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KK Baby Bass (KB1) further price drop SOLD


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I purchased this a while ago thinking that I could use it for a few songs in the set, however there is only one song we use it for and it seems a bit of an extravagance and a hassle to transport for just one 3 minute song!

This KK Baby bass is in excellent condition and come with gig bag and stand, also comes with an extra bridge pickup which can be easily removed if not needed, I quite like it as it’s a bit like a jazz bass in that the diaphragm pickups are quite dark and thump, whilst the bridge pickup barks a bit, so I can blend these to get a variety of tones.

Possibly looking to trade for a decent acoustic guitar, not looking to post so either meet up or collection only.














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So... close pal Andy/Rumour6 fancies the KK. 

I have a couple of  clean Js and Ps.

If we can work out the swap, Andy will figure out how to link up with you.

Tell me configuration of J or P would be the one and I will identify my options for you.




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Hi . I'm thinking of dipping my toes into the EUB world - salsa type sound . 


Probably asking a stupid question , but how low can the action go on these - I know it's probably the wrong way to look at it regarding something like this . 

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They have an adjustable bridge so you can take the action down quite low before the buzzing starts (the problem with that is that you learn to tickle the strings and not really produce a loud tone with your right hand) - that's ok to start with as you would use the amp to produce the volume and slowly develop your technique - apart from that you would really need to speak to a luither 

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4 hours ago, Petey said:

Hi Creeper - CORRECTION..... - I didn't say  'the neck can be tilted' - please read my comments above


….the BRIDGE can be lowered or raised to suit ones playing technique - this is a different thing

Sorry, I miss read that, however what you say is incorrect, the bridge on this cannot be lowered or raised, the action can however be altered by changing the angle of the neck.

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