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  1. where are you based and are you interested in trades for an electric guitar by any chance.
  2. where are you based and are you interested in trades
  3. this is Earth calling Bluepigbass...are you receiving.......over....??
  4. gjamer

    best value DAW

    lol....sounds about right in my experience
  5. gjamer

    best value DAW

    I've used guitar tracks pro in the past, which is Cakewalk based if I'm not mistaken. Thought it was good and quite easy to understand, it was a bit "jittery" but I was using a crap PC at the time. I've since upgraded so it might be worth re-visiting.
  6. gjamer

    best value DAW

    Fruity loops looks brill, is it quite straight forward to record simple guitar, bass, vocal audio tracks with.
  7. gjamer

    best value DAW

    Hmmm, I have tried reaper but only briefly. Just recorded a few bits and then moved on to try something else, I stuck with Cakewalk, guitar tracks pro if I remember correctly, for the longest spell, but that could be quite “jittery” at times. I will definitely give reaper another try, seems very popular.
  8. gjamer

    best value DAW

    I'm seriously thinking of getting back into home recording, the thought of arsing around with software updates, re-learning this, re-loading that etc etc scares me off though. I'm a windows user, although I did use Garageband a few back when I had a mac book on loan and loved it, apple do seem to have music production nailed. However, I'm sticking with windows for the time being, I have a copy of cubase Elements which is Ok, but was wondering which DAW is best suited to a guitarist/bassist who wants to quickly knock together working demo's when inspiration strikes. I realise this is entirely subjective, but surely there is a half decent DAW out there for eager but slightly dim-witted guitarists who dont have bucket loads of cash and patience.
  9. How heavy are these and where are you based, Cheers
  10. thats the one I'm chasing mate, the retailer is selling it on commission, so I've put an offer in and waiting for a response
  11. Very interested and based in Flintshire/N Wales so hopefully not a million miles away. Have inboxed you, cash waiting for right bass
  12. Will check the mb4 out, cheers.
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