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  1. if it falls through PM me please? churrs, Norm.
  2. @Norm I'll bring my '98 Stingray 4 (could be for sale/trade), Squier VM Jazz 5, Squier VM Precision 5, Trace Elliot v4 head & Barefaced Vintage 2x15, Roland Microbass & headphones, earplugs & my wallet, looking at what peeps are bringing with FS tags on!!!!
  3. September 19th in the diary, fingers & other appendages all crossed!
  4. Used to have one of these, great cab for rrrrrrrock! GLWTS.
  5. I always thought that "Honk" referred to the sound of a fender jazz bass on the bridge pick-up, being played with a fair amount of "digging in" near the bridge?
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