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    Thorny subject, but I think the lady is being unreasonable. For a group of deaf people, perhaps it would have been a more reasonable request, but for one person? Having worked on events of the sort, to hire additional specialist staff, reconfigure lighting at the planning, control, and rigging stages, and to add public announcements to video screens all take extra, chargeable man hours and add extra pressure to what is, almost invariably a tightly timed and highly strung schedule to get all the components of the show up and running. I can see that they may have decided that for one person simply accompanying her daughter, the request didn't constitue a reasonable effort. That, after applying a legal threat, she got what she demanded, plus a carer's ticket (she wasn't a carer) and freedom to use the accesible toilets (which she didn't require under her disability) looks like she's being churlish to kick up a fuss that she didn't also get signing which she didnt request. Looking for trouble using the 'equality' buzzword... And that is where it all falls down for me- why push for pure equality when we are not all equal? Non-discrimination? Yes please. Fair treatment? Absolutely. But to fool ourselves that we can all be perfectly equal is just unrealistic. To use some extreme examples to make a point, should someone in a wheelchair be given a job as a hod-carrier in the name of equality? If a man expresses a desire to gestate and give birth to his own baby, should we bend over backwards to stretch reality at great expense to make it possible, or should he just get over himself and let his wife do it? Is it sexist to say that women are better than men at carrying a pregnacy? Is it unfair that they have all the wombs? It's certainly not good for equality! I want to live in an inclusive, supportive society, but our ideas of fairness need tempering with a good dose of reality. A deaf person will never enjoy a concert in the same way as a fully hearing one, as a blind person will never enjoy a film in the same way as a fully sighted one. It's just an element of reality. It's a shame that finances must come into play- if a group of 200 wanted signing at the show, the producers might have been more willing to accommodate- but if the show isn't finacially viable it won't happen for anybody. Like it or not, that's just economics. To finish with a real life example, my local railway station is very easy-access, certainly stairless anyway, and has wheelchair access ticket machines. All of them! Of four machines, for almost all customers the screen, coin slots, and card machine are at crotch height. I'm over six foot with an occasional bad back- big deal. But old ladies with arthritis? Pregnant women with a toddler in tow? A guy on crutches with his knee in a splint? No one can buy a ticket at those machine without bending over double to do so. Less accesibility overall- very weird! Humanity's struggle against the imperfect nature of our existence has led us achieve great things and make our lives endlessly better, certainly in this part of the world, but that same spirit can lead us into some pretty mindless denials of that fact that we are not all afforded the exact same opportunity or abiltiy in life.
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    Whats wrong with your dad being black? All he was saying is, he is not entirely what he seems. Get over it. Bloody PC brigade.
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    A much-needed presence who cut through the cynical bullcrap of the music business. And unlike so many others, he never sold out. He was grotesque, totally unique and his like will not be seen again.
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    Please, not the tedious snowflake cliché, it's so boring. The rest of your post seems to be mostly gibberish.
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    Good, and I hope its expensive. The courts have much better things to do than deliberate over this petty attention seeking squabble
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    Blimey i thought i was on facebook for a minute then,i take none of you are sex pistols fans,The lyrics should remain how they were written and if some snowflake is offended then so be it,some people are taught to feel offended nowadays but be the lefty schooling kids get now get on with life and stop trying to change history the Lyrics are what they are so what.
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    Strange really, from my own point of view, as a friend of mine recorded a fantastic jazz/rock album in the 80's ( i still have it ) and he used a 4003 and the sound was ace. You'd think i would have one I really hate the look, though. Not a fan of chunky necks either. I sacked an ex girlfriend for the same problem
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    Try this configurator instead? https://www.public-peace.de/custom-shop I would say it has more options which might help you drill down to precisely what you want.
