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  1. There were three other musicians in the Beatles, or did that pass you by? McCartney on his own is exposed as the mediocre talent he is, in my opinion
  2. I'm not sure you need to see how I can love the Beatles. The fact is I do, but I don't love McCartney or particularly value his contribution to the Beatles. I'm pretty sure I'm permitted to express that opinion. I'm certainly not telling you what to think. If you like what he does, fine. I don't like it. I find him insincere and self-obsessed. Hey ho, the world goes on and nobody much cares what either of us thinks....
  3. You didn't read the rest. I love the Beatles. I was joining in a discussion about whether Paul McCartney was under appreciated. The Beatles I absolutely "get". McCartney? Nope. No contempt involved, but I don't find him a likeable person, and I don't particularly like his musical output. My view, I'm not demanding that you should agree, so why would it upset you that I express my view?
  4. I must admit, a gobby taxi driver would get little or no tip from me, record time or not, but I have a less transactional view of the world than most. I'm not interested in how popular and lauded McCartney is, but if YOU want to tell me what you find exciting and moving about his music, I'm all ears. This is all totally subjective and entirely a matter of taste. The fact that he made a huge bucketload of money means absolutely nothing to me. The fact that he's a git is more relevant. I've met him several times and observed him consistently being gittish to me and other people he regarded as insignificant.
  5. See, here's the thing. You say all that as if it were incontrovertible fact. Granted he's been hugely successful over 5 decades, and he's a prolific songwriter. The rest though, I totally disagree with (apart from the arrogance, that is true. I have met him and he's a git). The world would not miss a single one of his songs, in my opinion. He's a good bassist, but no more than that. He bores me, to be honest
  6. For the record, I don't hate the Beatles. In fact I love the Beatles. I just don't particularly like Paul McCartney as a bass player, singer or songwriter
  7. Mozart? Flatpack ear candy for the masses. I said I don't like what McCartney produced. I would agree he's a talented musician, but his output strikes me as mostly trite, twee, obvious doggerel. People who don't know stuff will disagree with me, but I'm used to it.
  8. In my opinion, he's an OK bass player, pianist and guitarist, whose songwriting is at best trite and at worst complete drivel, and who has survived for his entire career on a reputation that he never really deserved. Perhaps this should be part of the Emperor's New Clothes thread?
  9. I like Paul McCartney's bass playing, but do I love it? No. His song writing is mediocre at best, especially without the rest of the Beatles, and his bass playing is rhythmically quite interesting, but I can't get wildly excited about it
  10. Half price at £125, happy to let them go for less. Make me an offer!
  11. Just to illustrate my point, there was a thread in Another Place discussing the "classic Rickenbacker" tone on a particular record. Now I would think, given how much everyone goes on about different tones of different basses, that everyone could spot a Rickenbacker in a mix, but it turns out we hear what we expect to hear, and the record in question was recorded with a P bass! Play what you enjoy, without apology.
  12. Emperor's New Clothes? Absolutely. The differences in tone are pretty minute. The differences in feel are there, but are they worth the money? only you can say. In a recorded or live context, nobody will ever hear the difference between a decent Squier Jazz and a genuine '62 Fender, because the difference is tiny. If owning the 62 gets your motor running and you can afford it, go to it and good luck. There's no right or wrong
  13. If anyone is interested to try Kaplans, I've just put a set of Lights on the Marketplace
  14. Hi All, New set going on ready for the mad rush!! So a nice set of Kaplan LIght strings for sale. I'm a bit obsessive about having fresh stings on my bass, so when they come off there's always plenty of life left in them. I clean strings every time I play, too, so these will do you a good turn! Less than half price. Note the bottom string is a C to suit a bass with an extension. I'm happy to post for cost, or you can pick them up in West Sussex - socially distanced of course Cheers Neil
  15. When people ask this question, John Paul Jones is always the first name I think of, but that's because his playing was what grabbed me and made me a bassist all those years ago in the 70s. If you want an example of what the bass player CAN contribute to a band, look no further than Ramble On or The Lemon Song
  16. On decent quality gear it's normally Neoprene. If you're making your own gear, it might be worth getting in touch with the local sailing/canoe/wild swimming club, see if you can pick up a wetsuit or two cheap. Lots of wetsuits these days have a fabric facing on the neoprene, which stops the foam disintegrating or sticking to the finish of the guitar. High performance dinghy sailors also use a thing called Progrip, which comes in varying thicknesses and is also pretty durable and inert
  17. Flexocor Original come close, but the Kaplans are much more enjoyable to play than Belcantos, which in my opinion are decent, but unexciting in every way
  18. While I was Chairman of my local orchestra, I had a hand in commissioning a concerto for percussion and orchestra from a wonderful guy named Adriano Adewale. One of the vernacular instruments he used was the Berimbau. I loved it and still do
  19. As I said before, Kaplans are purely arco strings. If you want sustain and brightness in your pizzicato sound, don't waste you time or money on Kaplans. I'm mainly an orchestral/chamber player, with some solo recitals occasionally (when I think I can muster an audience) and the Kaplans work beautifully with my bass (1820 ish German). I won't be bothering to try anything else now, these do it for me!
  20. Pretty sure Bill Bailey never won Young Musician of the Year. That's a whole level or two of skill above his, much as I like him and enjoy his musical bits
  21. If he's going to do a lot of orchestral playing, you don't really need to look past Nymans, Kolstein All Weather or Pops. If you want some variety for chamber music and solo stuff, I really Like Jade L'Opera for that. It has a clarity to it that works really well in small ensembles. I've also heard very good things about Leatherwood Amber. It's not cheap, but when you order they send two cakes, so you can have two different formulations. I haven't used it yet, but I've just ordered some, so when it arrives and I've tried it I will report back.
  22. A friend of mine (guitarist , and therefore slippery and not to be trusted) used to regularly leave his house carrying an empty guitar case....
  23. There are many, many worse ways to spend a redundancy cheque!
  24. Graceland. Just pure groove, but not Western groove.... Spirit of Radio, just because....
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