minilogue XD is top of my list). So in terms of routing stuff out of my DAW, into hardware and back in again, is there a particular Focusrite I should be considering? I'm not sure what my requirements would be! Cheers!
  11. This looks right up my street I'm gonna try and make a return for this one but no promises! Now, where did I put that bagpipe VST...?!
  12. I think I'm partly responsible for the bagpipes ban. Not that I ever used them, I think I just mentioned in passing that I *may* use them.
  13. Let me know when bagpipes are allowed and I may be back...
  14. Hey, is this still available? I'm after one and I'm also based in Bristol
  15. Thanks Si, I guess I'm a little miffed that my baby was discontinued and won't be optimised any more. I do have to add that Focusrite support (including yourself) have been brilliant at sorting out any issues. I'd have liked the level of tweaking and optimisation that RME are known for but that sadly won't happen with the Forte, even though it sounds like you'll all do everything possible to ensure it still works. :)
  16. That doesn't give me faith in the long term life of my Forte. It's working well at the moment but no guarantees for the future?
  17. He hasn't even banned bagpipes this month
  18. Well then, maybe, just maybe I can try and find some time this month... (in all seriousness, I'm away from my PC most of the time at the moment so probably won't be able to join in again this month.)
  19. Voting was easy for you two! I went with the one that made me jiggle more
  20. And I could have done with some bagpipes!
  21. For the first time in a long time (over two years maybe?) I'm going to have to miss this one I've not been at home much recently so haven't had the chance to sit down and compose anything. So sorry, no ukulele from me this month! I'm hopefully back in business next month.
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