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  1. Oh it's so annoying the amount of spam accounts I have to report every time I upload a new track. The funniest are the ones with names like Abigail Angel and it's a picture of a bearded muscly bloke. Yeah right Abi, I believe ya.
  2. They'd have to be something special to make me give up my Tannoys but I'll put them on my (future) to-listen list.
  3. Haha, and I've been doing this twice as long as you have
  4. Oops, I had one in my signature but I've not set that up on the new site yet. Here it is:
  5. Just had a look at my Soundcloud account and I've clocked up just over 10,000 plays! Wow! Thanks to everyone who's ever listened, it means a lot
  6. Yeah, it's quite an increase in output power but I rarely got my old amp past 2 on the dial in my flat. This one copes with these lowish volumes really well. It's brilliantly clear. Kinda tempted to take my Tannoy E11s into Richer Sounds and a/b them against some new speakers now. The only thing stopping me is that I'm very attached to them. I've had them for 27 years too and they used to be owned by a Tannoy rep who took them apart, bi-wired them then sealed them. So they're a one-off. Still tempted to see what I may be missing though. If I move out of my flat I'm going to reassess my hi-fi placement and maybe have it more central in a living room with speakers on proper stands. In an ideal world I'd have a nice music room like Skol's too
  7. Absolutely. That's what this is all about.
  8. An update on this. I stuck with my Rotel until recently when the problems started getting worse and more frequent. I've finally retired the amp after 27 years of good service. Well done to Rotel for building a resilient bit of kit! I had lined up the Marantz PM6006 but they were out of stock and Richer Sounds recommend the Cambridge Audio Topaz SR20 which I bought. Installed it today and it's lovely. Sounds better than my Rotel but doesn't have a different sound signature. It just sounds better with more separation of instruments and a much better soundstage on it. I'm really happy with it Interestingly, to continue the brief conversation about DACs from above, the CA has a Wolfson DAC in it (and an optical in) whilst my Asus Xonar Essence soundcard has a Burr Brown DAC. Both are highly regarded from what I can tell. So, I did a bit of A/B testing and found that using the optical out and the DAC in the CA it gave a more digital, clinical but sharper sound whereas using the Burr Brown int he Xonar and going into the amp via RCA leads had a smoother slightly warmer sound with nicer (slightly rounded) highs. So I'm going with the Burr Brown and RCA connection. I hadn't actually expected to hear any difference whatsoever but it's there if you have the ears and interest to look for it.
  9. I've uploaded a tweaked version of mine. My girlfriend commented that it was nice until the percussion came blasting in so I've toned that down somewhat but also compensated by adding in some choir chants. It's had a slight remix too, some mud and overly eager bottom-end removed and some boosting in the higher frequencies has been tamed. Added a bit more compression glue too.
  10. Got mine done. Had major fun with this one and referenced it against Hans Zimmer's Blue Planet 2 soundtrack (which is amazeballs). Featuring Spitfire Audio's Albion V Tundra, Albion One and Orchestral Swarm. Choirs by Soundiron's Olympus and Requiem choirs. The inspiration behind it was imagining a timelapse of the mushrooms sprouting in droves and taking over the log they're growing on. I was hearing the broomstick scene from Disney's Fantasia in my head at the time.
  11. Cheers, I'll try that high end stuff. My ears are useless at 13.5khz upwards so I can't hear my mangling up there. I actually came across that curve whilst listening to my mixes on Poweramp on my phone and I tried one of the eq presets (was just messing with them) and my mix became so much clearer so I copied the curve and saved it as a preset in Neutron.
  12. It's fairly simple. High pass around 40hz, do a broad cut around 250-350hz and boost highs a bit from 3khz up. It removes unnecessary low end, cuts out a region that's fairly muddy itself and gives some shine to the high end. The actual frequencies will depend on your track of course so play around but I have this as a preset and it's a good starting point. I sometimes dip more of the mids around 500hz if needed.
  13. A few tips: On your master channel try and EQ curve similar to the one below: Also, put a high pass EQ on any instrument that isn't needed in the bass frequencies and you'll free up room for the actual bass instruments and it'll stop that area getting too muddy.
  14. Loving all of the puns I'm pretty sure mine's going to include a couple of Spitfire libraries - Orchestral Swarm (as heard on the Blue Planet 2 soundtrack) and Albion V Tundra. I have an idea growing rapidly in my head (see what I did there?)
  15. I'd have thought you could make quality music in any DAW. The difference is just how easy the path is to get there for you.
  16. Mornats

    Small monitors

    I have the HS7s in white and they look great They sound great too!
  17. Absolutely loved your cover Lurks! That made me grin from ear to ear
  18. Yeah it looks like a good entry into DAWs and I simply love the look of the interface! Also this:
  19. Not any more I'm afraid: http://www.factmag.com/2017/11/22/cakewalk-closes-sonar-development-ends/
  20. Another Reaper user here and yeah, it's got fantastic value for money. If you're on a Mac then I also think Logic Pro X is good value at £199 (it used to be £140 which I always thought was a typo!). For the calibre of the product, 200 squids is still good value in my mind. I've been contemplating trying a move to Cubase purely for its much praised midi capabilities as midi is what I'm doing more of right now. However I know that I can persevere with learning how to use ReaScripts to get some nice midi stuff going on in Reaper and I just can't bring myself to a) rely on an iLok - no thanks, I'm not having my ability to create music be at the mercy of one of those and neither do I want to have one stuck in the back of whichever computer I'm using, and I don't like having the burden of copy protection being placed on the consumer who's shelled out hundreds on the software whist those with a cracked version don't require one and b) it's around £400 for the version that's as unlimited as Reaper. That's a big chunk of cash! I also really like the look of the interface on FL Studio (and their lifetime upgrades policy). I've seen Alex Moukala use it in his videos and it just looks really nice. I've no idea how it compares to Reaper or Cubase though. It's around £140 which is a nice price. There's also the final point: You'll create music better, quicker and more intuitively with the software you know well than with "better" software that you don't know how to use. And for me there's just so much in Reaper that just works for me it would take me a long time to write it down and check that the other software does it just as well and as quickly (drag your routing from your strings to the reverb channel and set your send volume in around 3-4 seconds for example).
  21. It's a cover of the Stranger Things theme! Although it's mainly the main synth riff that they use mixed in with some other stuff.
  22. Here you go. Just watched the second series and had that synth riff going on in my head for weeks.
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