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    Focusing on a small, thus minority, group of people is exactly what Anti discrimination legislation is designed to do. If we didn’t there wouldn’t be wheelchair viewing areas or disabled bogs. This isn’t a “deafness at a gig” issue, this is just a “deafness” issue. We don’t get to get to decide whether deaf people should be allowed to try and enjoy something, even if a hearing person thinks it’s useless. The legislation also references changes that are practical. So for those worrying about open nights or 50 punter pubs having to do this - they won’t. But a big arena show with well resources promotors will have to. As for signing ruining the show for hearing customers, what do you suggest? A separate night for the deaf? Not enough local deaf people in a particular location so do it in a smaller venue with a less impressive stage show at a higher ticket price? That really treating deaf people the same. Swap deaf people for wheelchair users and see how repugnant that would be. Raised platform at Download for wheelchair users ruins an able bodied persons view? So what? I’m loving the value judgments based on the quality of Little Mix lyrics. Never gave a thought about a deaf 8 year old wanting to enjoy the same things as their friends to feel part of the gang? Are you really judging whether the request for a signer is valid based on whether YOU like the artist? Really? I’m betting everyone on here has more than 1 embarrassing CD in their music collection. I fully support the woman taking this action. It won’t affect the grass roots at all and she is not a chancer. All she wants is for deaf people to be treated the same. Good for her.
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    Apparently not, or you'd have one on order by now
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    Hi Well done to ped and all others involved on what was clearly a major upgrade. Great stuff and much appreciated folks Andy
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    I see that fender are bringing the Mustang guitar amp technology to their bass amps and updating the Rumbles (well, the 40watt and a new 800watt) to include the technology they have in the Mustangs. I recently bought the fender bronco modelling amp and despite initial reservations I have to say I'm impressed. Far easier to use than I expected, but the "old" usb cable and so on do feel a bit dated already. Depending on price I reckon that Rumble 40 could be a great practice and recording tool.
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    Hi folks, the name's Brendon but I have been known on the internet as BreadBin for coming up 20 years. I've been playing bass on and off for nearly 30, nearly sold my last bass last year and then realised what a mistake that would be. Fast forward 6 months and I now have 14 here with number 15 arriving in a week! I can't resist an eBay bargain but will run out of space soon, although I do live by the guitar shop mantra of the correct number of guitars is the number you already have +1. I reckon I can comfortably get 18 in my music room so will be hitting the classifieds shortly..
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    Thank you Mike & Michael Gillett (looking fwd to meeting you)...its stunning, unique, work of art, sound fab & looks cool!....yes happy so far...lets rehearse & gig....B p.s. pls check out my Enfield in the bass for sale forum...thx GG A4 Poster 171205 PRINT READY.pdf
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    I watched this and found it inscrutable. I don't really get the point of it. What point is being made? I find Collier's stuff over produced, overly cerebral and lacking in beauty but I accept that he knows what he is doing and understands harmony in ways I couldn't dream of. It goes to show that knowledge and wisdom are very different things.
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    Does this mean that a classic will become a classic classic and the current Ray will end up being reissued as a new classic.......
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    To clarify my position on Rics why we need to be insulted as to say we've never tried a good one the shoddy frets, shoddy binding,shoddy body colour finish bleeding into the white binding (every blue one I've seen), the shoddy bridge, shoddy sharp body edges, shoddy neck dive, shoddy splits in the head between the laminates, shoddy pickups with shoddy sharp edges has almost put me off trying them but it didn't, I've actual gigged one a couple of times before giving back.
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    These are no use to me now so I'm happy to let go for p&p - say £3.
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    It may well be, but the man himself stated it was “just a bunch of noises that felt good...” i felt cheated. the girl in the hello video wasn't blind either. nor did he dance on the ceiling. hes a bloody liar that Richie bloke.
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    Looks amazing.... Congratulations, great choice...its a real workhorse with wide sound pallet...MS & East are geniuses
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    I just bought his Ken Smith BSR5EG... Everything was 100% clear and smooth!!! Great communication... Very nice guy and trusty seller!!! Absolutely recommended!!! Cheers mate Xavier
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    Thats nice. I still have a temptation to do the iceman as an 8 string, now I have seen one!
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    there's a tone factor cream pie deluxe in the classifieds for a mere £55, that should do the job. I used to run a W&C phat phuk B in front of my (fairly clean) valve amp for this...
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    Maybe it would, but I see the Accountant as more of an overdrive pedal with a bit of compression thrown in for good measure! If you want a boost for solos etc then in some cases a bit of extra compression is very welcome to help you stand out.
