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    And so, as a post-script. P and his delightful wife arrived last weekend to pick up the Guitar Bouzouki. And I think he would be happy in me saying he loves it For me, that is a great pleasure and relief in equal measure! P was able to bring his standard Irish Bouzouki for me to have a look at and listen to and that was fascinating. We both agreed that the Guitar Bouzouki has a much richer sound (which would be hoped and expected) and a strummed chord just goes on, beating sub-harmonics all the way, for a long, long time. The neck between the two instruments was quite different, part designed and fully expected and part more of a surprise. P had requested it to be wider and shallower than his original which will always change the curves and feel, but the thing I noticed straightaway was that the 'V' on the original felt distinctly V shaped to the hand further up the fretboard than my build. It doesn't really show on the profile drawings but it does give it a different feel further up the board. Not necessarily a bad feel, but certainly a different feel. Changing that, if P's conclusion was that he wanted that tweaking, is actually a very easy fix and the sort of thing that can be done on a 'while you wait' basis. And there's a crazy coincidence (that I won't go into detail on) that might mean that finding a convenient time to do that would not be too much of problem. But, that said, even at first play, this is P showing how a Guitar Bouzouki should be played. Glorious! And particularly glorious through headphones
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    Just wanted to share... I've had this idea in my head of fronting a three piece guitar bass and drums. I love my 80s covers but my band is a bit wary and is straying towards more Dakota, Sex on Fire and some other stuff that makes me cringe but drunk punters enjoy... That's fine, it's got its place. But I'm getting a bit bored of the set and I've noticed my playing is getting so sloppy, so I want a new challenge. I advertised on Thursday night for a guitarist and a drummer. Set out that I want to form a three piece to play covers and work up some originals, stick to 80s style songs but put on a harder edge, and gave three song examples so they know I don't mean Kylie and Rick Astley: Message in a Bottle, Dancing in the Dark, Just Died in Your Arms Tonight. Just three off a long list I've drawn up. I've had two quality guitarists answer, no drummers. Very different guitar styles. Guitar one: rock guitarist. Has sent me clips of playing in big function bands with multiple singers doing very professional disco hits. Other clips of him in a rock three piece where he's doing lead vocals which are OK, as good as most cover band vocalists and I've seen far worse, better than me also I'd say. This could be good: I know how to play with guitarists of his style and my vocal is not the strongest outside of my comfort zone (which isn't very big!) so sharing it out could be good to get a decent range of songs in. Lives a little bit further away from my preferred practice places but not insurmountable. Guitar two: echoey, lush sound scape type stuff. He gets it about filling the sonic space in a three piece. He's keen, he likes the 80s ideas, he lives nearer me, he's also left handed which could be an interesting gimmick or at least allow us to swap instruments every now and then if we feel the need (I've seen him play bass too). I've suggested to meet with each, see if we get on, play some songs together and then each of us has the chance to either say no thanks or go ahead. Hoping one of them works out and we can then record some two guitars and vocals stuff and get it out there to snag a good drummer. There's potential for two very different sounding bands though, with very different strengths. Will be interesting! Two bands isn't an option sadly... I'm still in my existing covers band, have a dep slot with a very similar covers band and two other ad hoc deps that could come in at any time once all is up and running again.
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    I would agree with that description, that the Mercalli is more rounded. I have found the Decision pickups are higher output and played with a pick, the bass can do throaty/aggressive really well. It delivers a big, full sound. It did take some experimenting with the blend knob and my amp settings to find the tone I wanted. A little goes a long way with those pickups and the controls on the Mesa Subway head (I recently upgraded to the D800+). The control configuration on both basses is exactly the same. With the Mercalli, I tend to favour the blend knob slightly forward, towards the neck pickup. It just seems to give it a clear but weighty thump than either pickup soloed. Like a Precision but with a little more bite if that makes sense. The bridge pickup almost sounds like the equivalent on a J bass to me. I tend not to solo it, although for poppier songs in our set, I would roll the blend slightly towards the bridge, just a little more definition. Dead easy to dial in your tone. In short, if I had to pick I would choose the Merc over the Decision. Not only does it look cool (it's described as metallic copper fire and isn't as orange as the photos would suggest), it is very easy to get a tone that I'm happy with and sounds better through IEMs. Again this is just my experience, but I have found that I spend more time tweaking my IEM settings with the Decision, but once I get it, I don't touch a dial for the rest of the night. The Merc is also slightly lighter. The Sentinel is another matter entirely. Now, if only they made a short scale Mercalli!
