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  1. I couldn't get an accurate weight reading as our kitchen scales were on the blink. However, using an old spring luggage scale, the total bass is now at about 3.6-3.7 kg. Before I think it was over 4kg - should have written it down before taking all the hardware off... It's not only fixed the neck dive, it has also made the whole bass feel significantly lighter. Worth it in my opinion, but paying the extra for the USA Hipshot lites might be worthwhile to avoid the need to pack the shaft with tape.
  2. I'm afraid that it does - but I figured the weight gain was improved by having more holes in the rear of the headstock! I jest - the holes are not great, but the weight reduction is very welcome. I ended up having to not use any of the original holes - as the closest ones were still not in the right place, and I didn't want to end up with overlarge holes that might muck up the possibility of reverting to the original hardware. Phil
  3. Thanks for the history on 'my' bass - the p pickup in particular is great - lots of growl. Now if only my playing did justice to it
  4. The ones I had were threaded - so that might be useful information for somebody deciding which to get. I went cheap, and had to use electrical tape to pad the shaft. If you get the USA ultralites then maybe you can use the oversize bush and no tape is required!
  5. Hi MoJo. I was after the biggest weight saving, so went for the Y-tuners but actually like the look of it without the elephant ears. The fit was not great to be honest - even with getting the larger (1/2") size. I had to use a few turns of electrical tape on each shaft before inserting. However, once tightened up it is all solid and you cannot see the tape.
  6. I've been enjoying a pre-loved Yamaha BB 425. The only thing I didn't like about it was it was a bit weighty, and had a slight tendency to neck-dive. After much debate, I purchased the cheaper Hipshot Ultralite (Licensed) tuners - went the whole hog and get the Y-tuners to shave even more weight off, albeit at the cost of offending the traditionalists. I'm very happy with the results - the bass feels much better in terms of balance, overall weight and playability.
  7. I also have this compressor - it's the only pedal compressor I've tried that matches a studio compressor for transparency. Also built like a tank. Phil
  8. I think you are mad to get rid of this beauty - I've only got 1 Clement, and I'm never selling Good luck with the sale. I seem to remember you have a whole collection of Clement basses!
  9. [quote name='phil.i.stein' timestamp='1332871146' post='1594268'] quick experiment : if possible, plug the two into seperate sockets (i.e. try not running them off the same 4-way). any difference ? [/quote] Good idea. Alas, no difference. Swapping out either of the PSUs for an old Uniross one makes the hum go away. Time to spend some money on new power options methinks.
  10. [quote name='tayste_2000' timestamp='1332867233' post='1594202'] Check your instrument leads and patch leads, work it 1 cable at a time. [/quote] Thanks for the help. I've tried this. Hum only exists when PSUs mentioned above are applied to the pedal.
  11. Thanks for the reply. Hum is now obvious as we're using in ears after a few months back on wedges. Hum was not noticeable when on IEMs before. The DHA supply is the original one.
  12. Oops! Should probably have said I'm running a Clement bass through the pedals. Hum exists in both active and passive modes for the magnetic pickups, and also when using the piezo pickups.
  13. Hi all, I've been a lurker on here and TB for years, and have enjoyed learning from the collective wisdom (despite my GAS being encouraged!) I have a pedal board that is now giving mains hum when listening through headphones (in ears in church, and for testing I've been using my earwig headphone amp). On diagnosing the fault I seem to have had 2 supplies both start humming - one for a DHA VT1 drive pedal (12V, 1250 mA), and the other from effectspowersupply for running tuner (ST200) and chorus (CE-2B). I also have a Carl Martin comp/limiter which runs off AC, and a an old silver Qtron+ which runs off its own 24V supply, both of which are still noise free. All supplies have been plugged into a 4 way extension at the top of the board. I'm not aware of any power fluctuations, drinks spollages or problems that could have caused this, so wondered if anyone wiser than me could think of a possible reason? All pedals run hum free when tested individually with a Uniross regulated supply. I've separated signal and power lines. I'm seriously having to consider dropping the VT1 and chorus at the moment just to get noise free. Chorus I can live without, but the VT1 is really nice for some subtle valve breakup. If anyone has any thoughts or things to try I'd be most grateful, particularly if they don't involve spending 100s in new power options! Thanks Phil
  14. Enquiring minds want to know, did you ever get the DHA pedal running noise free? I've just started having issues with mine (VT1 drive only as I'm a cheapskate using the standard 1200mA supply from Dave), and was looking at the GigRig supplies as well. Thanks Phil
  15. Probably a bit late for a reply, but I have one and love it. 5 string fretless. #197 on his gallery is mine. There are a few others in the UK, and one chap in Norway has several. Very nice chap to do business with.
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