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  1. So at first when i first started playing I thought the cheap $10 cables i was buying from this store were just cheap and supposed to be broken within a month, but then I actually bought a lifetime warranty cable that isn't supposed to break which it did I just assume that I don't know how to take care of them and need some tips, so if ya got any it'd be much appreciated
  2. @josie play is a word we cant use yet since they both suck at guitar rn(they've been practicing for a few months now so i casnt blame 'em) and we don't have the other members drummer and singer, but we're gonna do music in the rock/punk/metal spectrum P.S. sorry for not responding till now
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    Hello my name is lazarus, im 15 turning 16 and ive been teaching myself bass for what will be a year on my next birthday, im still a beginner but i learn fast. I cadn play but im still working on getting better( a lot better). I have one bass she's a bit torn up because she was found by my uncle broken in two before he gave it to me, but she still works fine. I really need to get better because just for fun me and some friends are making a band( its coming along slow) and im supposed to be its er....leader.
  4. Hello i've been teaching myself to play the bass for a Year exactly on the 31st(my birthday). In the past year I've managed to become at least mediocre using only the equipment that was handed down to my by my uncle, an also bass he found and put back together and a old bass amp. My problem is i dont know how to set the eq with the dials on the amp please give me advice.
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