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  1. September 19th in the diary, fingers & other appendages all crossed!
  2. Used to have one of these, great cab for rrrrrrrock! GLWTS.
  3. I always thought that "Honk" referred to the sound of a fender jazz bass on the bridge pick-up, being played with a fair amount of "digging in" near the bridge?
  4. Chimike, you have a trove of epic gear! My back is aching just looking at it 🤤 Had some JBL loaded W bass bins as part of a band pa many years ago & put my bass through them both as backline one night, resulting trouser flap was very satisfying. Ooerr missus etc 😉 If you have a man & van, thats £99 very well spent. GLWTS.
  5. This. You have the amp already just need mini jack lead from your player of choice (laptop, ipad, ipod, phone etc) then headphones into the next jack socket over (rec out/phones). Jobs a good 'un. This exact set up works for me, just joined another band & had couple albums worth of originals to learn, tracks from bandcamp & spotify.
  6. Skunk Anansie supporting Smashing Pumpkins, late 90's Berlin, sound was great for support, terrible mush for headliners. Performance of SA was awesome, SP seemed to not even like being on stage with each other.
  7. Wouldn't be surprised. I saw that tour (Poole arts centre iirc) it bites were brilliant, Planty & band just good.
  8. They are terrific aren't they. Seen them 3 times now. They did The lamb lies down a few years ago, with the original slide show (borrowed from Genesis), was ace. I did the same with tickets this year, opted for Hackett instead & that was equally good. Funny thing is I'm not a huge Genesis fan but really enjoyed MB & SH live. Go see 'em, consumate musicianship & performance.
  9. Pedantic point, if you do a cover with your originals band, is it still an originals band? 😉
  10. Date finally on the calendar! Haven't purchased/traded anything (yet) since last bash, although cunning plans are being formulated. Will bring cans & boss microbass combo again as that was invaluable later on in the day when it all got a bit slappidty clankedy thumpedy boom 😉
  11. very noice! great colour, whitey not blue or bluey not white? can't decide? GLWTS.
  12. whoa nellie!!!! That sure is purty 😍
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