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STATUS S2 Headless 5 "Collector"

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Superb and rare Status S2 n°41 from the 80's, in very good condition for its age.
The praise for this bass is well established, the legendary Status sound!
It is a real collector's item with some marks on the gloss.
Weight: 4.35 kg


- Carbon graphite/composite through-neck
- Phenolic fingerboard, 24 fret
- Scale length 34-inch scale
- Total nut width 48mm (string spacing at nut 10mm)
- String spacing at bridge 15mm
- Walnut top, mahogany core
- 2 x Status Hyperactive pickups
- 3-band active EQ
- Controls: Volume, Pick-Up Balance, Treble cut/boost, Bass cut/boost, active/passive switch
- 2 x 9V battery in quick-release compartment to rear
- Hard case
- New Rotosound 66 Swing Bass 40 - 125 strings

Open to exchanges, I will study all proposals.


Seb IMG_20200923_172327.thumb.jpg.c4d563e49c5bf8d78a8c32126a444e3f.jpgIMG_20200923_172411.thumb.jpg.fd6ed9e2da03b3c38764e9220729dcc0.jpgIMG_20200923_172135.thumb.jpg.37dcf8e0a83eada62115254c4e9e578c.jpgIMG_20200923_171403.thumb.jpg.32648f4b71930d98c5f5a916cd1bba99.jpgIMG_20200923_171508.thumb.jpg.0fcbbdf700bf669c5fd7c53d3eed51bb.jpgIMG_20200923_171606.thumb.jpg.3cc70824b0adac795235882f6e928eb1.jpgIMG_20200923_171721.thumb.jpg.034485b849979daaff0bc798e40f7856.jpgIMG_20200923_171627.thumb.jpg.34fbf63d0f8c69f4804479d1e48496b7.jpgIMG_20200923_172033.thumb.jpg.345164a205745c55301bf1f9d0898118.jpgIMG_20200923_171910.thumb.jpg.3a8e0f4afd6c83e964ec218f4b8161c3.jpgIMG_20200923_171651.thumb.jpg.1dd18b5b7668454d7a78c0d10152abaf.jpgIMG_20200923_172905.thumb.jpg.7199b77de603eee8ca415704e1d7cd0c.jpgIMG_20200923_173257.thumb.jpg.972d57969131921fa18c327da11a2ec6.jpgIMG_20200923_171817.thumb.jpg.6fe13f98fb3accdef971e5ee23d3552f.jpgIMG_20200923_171803.thumb.jpg.8267edca39922e9135c098c402629c2b.jpgIMG_20200923_172738.thumb.jpg.4dfcc8fc7e7d39c439caf899e4cc6823.jpgIMG_20200923_172012.thumb.jpg.3d0f0ec2ec0ba5849481645feaf26d5e.jpg


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30 minutes ago, Woodinblack said:

And very nice it looks too!

It is - needs a tiny bit of fret work though, so off to see Mr Green at some point in the near future.

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      Up for sale, my Ibanez BTB 1825. Excellent condition/as new.
      Comes with original custom fit Ibanez Case.
      35" scale bass with 19mm string spacing and a 47mm nut width.
      Bought new from Thomann in Nov 2019. Dot markers added by pro luthier.
      Low action, flat neck with  good feel. Just not the tone for me - I bought this bass without ever playing one.
      Prefer a local (London and surrounding areas) but will post within UK. UKsales only
      I believe these basses are discontinued.
      Spec from Ibanez...
      Neck type BTB59pc Panga Panga/Purpleheart/Maple w/Graphite reinforcement rods neck-through Top/back/body - Walnut top, Ash wing body Fretboard - Bound Panga Panga Abalone off-set dot inlay Frets - Medium Stainless Steel frets Premium fret edge treatment Bridge - MR5 bridge (19mm string spacing) Neck pickup - Aguilar® DCB neck pickupPassive Bridge pickup - Aguilar® DCB bridge pickupPassive Equaliser - Ibanez Custom Electronics 3-band EQ Hardware color - Gold Width 47mm NUT Radius 400  

