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  1. Thanks for the advice folks! I'm still deciding between doing it myself or trusting it to a pro just for convenience. Will let you know what I decide!
  2. Mine seemed to have vanished! Possibly due to me renaming it...
  3. Yeah, shame they don't mention that on the strings at all!
  4. Yeah, and as it's my fault for putting fat-donkey strings on it without checking the nut size I don't mind forking out for a new one. How easy is it to remove this and fit a new one yourself? Or is it something I'm better off paying a luthier for? I'm crap at DIY although I can do fret levelling, dressing and polishing ok.
  5. Damn, put this one down to bad luck / lack of knowledge then.
  6. I decided a short while ago to string my Yamaha TRBX 504 with Rotosound Tru-Bass 88 strings to give it a nice, different range of sounds to my P and J. I found time to put them on today but as soon as I tightened the E string it broke the end off the nut! See pics below. So I'm gutted and rather annoyed. Surely this is a manufacturing defect in the nut? Reckon I'll have any joy getting Yamaha to replace the nut or should I just fork our for a new (possibly brass) one myself?
  7. Will iTunes open up the FLAC files or do they just stick to their propriety ALAC format? If so, I'm sure you can burn an audio CD from there although it's been a long time since I allowed iTunes on my PC.
  8. That'll be a job for my M50x cans and Sonarworks then
  9. I usually start my high pass filter at around 40hz so wondered the same.
  10. I liked the goose cotton talk in that thread.
  11. I have a few hours to myself tonight so managed to come up with this. I'd struggled with inspiration all week and thought I'd load up some lutes (which I never made it to*) to try and get some ideas. The ideas came, bizarrely, from Valhalla Room reverb on a charango. So there you go. * turns out that a charango is an Andean lute so that's me proved wrong right away.
  12. Mornats


    My living room where I mix my music is a real pain. I've got bass lulls all over in the double-figures in db! What I've found is that my studio monitors (Yamaha HS7) have little bass in most of my room and my hi-fi speakers which are stuck in the worst position are fine. I can mix better on my hi-fi than I can on my monitors and it's down to room acoustics (and the fact that my hi-fi speakers are sealed so they don't use the bass port which I suspect is what's killing my Yamahas). So yeah, what Dad (not my real dad) said above about going for a good headset > room acoustics > good monitors is spot on in my opinion.
  13. I sense a hurdy gurdy moment coming on.
  14. Well done Bilbo! And I really do have to give a shout out to my favourite from this month from Bleat.
  15. Here's mine: The polar bear isn't talking in mine I'm afraid. I wasn't sure how to approach this one but then thought, why is the bear down here at the car? It's because he's got no polar home any more. So this is a sad one.
  16. Focusrite give away some very good plugins every month to those who've bought their interfaces. There's been some really good ones given away too. More info here: https://uk.focusrite.com/plugin-collective but the highlight for me was the Addictive Keys giveaway. That grand piano is just lovely. The AAS plugins are really cool too.
  17. Ha, no idea what to do for this one yet But bear with me please...
  18. It probably wouldn't be the weirdest thing I'd have to explain about my place to visitors!
  19. Don't laugh, I seriously considered doing that myself!
  20. Congrats to you both! The voting was a close one this month and for good reason
  21. That's a good question, just how rough 'n' ready can you get with bass traps and still have them work?
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