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    Round here? Throw a stick!
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    I'm pretty sure more pb50's would sell in Surf Green than Fiesta Red, Dakota Red although not strictly 50s would look better. 😉
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    Modulus Flea 5 Very nice sage green metallic '98 Modulus Flea 5 with the sought after Lane Poor pickup. As you can see it has a matching headstock. Its a great bass with excellent playability and excellent sound. The bass is in very good shape with one lacquer chip and some minor scuffing. The neck is straight and allows low action, and all electronics and hardware work like they should. Fresh DR sunbeams are fitted. The pictures are taken in 2 sessions: daylight and sunlight. It looks especially nice in sunlight where the green really shines. The original case is included, which has one stud broken off (case can stand stable) and another damage on the front. Price: €2.950 (approx £2.650) LOOKING FOR A TRADE: late 60s/early 70s Fender jazz (prefer worn and faded sunburst/tort/low weight). Partial trades with cheaper 4 string basses will be considered too. The bass is located in the Netherlands, but I am happy to ship within the EU/UK at buyers risk.
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    Sandberg California custom jazz bass. Mahogany body (nicely figured - see photos) with full, deep Bubinga top and matching headstock. Maple neck c/w rosewood f/board. Gold hardware throughout (bass originally had a mis-matched black string tree, which might be evident in some photos. But I ordered and fitted the matching gold version). Electronics; twin Delano large-pole J pickups, Volume (push/pull = active/passive), pickup pan, bass, middle, treble. cut/boost EQ. Condition is good/excellent as seen (photos). This was a 50th anniversary bass so has the '50' inlay at the octave. Sandberg gig-bag (exterior pocket is slightly faulty, with basic repair to zip. ..... Could include hardcase if desired for additional cost). Includes Courier delivery. .
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    PRICE REDUCED TO £1,800! The bass cull continues with this genuine 'one of a kind' Status originally made & customised for TM Stevens around 26 years ago. For whatever reason he didn't end up with it & it was then owned by Ashdown for about 20 years and used for testing new kit. I bought it direct from them and it's been played at a couple of rehearsals and one gig since then. Apart from one small surface scratch down the bridge, and some small buckle rash on the rear, it's pretty much perfect - certainly doesn't look 26 years old! The surface marks should be visible in the pictures below - The volume control 'sometimes' has a little scratch sound right at the end of it's travel towards off position but you have to listen very closely to hear this. It may well go with a continued bout of twisting. Some screws and bridge hardware are showing some age but I felt this just added a bit of character It has no serial number and there has been some debate between various Status experts (all of them far more knowledgeable than I) about whether it's an S2 Classic or an Empathy. Rob Green thinks it's an S2 so that's probably a safe bet. Here's what Ashdown said about it: "This S2-Classic is the ultimate combination of traditional and modern guitar design. Made in the 80's built for TM Stevens and painted by a top German artist. TM Stevens never actually ended up with the bass instead it found its way into our possession around 20 years ago and has been one of our go to test basses. Woven carbon graphite and selected exotic woods are combined to create a bass which sounds even better than it looks. It has a wide, even frequency response with huge dynamics and sustain." Note that the artist signature appears to be Andi Graphic Art 94 - this would suggest it's a bit newer than the Ashdown estimate but that 94 may not be the date it was made and/or have nothing to do with that at all. Could just be the 94th piece of custom artwork etc. It has the classic Status electronics with the sweepable mid boost/cut switch and sounds just like a Status should - great cut through that sits in a live mix really nicely. Happy to post anywhere in the UK / EU at cost - probably £25 UK & £40 EU (both with insurance).