    • By gorandelac
      Hi all, I'm selling my Alembic MK Signature Deluxe with Coco Bolo top, so here is little about the bass.
      Bass has no scratch, no belt buckle scratch, it's almost as brand new, as you can see from pics.
      Scale: 34"
      String spacing: 19 mm
      Fingerboard: Ebony with abalone
      Top: coco Bolo
      Back: Coco Bolo
      Body: Mahogany with maple and purplehearth as accent woods
      Neck: Maple with Purple Hearth stringers
      Finish: clean gloss with satin finish on the neck
      weight: 5.7 kg (with 5 9v batteries that goes into the bass, 4x for LED)
      Electronics: volume, pan, 2x filters, 2x q switches, 1x LED on/off, 1/4" mono output.
      LEDs are amber and red (check pictures)
      Bass was done in 2015, so it has 2+3 machine heads.
      Bass has original case, papers, everything. New one like this is 17.600 dollars, you can check here on Alembic site my bass is Sig Dlx Coco Bolo.
      This is I think only signature bass in EU that is available with this price. For any questions you can contact me. Here are some pic that justify the whole thing, other pics you can see on my dropbox:
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      With much regret I have to sell a beloved fretless bass.
      It’s a Carvin BB75P Bunny Brunel Signature 5 String Fretless.
      18 volt electronics with John East preamp.
       Lower three Knobs are......
      (1) stacked treble ( Pull for treble boost ) /  bass.
      (2) parametric mid.
      (3) passive tone control.
      The top three knobs are......
      (1) pan pot for piezo - humbuckers.
      (2) pan pot for bridge pickup - neck pickup.
      (3) master volume. ( push / pull for active or passive )
      Piezo bridge fitted.
      Two Seymour Duncan Humbuckers.
      Offset markers.
      Fret inlays.
      Strap Lok system.
      Fitted original case.
      Thomastik strings fitted as per picture.
      Strap is included.
      Weight is approx 4.3kg on Kitchen scales.
      Never gigged, only used at the studio or at home.
      Price is very firm at £995 with UK postage.
      Sorry no personal collection due to Covid risk.

    • By Lizzy
      I've been trying to find our more about my Hohner headless bass from the late 80's which  has a jack on the reverse and a strap with a rotating connector so that you can spin the guitar as in ZZ Top style ( but without the fur!).  Does anyone else have this? I can't find out anything about them.
      Luckily it has a conventional jack because it's totally impractical

    • By 72deluxe
      I am selling my Korean "ProSeries StarBass 5 Gold Metallic CHR passive/passive MAP fretted" (that's Warwick's description). I am trying to play fretless more these days and this is just not getting played enough.
      This is a passive instrument (no 9V batteries hurray) and is capable of "vintage" tones so it doesn't sound like a midrange-heavy solid-body Warwick. Serial number WPS B-000087-11 (2011 I think??).
      Construction wise, it has a solid maple block down the centre and hollow wings. The neck is maple (but painted in luxurious gold) and the fretboard wenge. This has Just-A-Nut III on it so is adjustable at the nut. (Just-A-Nut II was prone to breaking so the III is better). It has volume and tone for each pickup, and a selector switch in the style of a Les Paul (neck, both, bridge). 
      I played this on 2 gigs but then the band disbanded and it's been safely at home for many years. As you can see, it is in tip-top/excellent condition, with the only minor issues being pictured:
      a. slight decoloration of the tuning pegs (someone must have had sweaty hands before I bought it)
      b. There is also a blemish on the neck paintwork but that's under the lacquer
      c. There is a tiny slight mark above the neck pickup
      d. There is a mark near the fifth fret that looks like a construction issue that was filled in.
      e. Some slight marking on the pickup covers where enthusiastic playing has likely bashed a string onto the pickup cover (but it's under the string and I think you’ll struggle to see it)
      All of these were like this when I bought it. All of these are pictured and I think you'll struggle to notice these.
      This comes with a colossal excellent Warwick hardcase to keep this safe. This isn't pictured but is included. It’s a very good case!
      I have priced this appropriately I think, given that it's a Korean Pro Series and NOT the Chinese RockBass series which seem to have increased in price somewhat (hasn't everything?), but sensible offers are welcome!
      I enjoyed playing this bass a lot and will miss it but I need to be realistic. I would provide sound clips but there's plenty of demos by Andy Irvine back when he was working with Warwick on YouTube, if not somewhat slap-happy.
      I am in Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire and would prefer not to ship this as it's massive and I have no cardboard to package it. I am happy to drive up/down the M5 a bit if this helps you for travel purposes. Worcestershire is in Tier 2 at the moment so I cannot travel to other locations.
      Cash or Bank Transfer please. If you want to put it on a credit card and pay via PayPal you can but I shouldn't get any fees so you'll have to send it as a "gift" to friends/family. Thanks.
      Pictures are here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yTSfW2OrA-XqisVwEMtrpU_S0t6eB2q9
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