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  1. Great news @Muppet glad it's working for you. To be honest i'd stick with this going forward. Unless your soundcard is miles away from the pedalboard, the balanced DI out isn't really an advantage, and by not using the XLR you've broken the ground-loop. Good work team!
  2. Hardly... But sound engineering is the day job and this comes up ALL the time 😫
  3. This is a common problem with laptops and other kit that has a non-earthed power supply as part of the audio chain. Some laptops are better than others for PSU design. What cable are you using between the DI output and the soundcard? XLR-XLR? Each bit of kit in your pedalboard chain that has a PSU (and the laptop) offers a potential route to ground for the audio signal, and multiple grounds create ground-loops and hence buzz/hum. This is why unplugging the laptop cures the problem, it breaks the chain. You could try running from a line out rather than a DI (ie. connect the soundcard to where you'd normally connect to your amp using a regular cable), ground lift the XLR (either with a ground lift adaptor or with an XLR with pin 1 disconnected), or bypass each item on the pedalboard to find the likely culprit. It's not an issue with 'dirty' power as such, more about bad grounding.
  4. Turn it all off, it's evil! Have a look here https://qlab.app/docs/v4/general/preparing-your-mac/ for a simple list to streamline your Mac for audio. These guys specialize in audio playback software and i've used this list on all our playback systems with great success
  5. Ableton should tell you the likely latency in your setup if you check in the Live/Preferences/Audio menu. (I'm running Live 9 on Mac so may be different for you). What numbers are you seeing in there and what is the buffer size set to?
  6. +1 for itu's suggestion, keeping the preamp close to the transducers is good practice, and good advice in the rest of the post too. If your piezos don't come with a spec sheet, then I guess given the amount you have coming, just experiment to your liking. The benefit of the piezos is that they are pretty robust electrically and mechanically... I look forward to seeing/hearing what you come up with πŸ˜€
  7. Depends on the spec of the actual piezo units you want to use. For an example of multiple piezo pickup systems have a look at https://kksound.com/products/doublebigtwin.php
  8. πŸ˜€ 6 Ohms... I like it! Always thought of myself as a low-impedance kind of guy πŸ˜‚
  9. Hi Tone Deaf, I'm not an expert but i can give you a few pointers for further research. Sort of. Piezos do produce a much larger open-circuit voltage than for example, a dynamic mic. The key element you need to consider is impedance. Piezos generally have a very high impedance relative to typical input sources, which is why a preamp is used between a high output impedance pickup and lower amp/mixer input impedance. You can wire 'mics' together in series or parallel, but again you need to consider the impedance this presents to the input of the next bit of kit down the line. You'll either be raising (if in series) or lowering (if in parallel) impedance each time you add another mic. Most line inputs such as you'd find on a headphone amp are around 600 Ohms, so no, you won't get low enough to make that work. The complex phase interactions between multiple piezos on the same instrument are also worth bearing in mind. Yes, subject to everything above. IMHO Bluetooth should be avoided for anything musical, the latency is just too great to be useful... Hope this sets you off on the right track!
  10. "It practically plays itself" Well how come it plays better when someone else is playing it...?! 😫
  11. Good set of monitor speakers and checking/treating the acoustics of your room would be my next move before getting too far into equipment
  12. I wonder where showing live sports on a big screen sits with these guidelines? Can't imagine a local derby where everyone stays in their seats and doesn't raise their voice...
  13. No gigs booked for me either, and some promising collaborations we were getting together are now on hold. That said I don't rely on gigs for a living, and my heart goes out to those that do and have lost bookings. Been jamming once a week with some friends on a driveway, keeping appropriate distance, and I have to say it's done wonders for me in these times. Ok the music isn't always the best, but it's brought a smile to those playing and people walking past on the street will stop and listen for a couple of mins, sometimes offering unexpected applause! Made new musical contacts too, a lot of players walking past and desperate to play any music at the moment coming to join in. Not the same as a gig, but great for my musical/mental wellbeing
  14. Looking at the shape, more like a merkin... ☺️
  15. If you're outputting at line level from a pedal and not traveling a great distance, an unbalanced jack to XLR cable would be a worth a try?
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