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  1. I have a Jasmine Boost from Faceless FX, though they tend to focus on (Tonebender based?) fuzzes. Can only find a FB link. Raygun FX have a pretty good pedal selection at affordable prices - I have (had?) a Sodadrive, it sounds fine https://fuzzboxes.co.uk/ Vein-Tap pedals - I use their switches, but they have a bunch of effects too https://www.vein-tap.com/ Hudson, Thorpy and DHA were the only others that sprang to mind...
  2. Whilst maybe they figured lots of people like their own existing ODs etc. so made the option available to stick one in the FX loop, I agree that its shame this isn't quite the single grab solution I hoped it might be (even though I had realised that there most likely wasn't going to be an option for the Spark or the Mojo). Also, 450 dollars is 350 quid... It is a lovely bit of kit I am sure (Mash on every knob, plus an EXP/Volume In is very cool), but not for me at that price.
  3. I don't see Headphone Out specifically mentioned, but if you engaged the cab sim and stuck a quarter to mini jack converter in the Output, could you use this as a headphone 'amp', or would it blow up them up? Can't find anything about a price yet...
  4. https://www.tcelectronic.com/Categories/Tcelectronic/Guitar/Effects-Processors/PLETHORA-X5/p/P0D9M#googtrans(en|en) It's arrived...
  5. Er det mulig??! "Making smoothie" Saw this a while back, and it really made me chuckle 😁
  6. I only bought a second hand compressor, for not very much at all, so am treating it as a semi-victory considering how my previous form has been... I rather thought of the exercise as motivation to just be happy with the stuff I already have, and in that respect I feel I have succeeded, and am grateful for the initiative! I also started in a new band, so it turns out gear acquisition has nothing to do with being a more active player for me! Now, maybe I need another 1x12, or even a 4x10...
  7. Not so long ago but well after the fact I actually realised that both my regularly played basses are signatures! A Sandberg Umbo, and a Squier Matt Freeman precision. I chose the Umbo because it was by far the best jazz bass I found on my day of jazz bass shopping, and just assumed the Umbo was the model name. I rate Matt Freeman but don't ape him in anyway, and got the bass because I wanted a precision bass with not too chunky a neck, had heard that these were particularly good bang for their buck, and one popped up locally for 200 quid. My feeling was that I wouldn't seek out a bass because it was the signature of a particular player, but I have just realised that I would definitely want to try a Mike Kerr signature, which I am assuming will one day be a short scale Jaguar with a hum/mudbucker or two. I think it would be awesome, and I am quite surprised Fender haven't released one yet - I'm sure it would sell.
  8. I think I 'know' it is pronounced Hot Tone, but I started with Hoe Tone, and that's how it will stay! I have the tiny bass amp and think it's great... What pedal have you got on the way?
  9. I'm a 3er by and large, for most of the reasons already stated. Additionally, I'm trying to reduce my consumption of things in general, and one way of moving towards this is by reusing something someone wants to move on, rather than me buying completely new. I realise there is a bit of a disconnect between obtaining what are fundamentally luxury items and wanting to decrease one's impact of consumption but hey, it's my line in the sand and I'm honest with myself about it I think 4 of my 5 regularly used instruments are at least second hand.
  10. I was about to post the same photo... If it is what you wonder, then I agree that it could be absolutely amazing. Especially if the buttons have that mash feature 🤤 Fingers firmly crossed for a spectra, spark, mojo, flashback, HoF...
  11. ben4343


    Sure thing. It's obvious from the videos that they have spent an age developing this, and I'm sure they have calculated what return they need for their time investment. It's just that, for me, it turns out 500 is something of an arbitrary tipping point between justifiable and unjustifiable expense. And that makes me a sad panda...
  12. ben4343


    I love love love the Knobs demos on Youtube - well worth checking out. I also enjoy irritating my girlfriend with weird noises from effects pedals, so was super psyched when Knobs announced they were designing their own noise maker, the Blooper. I have watched all of their update videos, and was waiting patiently to hear something about a release to support the channel and their efforts, and I have just found out it is on Kickstarter. For 500 bucks. Plus tax. Is this right?? I mean, I have basically stopped buying pedals so I can justify my very occasional Red Panda habit, but 600 dollarydoos for a pedal is unbelievable. I don't really know what I expect to achieve from posting, I'm just feeling a bit crushed (hurr hurr) and needed to vent, haha!
  13. Very cool. And, a left handed bass, strung like a right hander...?
  14. I enjoyed it well enough, but it wasn't anything special. I'm slightly disappointed, but remain hopeful for the rest of the album - I definitely preferred one tracks they have been playing live.
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