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  1. I'm enjoying rather than mastering I think it would be fair to say ! As I'm in the fortunate position of working full time again I've got a bit time poor. However - hoping to incorporate into a new project so that will push me along a bit.
  2. It is - needs a tiny bit of fret work though, so off to see Mr Green at some point in the near future.
  3. I know this has been sold - as I now own it.
  4. I believe that I am now the proud owner of this marvellous instrument. it may be some time before I have the courage (and skills !) to gig it.
  5. Brought Dave's Sandberg Basic - truly lovely guy and top deal. Highly recommended. Gray
  6. I don't suppose this is still available ?
  7. I'm a fan of these Focusrite interfaces - they do seem prone to USB noise though. For the noise issues I'd suggest : 1. Get a good quality USB cable 2. Avoid plugging the interface into a USB hub 3. Make sure the power supply cable isn't crossing other mains cables The recording issue sounds like an odd one - some computer monitors can impose noise on certain pickups. Often its just a case of not sitting with your directly bass in front of your monitor. If that isn't the issue :- For recording via Jack - make sure the corresponding input is set to 'Inst' (you might need to do this in software, as from memory their is no physical button on the interface). If you have a DI box handy go via that into the XLR input - if the DI has ground lift it might also help you with noise. The direct monitoring solution mentioned above might account for odd sounds when recording, but shoudn't affect the recording itself. Silly question - but have you definitely set the input into your DAW to the interface ? I ask because I once managed to record via my computers built in mic, having forgotten to select the interface in Logic - with predictably similarly thin and reverby results. Is the DI on your amp generally clean ? May be worth checking if this is the issue - also, make sure you haven't got phantom power (+48v) engaged on the interface - some DI outputs really don't like having phantom thrown down them, which could lead to some weird audio effects. Hope this helps.
  8. r.e. Velocity inconsistencies. I seem to remember these Roland controllers having various velocity curve settings which may be worth experimenting with, or it could be tired key contacts.
  9. Any interest in this. It really needs a good home to go to...
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