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    Unfortunately, I have to reduce my equipment even further. After long hesitation, I am now offering my Duesenberg Motown Bass, of which there are not too many instruments on the market. Compared to other Duesenberg basses and semi-acoustic bass models the Motown offers a couple of “special features”: 3 Single-Coil-Pickups (neck-position, Preci-position, Jazz-Bass-position). Each of them can be switched on and off individually. Longscale-neck (34“) and Singecut-body without any neck-dive! Here are the further details: Body: maple with spruce top Neck: maple with rosewood fretboard Frets: 20 Jumbo-frets, 34“ Pickups: 3x Duesenberg Special DS Single-Coils Elektronics: passive, 1x Volume, 1x Tone Hardware: Duesenberg Weight: 3,9 kg (8.6 lbs) The WWW offers some further information and YouTube-Videos about the Motown Bass. Some German reviews can be found in Bassquarterly 05/2013 and Guitar 12/2013. The bass was purchased from Alex Grube (pro bass player), who used it for a MTV Unplugged gig. I basically used the instrument for a couple of living-room-rehearsals. Accordingly, the Motown is in very good condition. Ernie Bass Cobalt Flats are currently on, which in my opinion suit the bass very well! The bass comes with a matching gig bag, which is of course part of the offer. Insure shipping is free inside Germany. For all other countries please ask for the shipping costs. If there are any other questions: PLEASE ASK! I will try to answer everything to the best of my knowledge and belief!
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    Hi Basschat, I'm selling this beautiful USA Fender Jazz Elite 4-string bass, as attempting to decrease my bass collection! This bass sounds and plays wonderfully, and the colour looks killer too! Purchased new 2 years ago in Bristol for £1950, she is in mint condition, no dings or scratches! (pics and videos attached below)
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    I am back to thoroughly hating my router. No major upset thankfully, but I had a kick whilst trimming my neck and darn well nearly took a chunk out..... luckily I literally just grazed the wood so it will sand out. Not much to show as I only rough cut the neck and still need to trim the sides properly, but I guess I can show you the trussrod and carbon rods installed.
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    I ended up selling the Gretsch as I prefer the Squier, although I think i just prefer the look and the single coil sound. The Gretsch actually did a great job, was comfortable to play and sounded good to me.
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    A few pointers from me: In terms of size the B1-4 is actually half way between the M6-60B and B3. Looking at the dimensions online just now, its almost exactly half the footprint of the B3. As you said, the B1-4 does have the latest chip set and its defo a feature rich piece of kit. I've had the MS-60B, B3N, B1-4X and have settled on the B1-4 and am very happy with it. Personally, I found the interface on the MS-60B the least user friendly but with the advent of Tonelib editing software, it's much easier to create and edit patches, so that should be less of an issue. The B3 and MS-60B have some legacy patches that are very cool e.g. a couple of the synth effects which are not (yet) available on the B1-4 and B3N; although tbf there's quite a bit of new stuff on the B1-4 that's not on the older models. The B3 has a DI out which the rest don't and I believe a better interface for recording, and still has a LOT of fans!
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    I had one. Orsome cab. GLWTS.
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    It could be countless things, from relative volume, EQ, or the guitars used. Valves do impart certain qualities, especially when overdriven but it's not that different. There are crap valve amps out there too, even!
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    That is really good to know.... cheers. I just can't wait to see if I bond with a five string. I can't believe I have never played one in my 34 years of playing. I reckon it will come in handy too, as the singer I am working with likes to change the keys of tunes a lot. Sometimes going higher just sounds wrong.
