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  1. Northumbrian pipes actually sound quite good. Not technically bagpipes but similar enough. I think I'm still banned from using them though.
  2. Only skimmed through it as I'm short on time but it looks great fun to watch!
  3. I do, but most of what I record is done using virtual instruments so it controls pretty much everything for me.
  4. Interesting option, I'll try putting a high pass filter on to see what effect that has. I'm using Yamaha HS7 monitors and Yamaha says this about the frequency range 43Hz - 30kHz (-10dB), 55Hz - 24kHz (-3dB) frequency response Without measuring to find out for sure, the issue with my living room is that it's square and bass frequencies vanish in the middle and are only present in the corners. So I guess I'm wondering whether investment in a good pair of open back headphones or Sonarworks would be best as there's no space for bass traps.
  5. I've looked into bass traps before but unfortunately my room is my living room and to get anything in the corners would mean blocking the door, removing the TV and removing my PC (which would defeat the purpose!) My main issue is phase cancellation of bass. It's almost non existent anywhere other than the corners of the room. I can't mix on my monitors at all as I'm flying blind. It really sucks!
  6. All wise words! I have a terrible sounding room in a rented flat with no room for treatment (I need so many bass traps) so I'm trying to find a way to makes a little better. I may be moving soonish hence why I thought Sonarworks for my monitors would be good. If it doesn't help in this room then maybe it will in the next.
  7. Cheers mate To be honest they have to put up with me mixing my tracks so they'll be used to weird sounds 70-80db should be ok if I do it at the right time of day. I thought that too about the headphones so thanks for confirming. It's between getting better headphones for mixing or trying Sonarworks for my speakers at the moment so I'm weighing up both.
  8. I'm use the headphone edition at the moment for my Audio Technica M50x headphones. I'm also using a pair of superlux 668b headphones. I'm considering upgrading the latter to a pair of DT 880 pros. However, if I'm using Sonarworks will they offer better quality than my current headphones? All 'phones will be flattened by Sonarworks so will so will sound somewhat similar I guess? Also, I'm looking at getting the room correction version too. Any idea of how loud the calibration will be? I don't want to annoy the neighbours!
  9. I struggled to get this one together. I've gone through a lot of variations on it before finding a small part that I liked then built the track around it. Hope you enjoy.
  10. With your username I'd expect an entry from you this month 😁
  11. There's nothing like a deadline to focus the mind and get you doing only what's needed to finish the track.
  12. So, bagpipes are cool this month? Asking for a friend.
  13. Voted! Extra credit to Douglas for this:
  14. It was a bit of a close one this month for getting this in again. Made it though Anyone find that a song starts off one way then turns into something completely different? Happened to me on this one. It's a bit bassy. That Monark synth can kick it out in the low end. Don't turn your speakers up if they have anything below 40hz! Let me know if it's shaking the walls and I'll try and tame it a bit.
  15. I'd be happy with a curve like that in my room The caveat is that I've got a massive dip in the lows. I've not measured it but it must be -15db or more. As a result I can't mix anything with bass on my monitors and have to rely on headphones. I'm sure Sonarworks would sort your dips and peaks out. If I can catch the upgrade from headphone edition (that I have) to the studio with mic in a sale I'll share my measurements on here.
  16. Homework for the geeks amongst us. I like it
  17. Damn, you remembered the bagpipe clause.
  18. For what it's worth I had so much trouble with my old 2009 Macbook Pro being flaky running GarageBand that I swapped to a PC and Reaper with so fewer issues. I've got a 2011 MacBook Pro that overheats and blows its fans like a hoover all the time.
  19. Just in case the poll doesn't get reopened before its official closing at midnight here are my votes too. *Edit* Dad sorted it Thanks!
  20. I can't vote! I still have a few hours left but the poll's closed!!
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