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  1. Once a decade?????? I wear out a set of strings in 18 months at the very outside.....
  2. If I had somewhere to keep that, it would be in the back of my car now...
  3. I've never seen that before, but that's almost exactly how I was taught. If everything is relaxed enough, it's like flicking a loop along a skipping rope, if that makes sense? I know what I mean, anyway!!
  4. It's a journey. I studied at the RCM, and played in the National Youth Orchestra nearly 40 years ago, and I still find tension in my bow arm and hand. Practice and mindfulness. Study how it feels, then consciously relax muscle groups, all the way from your neck to your fingers, then study how it feels again. It's more difficult with the bass than with any other string instrument, but also more worthwhile
  5. Hive is definitely my facility of choice. Great guys, good customer service, lovely clean communal areas and really well equipped rooms
  6. You should never support a double bass by it's neck. It's both the most fragile part AND the most difficult to repair. I'm not a fan of stands in general, my bass lives in a corner, bridge facing in, when at home. On a gig it's either in my hands or on the floor behind my stool. If it's on the floor it can't fall...
  7. I know it's not in the spirit of things, but I have to disagree. Quite a lot of basses actually benefit from the extra weight and rigidity of a good set of tuners, just as they can benefit from the extra mass of a C extension. Not all, certainly, but not none, and the mass doesn't stop the neck moving, just moves the resonant frequency of the neck. That isn't necessarily a bad thing either! I have known a horrible wolf tone to be almost completely eliminated by a new set of tuners!
  8. If you want tuning machines, Martyn Bailey's are as good as any on the market. He will customise them within limits too. Look no further, they are beautiful
  9. Nor mine. Herbie Flowers might though
  10. Bigger wheels would make a huge difference, as would pulling rather than pushing
  11. The amount of work really shows!
  12. I always liked the forked alloy Kramer headstock (have a hankering to this day for an 8-string. No clue what for!), but for me, this:
  13. That bib is a work of art! Don't let Meghan (my bass) see that.....
  14. Bear in mind that the Kaplans are an arco string - not a hint of that hybrid nonsense, entirely designed for orchestral/chamber music. That's all I do on double bass, so it's not a problem for me. As such though, they do need a fair bit of playing in before they settle. However it may be that they just don't like your bass!!
  15. All 3 sets I have bought have been almost identical in sound and feel. I wonder if maybe there's a difference in the way they're wound on the tuners? or whether the notches in the bridge are different sizes (or the nut, come to that). It's very easy to damage strings when fitting. All my experience of D'Addario strings is that the quality and tone is very reliable. BUT if there's no obvious problem with the bass or the fitting of the strings, I'd suggest you email D'Addario. Their customer service is first class, in my experience
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