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    I tried one of these out this morning and I have to say I was pretty impressed by how it felt to play. One thing I noticed though was that when I soloed the pickups, the J pickup was considerably quieter than the P pickup. Does that sound right? Also - if I wanted to swap out the tuners, would Fender ones go right in with the same screw holes?
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    On the Flea/Funk Unlimited 5ers it should be 17mm at the bridge.
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    Thanks! I hope the new owner will enjoy it as much as I did. Expect me searching for it here in 10 or so years, when I realize it was the best bass I owned... haha
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    Step 4 - power up / tape transport Good news :Powered up ok👍 ! Bad news: tape mechanism not working well. 😟. I put the tape in and tried to rewind....... it rewound pretty slow, got slower and stopped. The sprocket (?) goes round ok without the tape there. When I rewind the tape with a pencil it seems loose enough. Cannot play... the heads go to the tape, but there is just a horrible eerrrrrrrrrrr noise. any ideas?
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    I think the only semi-hollow ones in the current range are the Basshouser Fatfish 32" scale and the Dub King
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    Have you looked at an irig? I've not used the guitar version, but the irig-pre works great with my android galaxy.
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    Sounds great, it’s not my music taste but a trio for me brought a whole new dimension to live music. It’s raw, exciting and nowhere to hide. The rhythm and natural understanding between 3 musicians Is far more palpable. I just wish I’d been in a trio sooner. My main function covers band is (was-bloody Covid) my main band, but the garage psychedelic surf rock trio is my fun little side project. It’s immense fun. Enjoy and good luck finding a decent drummer 👍🏼 Rich
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    Celestion are using a more conservative method of rating Xmax than Eminence so direct comparisons aren't strictly valid. Eminence base theirs on 10% distortion so probably the Celestion would come out at around 5.5mm Xmax. That's a nice speaker at a good price and would be a bit of an upgrade on the BN10-200 which has a cone that starts to break up lower down than the 300X which may 'cure' the nasal sound, it may not go that much louder though. All the speakers you mention have a strong midrange rise in frequency response including the Barefaced that you like. Just dropping any old speaker in a cab can be problematic, sometimes it works fine but you can get problems with a poor response or reduction in power handling. I wonder if the advice to sell the cab on and put the money towards a second barefaced would be better. Having two identical cabs is going to give you more of what you want and mixing cabs is going to give you something else. It may be that like me you enjoy tweaking things and just generally experimenting with the cabs you have. I think that Celestion looks a bargain and would be a cheap option, if it doesn't work you could sell it on or build a cab from scratch optimised for the Celestion. Selling it on would probably get almost all of your money back.
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    A quick search online found this - although still not the cheapest option. It does run off AAA batteries though and looks like it has some pretty decent features. https://m.thomann.de/gb/roland_go_mixer_pro.htm
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    This should have been gone ages ago. Folks have generally missed the boat on this. Old school heft loses to class d. I’ve two amps which have hefty old power sections and I don’t mind the weight. The richness from either makes the carry worthy it. I ogled this 2 yrs ago and still do now! The sheer flexibility yet all we really need are a couple of killer sounds which this does in spades!
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    One and only! You might be right there. Btw for a couple of seconds I thought you actually bought the bass from a seller in Mexico. That's how dense I am
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    Body lacquer finished. I did a couple of tinted coats to get to a suitable amber colour. Same for neck. My buddy didn’t want the flames super accentuated, else I would have stained dark and sanded back.
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    It is indeed. Only had to the Decision PJ in stock (albeit in the 3 colours) and not sure when they are getting other models in again. Definitely worth trying though!
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    The other thing I've been building: https://www.scavengermusic.co.uk/
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    Ah, that brings me memories... I used to own an H4 long ago (not the H4n, but its precursor - I sold it and bought the H2 as it suited me better... I never used the multitrack recording option). Great little recorder, and it had a 4-track recording capability too. As a stand-alone ultra-portable solution, the H4n is indeed fantastic. I'm looking for ways to use n-track on my phone 'though. The larger display and intuitive layout is perfect (I was able to record a couple of things in minutes without even glancing once at the manual ).
