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  1. Are Flatwounds Addictive

    I use only flats on my two fretless basses and won't play one with rounds. I don't like the feel or the sound. Don't play fretted, either. Addicted or discerning?
  2. Faces Live 1972

    The Faces were my favorite band back then. Them and Humble Pie. Amazing the talent that came out of that period in London.
  3. Nobel Prize winners Metallica...

    Their "prize" was getting a record contract and getting to spend their lives making music. This is just one more thing to stick in their mansions for the maid to dust.
  4. Bass Books

    I've got "The Bass Book" by Tony Bacon and "How The Fender Bass Changed The World" by Jim Roberts. Great reading and wonderful pictures to gawk at.
  5. Quitting A Gigging Band?

    Form a new band. Get out and network. Make something new happen. Gig your old band while it's available but put all your energy into the new one. Use the money from the old to fund the new. A new piece of gear you've been wanting, perhaps. Never throw away gigs! Use them like a rented mule.
  6. Ski Resort Band Residency

    Watch out for the "girl's vacation" groups some of who's members are on the prowl. Folks at resorts are there for a good time. Play songs everyone knows. Put out a tip jar. Try and get a ski pass comped. Get the crowd drinking and dancing and you're golden.
  7. Bass doesn't matter. It's just the fat guy standing in the back. Everyone knows it's all about the singer and guitar player.
  8. Premium Gig bags

    Mono single for practice and Reunion Blues double for gigs. Money well spent. Both will last my lifetime.
  9. Audition last night

    Congrats! But just remember, they might have been on their best behavior. In anouther month, you might find them total jerks.
  10. Buddy Rich.

    I can appreciate the talent but I am not a fan. I started as a drummer and he wouldn't make my list of top 10 favorites. Irrespective of style, I'd rather listen to John Bonham or Roger Hawkins any day.
  11. Audition last night

    Just remember, sometimes who they pick has nothing to do with who's the best player. Good for you getting out there. Good luck.
  12. Saying hello to the main band?

    That'll teach you for trying to shag his girlfriend.
  13. Importing a bass from the USA

    25% on top of cost? That's crazy! I'm amazed any of you play imports.
  14. Great Gigs & Great Venues

    Yes. Unfortunately I didn't get the pic like you. Way to go, Blue!
  15. Sid Vicious - undervalued bass innovator?

    The first time I heard "My Way" on the car radio, I had to pull over as I was laughing my butt off. Punks? Hell, the Beatles were bigger punks in the early days but they could play. Their management cleaned their image up, not down.