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  1. Know what? I can proudly say I've been practicing Hit Me With Your Rhytym Stick daily, and am now playing it at almost full speed. Have to say I'm quite pleased about that, especially as I've only been playing bass less than 6 months (OK, but with many years of guitar behind me). I didn't think my fingers would ever be able to do this 😃
  2. Cicero

    Hello from Hampshire

    They proper stick to your teeth...
  3. Bass playing aside, the most impressive thing about this song is Ian's knowledge of world geography 🌍
  4. I've also been considering this as a 'longer-term' piece to get started on...
  5. Too Young to Die was one of the first pieces I nailed as a non-bassist. Always wanted to learn more early Jamiroquai, which is what made me start learning the bass in earnest this summer just past.
  6. This very second I'm working on finishing an entire stollen, accompanied by several glasses of Cava. Music-wise, I always have a few pieces going, but my main goal is to get up to speed with River People (Weather Report/Jaco).
  7. Cicero


    Oh, I get it, you don't like it 🤔
  8. Cicero


    Okay, so Adam goes on to explain what's going on... Still, mind boggled 😵 Playing from 0:55
  9. Cicero

    Joy to the World.. Hot Damn! 🔥

    If this were my local church I'd be praisin' de Lord every weekend, and mebee even some weekdays too 😎
  10. This is... So... Good 😲
  11. Cicero

    Hercules stand gone sticky!

    I've had mine may years, so I doubt I'd get a discount. Wouldn't ask for one either at this point as I've had good use out of them, although the stickyness is a little annoying.
  12. Cicero

    Hercules stand gone sticky!

    I've had the exact same problem with both of my stands!
  13. Cicero

    I hate people like this...

    And then there's this... That intro, followed by that soulful funk!