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    In hindsight I think their decision to put a gold musicman logo on it is poor form
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    +1 No tuner, check the bass every 3/6 months, never needs doing.
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    My Bitsa Jazz/MM fretless. Love it!
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    Had half an hour, so cleaned up the neck blank I made. Looking rather good. I do need to reduce thickness still, but the glue up is pretty much perfect in any case.
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    Cracking bass, cracking bloke, glwts Lozz.
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    I find it amusing when people talk about body woods and the affect on the sound. The body wood has the smallest affect on one's sound, the neck, or the thickness of the neck has a greater affect than the body wood. Even the electrics have a greater affect than the body wood to the sound you get from your bass when amplified.
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    Updates! It's a beautiful day so I thought I would treat the bass to a little bit of sun before I retire to the garden for a sunbathe myself. The Wenge grain on the neck and finger board is insane, I'm really happy with how this timber has come out. Now to enjoy this sun. B
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    There was a time when if you wanted mint sauce with your meat on a Sunday, you'd send a child out to the garden to pick a few mint leaves, you'd chop them up (the mint leaves, not the child), add them to a little vinegar et voila. Nowadays folks buy frozen pizza and ice cubes from the supermarket. I have no idea what I mean by that.
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    Body rounded, belly and arm contour done and did some further mock up ..... picked up on a few bits I need to tweak/change for it all to fit right. Since I am going fretless, I may just go with the 1 pickup. We’ll see.
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    None whatsoever 😂 😴 You got to learn the dots, mate. Trust me, it's worth it. Try Jeff Berlin's reading packages.
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    Years ago I had a similar white one and I sold it..Within a couple of hours I had around five people who wanted to buy it (I wasn't asking much, around 600 euros if I recall correctly). At the end of the day I got a reaction from a young bassplayer from Holland who said this was his dream bass but he couldn't afford it.. He said that he was going to work during the holidays picking fruit from trees to earn this bass but this would mean that I had to wait another six months and he didn't expect me to keep this for him.. I kept the bass, he worked hard for his bass picking fruit from trees and afterwards he came to see me (his father drove the car and told me that he wanted his son to work for what he desired) and he left with the white Miller bass.. I'm always glad to see one, reminds me of the young boy from Northern Holland...(sorry for the off topic)
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    Six years ago I bought a bitsa on ebay because I wanted the neck for a project I was working on. The neck ended up on the fire but the body once stripped of it's psychedelic spray paint was a nice wine red with visible grain that I found rather pleasing. I put it to one side thinking it might come in handy one day. Time passed and for reasons I can't remember I put bought a fretless neck , no name, looks to be well made from what looks like beech wood. It happened to be a perfect fit for the body. The body had oversized routing and regular scratchplates don't cover it. The original was by this point long gone. I put it to one side. Time passed and my boss bought a box of interesting bits at auction including a brass precision scratch plate that was also a perfect fit. I bought the machine heads last year , I wanted to use the original screw holes and research led me to get a set of Wilkinsons. The pickup came from a bass I decommissioned long before I got the body. Yesterday I found myself in the workshop with time to kill and It's finally complete. I call it Tom after Tom E Lewis aboriginal musician and actor that I was privileged to have played a gig with a few years ago. The gig was a total car crash but he was such a gent and as the bass is the colours of the Aboriginal flag it reminds me of him.
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    My old KBP5 would still be my first-choice stage bass if I hadn't shifted allegiance to Mike Lull! The KBP5 is easily the best-sounding 34" low B I've played.
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    I'm based in Edinburgh, and I'm happy to help with set ups and wiring. I don't have the tools for fret dressing, refrets or structural repairs but happy to help with pretty much anything else.
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