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    Not seen this mentioned on here but looks like a production version of the Dingwall D-brid will be coming out in a four stringer later this month, this will be a combustion/NG2 version and also an NG3 is in the works. The comments on Instagram also mentioned that a with a 5 string to come later in the year. Will try and link the photos below. post on their Instagram and Facebook if you want more details. edited with lots more photos NG3 NG3 6 stringer NG3 Darkglass edition D-bird combustion - one off colours D-bird combustion - production colours new LTD voodoo bass New Leland sklar colour
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    It’s amazed me how long it’s taken for EBMM to use lightweight tuners. On a 5 string with big plate old tuners swapping to Hipshot ultralights can save more than half a pound! im also a bit amused at the amount of bass makers who say they’ve spent loads developing their own lightweight tuners that always end up heavier than the Ultralights. Just use them!
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    There are wiring diagrams and advice on the Talkbass Dingwall thread about changing pickup selection options. (Just to help the GAS along). It certainly has a 'look' esp. with the DG-pedal knobs.
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    I'm in the Cheeze with Danny. Tim is in the Backbeat Drivers with Danny (as well as MT's band). Tim occasionally stands in for our drummer e.g. this coming Sunday and one night a couple of weeks ago
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    Above all, Fall songs always have great big aggressive growly basslines, Steve Hanley era especially. Last 3 albums gave been really strong, Your future our clutter, particularly. My favourite Fall album changes regularly but then there is quite a few to choose from. RiP MES.
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    I dont do grinder
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    I guess if the promoter had acted earlier and not just at the last minute as they were forced to do, they would have had time to prepare signing for the support acts too, and probably would have done.
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    No audio and no signer would be my preferred way of ‘enjoying’ a Little Mix gig.
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    It's a shame you can't do that with a BF Midget, could make for an interesting conversation before a session, "What have you got?" "I've got an Elf in a Midget in the car!!" "Err.....ok???!!"
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    I've never really been a Def Leppard fan but listening to Joe Elliott on his Planet Rock radio show, he just seems to be a genuinely likeable, honest, down to earth bloke. For someone who has sold as many records and been around for as long as he has, he gives off the vibe of someone who'd quite happily have a pint and a chat with you if you were to bump into him in the street. Still not sure that I'll ever be the biggest DL fan though, but he doesn't seem to be your stereo-typical rock star. And for that I've got a ton of respect for the guy.
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    You should like Rick Wakeman for this alone ......
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    I had to stop playing Golf due to a bad back - I'm in good company, Tiger Woods, David Duvall and Padraig Harrington to name just a few. Started playing Bass again after a 15 year break and now have to worry about carrying heavy equipment - looks like there's no way to avoid hurting my back.
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    Welcome John. Ah. Fingers. Take care to pick up good habits now and you will avoid painful repercussions in later life. You will find plenty of pointers here.
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    I picked up a Sonuus G2M V3 to use with my bass guitar though the latency is still pretty off-putting. I’m running the Minitaur from a controller keyboard at present (until I can afford an industrial Radio MIDI bass).
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    Thank you. It’s technically Montezuma Brown, which I think used to be called Autumn Glow ?
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    Yeah that’s what I’m thinking - but then I saw this on instagram so the tort would be gone...
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    Purely a personal observation, but it seems that the enthusiasm for 'boutique' basses expressed on this forum doesn't translate into mass sales. I would think that the number of players who equate 'bass guitar' with Fender must be in excess of 75% of all players of the instrument. In the real world, rather than the rarified atmosphere of a specialist forum, I have never heard any negative comments when I have turned up with a US Fender. They are an industry standard, and are likely to remain so for many years to come. Say what you like about more modern designs, technology, etc, the truth is most bass players regard a Fender bass as an essential tool if you expect to be taken seriously by anyone considering hiring you. A Fender bass will keep it's value far better than any beautifully crafted, hand made special, simply because they have such a wide appeal. Go ahead and tell me I'm talking out of my backside, but you won't change my opinion.
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    Watch videos of great 6 string players like Steve Lawson, who I ended up studying with in the end when I was having problems adapting to the 6. When I first started on a 6 string about 15 years ago, I was still trying to play like a 5, particularly with my right-hand. A good right hand technique is to follow the strings down as you move, so if you're playing notes on the D string for instance, then you might be resting your thumb on the E string. Muting is very important, and slightly harder to do due to the extra strings.
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    Thanks guys. There’s still some bits to adjust but we’re getting there. The positive vibes help massively and I know I speak for @charic too, who has done all the work (all I do is boss him about) Think is time for bed now. Night all!

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