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  1. Saw this bass online on eBay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sire-V7-5-string-Bass-Guitar/183915913425?hash=item2ad23e20d1:g:J1AAAOSwE~pdS85U
  2. Someone please take it, i get more tempted every time I look at it I have also sent you a PM ben
  3. Hi all, Wondering what strings everyone is using for their 5'vers. Kind of need something to do slap and finger bass? I'm currently running Dunlop steels on my 4 string and quite like their responsiveness, i had d'addarios on my 5'ver (Sire V7) before and they just felt dull in comparison. Many thanks, Ben
  4. benroch


    Would one accept an arm and a leg in payment
  5. gorgeous... if only i had that money spare
  6. Oboe... I play violin to diploma standard, so thought oboe would be easy to pick up... I was very wrong. To those who struggle with violin i'm not surprised, its unlike many other instruments...
  7. I have to agree when it comes to basses and guitars, however as a violinist and bassist myself i can say that you certainly do know the difference between a good violin and a bad violin if you are any sort of musician ben
  8. Hi All, I'm currently looking for a bit of a project and have hit a stumbling block trying to find a jazz bass body (4 string or 5 string)! Does anyone know of any broken basses that they might be willing to sell? Thanks, Ben
  9. I recently bought one of these and its probably the best bass I own! Anyone who is looking for a fiver shouldnt dismiss these, IMO they sound better than some of the higher end basses! GLWTS! ben
  10. any videos on how it plays with upgraded parts? Thanks, Ben
  11. what string spacing is it? ben
  12. are there any videos of the bass being played? Thanks, Ben
  13. Hi all, Looking at buying a schecter diamond p5 custom here on basschat but i havent been able to find anywhere that has one near me. Anyone have one near Lancaster that i might be able to try for 10-15 mins? Any experiences with these basses would be appreciated. Thanks, Ben
  14. Hi guys, I was bought a sax a number of years ago by my parents, i gave it my best shot but still couldn't play it even after everything i tried. I was wondering what it would be worth as it has not scratches or dings and has been used very little. All i can tell you about the sax is it was made by a company called focus and its a beginner saxophone. If its not worth much then ill probably just hang on to it but if its worth more than 300 or so pounds then i would be inclined to sell it. Thanks, Ben
  15. i wish i had the funds, If i get to this much ill definately be wanting to try and buy it if its still here...
  16. could you post to north england? Thanks, Ben
  17. Are you playing it lefty??? Could we get a listen to what it sounds like with standard pickups??
  18. Awesome thanks for all the advice guys, im probably going to try and find a sire bass v7 to go and try, ill also try to find a yamaha to try! if anyone sees any nice basses on the 2nd hand section the please send me a link!! Thanks, Ben
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