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  1. I'm thinking of same, 1 for rehearsals & 2 for small gigs. Big gigs already covered by Trace v4 & Barefaced vintage 2x15! Quite fancy getting a small valve amp, something Ampeg or "little bastard" from Ashdown?
  2. Thinking of having a go at a couple of the 10" cabs as a new year project. Has anybody tried them with a small valve amp? & if so how did they perform & did it sound ace? Going to use them for rehearsals & small gigs. churrs, Norm.
  3. Yarp, lets do it! Bestest sunday fun with yer clothes on!
  4. oooh, very nice! I'm liking the look of these very much but a bit too rich for me ! GLWTS
  5. Pays yer money & turn up, just like the rest of us! 😉
  6. & if that doesn't work, its just Captain Birdseye pressganging for his fishing smack! Got to diversify for the gig economy 🤩
  7. HI Paulo, you were missed mate! Hope you have recovered? I wanted to have a good go on your Helix to see what the fuss is about? Cheers, Norm.
  8. Thanks to Scrumpymike, Mrs Scrump & the Scrumpettes for another great Bass Bash! Nice to see all you familiar faces too! I'm all socialled out. Played some cool stuff today. Highlights were lunch (of course) then the bass highlights were Pinball's shortscale Supro Huntingdon & G&L (with beast mode toggle switch!!!!) Rich's Sire 5er (very nice feel). Yorks5stringer's Warwick Star bass (lovely). Woody's Shuker Uberhorn (Ooerr missus etc) & mind blown by his Chapman stick (still boggled). Stewblack's Hofner Beatle bass (never tried one before, was pleasantly surprised). Jabba's really cute Telecaster short scale build & Stub's Fender Flea jazz bass (very noice). See you next year!
  9. Still coming! & coming hungry! See y'all tomorrow, folks.
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