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  1. tonyxtiger

    Geddy Lee pedal

    Luckily however, I’ll have a few available at Basschat discount. Due in from supplier any day now. Let me know if you want one peeps 😉
  2. tonyxtiger

    Meris HEDRA

    This is sadly not a full review but the HEDRA is out and I had a quick play today. Impressive tracking. Really good. This won’t replace all the fat analogue octaver pedals already there. They do what they do. HEDRA is different. The polyrhythmic delay possibilities make it something new. But the option of three sub octaves at once is pretty great. It’s a digital pitch shifter, obviously. Very similar to my eventide pitchfactor with many of the same features but in a smaller box. Tap tempo is there but quite short delays available but that’s because you have three , YES THREE pitch channels. Lots of scale settings and various delay settings with stereo, crosstalk, etc it gets pretty wild but even on simple octave up settings it’s a great thickener for the bass for two piece, three piece bands . 12 string tones are easy and you can even detune the pitch of the octaves slightly for a natural chorus. also, there’s a cool function when you hold the tap tempo footswitch down you get a nice pick dynamic based volume swell on your notes . I’m sure lots of YouTube clips will start to appear soon but in the meantime it’s worth a play on one if you’re curious .
  3. tonyxtiger

    Geddy Lee pedal

    Morning all. I understand these are in production now so should hit the U.K. later in the month. I have an order in for some so if anyone wants to preorder with a little basschat discount just message me.
  4. Selling my CA6. It’s a Beast for bass. Huge bottom end delivery from the transformer. Beat most other amps I owned, including big valve one. Power delivery from 350 to 1500 Watts Used but in full working condition. Always kept in a new swan flight case. £100 Can ship insured for £20 flight case not included but if you want it let me know and can sort something out as the weight will add to the shipping.
  5. tonyxtiger

    Geddy Lee pedal

    Dudes, if it helps I’m waiting to hear when the distributor might receive them. Ill aim to get some in and hopefully do the basschat discount 😉🤟
  6. Yes I am sir. I have the Glou in stock and up on reverb. lovely things they are. Looking forward to trying one soon.
  7. So, AHHHH! My pralines order arrived today and I’m out tonight so can’t get a play on one. Grrrrrr. Maybe I can hold it together until tomorrow night....
  8. Sure yes. As long as it’s returned boxed and same condition. Usual rules.
  9. Sadly rentals not available until I have more time. My other business eats up all my time so I had to take it offline for now. Just doing sales from reverb until there’s time to resurrect it.
  10. I got some in yes. Selling quick. At this stage I have one left on the reverb page but I can order more if required.
  11. I felt it was tighter. I never found the FI bad but I know some did. That’s always the problem with tracking. What works for some doesn’t for others.
  12. I love trem myself. It’s a lovely thing! The Chase bliss one is real nice. Goes very choppy. Essentially the harmonic trem is less obvious on bass and the ramping / presets is probably again less bass friendly. For me anyway. The spectravibe does both trem and vibe, lots of vibe options. I like the trem as it’s tap tempo (foot switches not as close as the chase bliss, better for big feet) and switchable between triangle and sawtooth/ramped to make more chop. It has a gain setting to grit things up a bit, mix control etc. Plus it’s a sexy looking pedal.
  13. Got a couple of these in this week. Lovely synth sounds and the filter control works well. A lot of the future impact tones can be found in here but with better tracking. Switching between square and triangle is useful. Choosing the pitch is straightforward. Didnt get a lot of time with it but in a short time it did a lot.
  14. I know what you mean. I had one for a short while based on Juan Alderete saying it was the “choppiest” trem out there. I discovered it isn’t. The chase bliss is much choppier. I now use a spectravibe. Worth checking out if you’re not sold on the EQD.
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