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  1. I was about to post the same photo... If it is what you wonder, then I agree that it could be absolutely amazing. Especially if the buttons have that mash feature 🤤 Fingers firmly crossed for a spectra, spark, mojo, flashback, HoF...
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    Sure thing. It's obvious from the videos that they have spent an age developing this, and I'm sure they have calculated what return they need for their time investment. It's just that, for me, it turns out 500 is something of an arbitrary tipping point between justifiable and unjustifiable expense. And that makes me a sad panda...
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    I love love love the Knobs demos on Youtube - well worth checking out. I also enjoy irritating my girlfriend with weird noises from effects pedals, so was super psyched when Knobs announced they were designing their own noise maker, the Blooper. I have watched all of their update videos, and was waiting patiently to hear something about a release to support the channel and their efforts, and I have just found out it is on Kickstarter. For 500 bucks. Plus tax. Is this right?? I mean, I have basically stopped buying pedals so I can justify my very occasional Red Panda habit, but 600 dollarydoos for a pedal is unbelievable. I don't really know what I expect to achieve from posting, I'm just feeling a bit crushed (hurr hurr) and needed to vent, haha!
  4. Very cool. And, a left handed bass, strung like a right hander...?
  5. I enjoyed it well enough, but it wasn't anything special. I'm slightly disappointed, but remain hopeful for the rest of the album - I definitely preferred one tracks they have been playing live.
  6. EQD have just released the Plumes OD; apparently tubescreamer-esque with a few clipping options. Sounded pretty good on bass (kept low end well) on the Pedals And Effects show, and is relatively affordable at the £100 mark. I have wanted to try a Westwood for ages (a different beast I know, but I have a penchant for low gain), but this might be a low enough price to buy un-tested. Anyone got one on pre-order?
  7. I wonder if it could well be a bit like this - the two new tracks at Download were absolute bangers but were definitely not sing-along anthems. I surprised myself as I tend to prefer Tool's 'songs' rather than their instrumentals, but I thought these were excellent, particularly the interplay within the rhythm section. Can't wait for the albums to come on to streaming though, this is great news.
  8. Yep, I have the HB version and rate it as a low gain, always on overdrive. There have been a few threads saying similar things if you do a search for American Sound - all generally positive, especially considering the price. This guy rates it too - https://johnkvintageguitars.homestead.com/JoyoJF14.html
  9. A Mike Kerr signature Jag. I'm amazed Fender haven't released one, I'm convinced it would sell.
  10. To be perfectly honest I don't love it, but that isn't the fault of the pedal - I just don't think bitcrushers are for me. I bought it in a period of completely self-indulgent GAS where I was on a Red Panda bender, and wanted a bitcrusher for one song. I also really like the work RP do in general, and was lucky enough to be able to afford to support them. I mess around with it from time to time, and can say that I tend to favour Crush over Mod mode, but I don't find it as inspiring as some of their other pedals (the Raster is probably my favourite pedal of all time) - again because I think I am not a bitcrusher guy. I also haven't really experimented with the EXP, but I think I lack the right kind of imagination to get anything special out of it. I think as bitcrushers go though it was pretty cool and has a high ceiling, but I also found it easy to dial in a suitably quirky sound on the LoFi Machine... Horses for courses.
  11. Some discussion about Barefaced cabs from the man himself. I have never even heard a BF cab, but I enjoyed this.
  12. I was at Download Friday Saturday Sunday, had an awesome time, but wasn't camping. We stayed in town, and shuttle bussed in and out each day. I have been to a few festivals in the past with camping, but this one was by far the largest (90,000) and arguably the most enjoyable. The mud situation was fine for me - I was never so out of it that I was falling over. My wellies were filthy below the shin, but I stayed completely clean otherwise. The rain was a bit crap when it came (I think the worst was during Slash) but a cheap poncho over my rain jacket and I stayed totally dry. The vibe was relatively healthy in my opinion - I didn't see any aggro of any description from crowd or staff, olds and kids were always allowed through, and it wasn't too claustrophobic (we were only about 30 m back from the stage). Some drugs floating around so I can understand that putting people off, but I found them easily ignorable. The crush to leave was bearable - from being close to the stage to queuing for the bus was about an hour, but it would have taken at least 20 minutes even if you had a free run at it. No one pushed or shoved or complained - it was more of a stoic smiley shuffle. The shuttle buses were regular, and staff were buoyant - we were three and the ticket was £14 return for the whole group! On site prices were slightly inflated, but a fiver for a pint isn't the end of the world, and acts as a bit of a buffer against getting too wrecked. Never took more than 10 or 15 mins to get served either, apart from maybe once on the Friday. Free fresh water stations all over the place too. The toilets were pretty gross, but I can't see how that can be avoided. All in all, and speaking as someone who typically feels pretty uncomfortable in crowds, I was impressed by how user friendly the whole thing was. I had a blast and would go again. I think the not camping was the trick... The only negative point was the sound - so kick heavy, followed by horrible snare bonk, and then everything else sitting somewhere underneath. I suppose it was better the further back you were, but we hoped by being close to the sound desk tower we might stand a chance... Nope. Tool still blew my mind though 🤘
  13. I have been a lurking abstainer, and had been doing really well (having completely resisted Red Panda GAS for what feels like a year) until earlier this week when a near-mint in-box 1st ed DOD Milkbox turned up locally for a great price. Having never ever used compression, this was an irresistible way to start, and in turn, fail... That said, if I can maintain this purchase rate for the rest of the year it will feel like a personal victory! Although maybe I'm allowed that Tensor now...
  14. There was a short lived thread on this pedal 18 months ago, and I didn't get any bites when I asked last year how people were finding them. I like the concept of it, and would like to give it a try as part of the never ending quest for the perfect OD. Glad it's working out for you!
  15. Speaking of Joyo stuff, the Ultimate Drive might be worth a punt (I thought it was ok rather than knockout). I think the American Sound is really good for the price - quite a good range of breakup without getting fizzy, and a usable EQ. The Behringer BDI also sounds absolutely fine - it's these latter two that I would recommend.
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