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  1. Norm

    FS/FT: Ernie Ball Music Man Caprice

  2. Norm

    The Mighty Hammond Organ.

    My old band supported Focus a couple of years ago & witnessing them jamming at sound check was a thing of great joy, beautiful sound. Us three local band geezers just stood smiling, listening to the hammond/leslie combo. They are a lovely bunch of fellas too, Thijs is a proper gent!
  3. Norm

    The Big Fat South-West Bass Bash 2019 - Sun 7 April

    Already in the diary. Might have to buy some new shiz to bring?
  4. Norm

    The reality of those 'unplugged' gigs

    Side splittingly good!
  5. Norm

    How important is the band name for you?

    There's a old blues man near me who goes by that name but I don't think he plays bass, just sings & blows harmonica?
  6. Norm

    Good bass in weird places.

    One of Joe from "Adam & Joe" little songs isn't it? They used to have a weekly competition on their radio show iirc, both given a theme & had to come up with a song for the weeks show.
  7. please update the post to mark it Sold. Save people keeping on looking
  8. 1. Never heard of a drummer doing this? 2. Mic him up, 2 mics, bass & o/head, just put a teensy bit through the pa. But if you are playing pubs/small venues he shouldn't need to be going through the pa at all. 3. Is he deaf?
  9. Norm

    Bad Days...

    Yarp, some days I can't play for poo-poo. It only happens occasionally though just like when I really rip it up & play like a beast, that only happens occasionally too