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  1. very noice! great colour, whitey not blue or bluey not white? can't decide? GLWTS.
  2. whoa nellie!!!! That sure is purty 😍
  3. I've had a look down the back of the sofa but I'm a bit short
  4. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! 5k hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, etc.
  5. Played a Mark Bass Casa version that looks very similar to this today. It was a filthy little beast, looks very old skool cool like a valve amp but has almost nowt in the box! Sounds great though GLWTS.
  6. Another great bash! highlights for me :- Frank Black's Godin acoustic (& special medal to Frank for distance travelled!). Yorks5stringer's restored to its near original condition Fender Tele bass (again, its a great bass). Woodinblack's beautiful Ibanez 5 str. Japanaxe's Dingwall Super P, Demeter Amp & Portaflex Amp, very lively sounding. Jabba_the_gut's teeny weeny travel basses, brilliant fun to play. MoJoKe's new Markbass Classic Amp, filthy sounding thing. Meeting Tony Butler, lovely humble interesting bloke The company of all you basschatters & a buffet of smashing grub. Cheers, Norm
  7. The Great Big SW Bass Bash pedal! Rich donated it 3 years ago & I won it. I donated it last year & Woody won it. This year Woody donated it & you got it. No pressure
  8. Top photo, little fella, big instrument. Bottom photo Big fella, tiny instrument. Story of my life :)
  9. Got asked to join a very busy heavy blues rock band (very flattering but bit too busy for me, absolutely every fri, sat & some sundays & some midweeks too) I'm not the most technical or musicianly player but the band leader told me that "I got it across the footlights, with energy, attitude & passion". I took that & was very pleased with that compliment.
  10. Thats a very tidy lot of combo for very little money GLWTS
  11. Who is hungry? See y'all on sunday!
  12. Hi Graham, what body colour, fretboard wood is your Squier VM P? Cheers, Norm.
  13. I will be bringing the same stuff as last year, as I haven't succumbed to GAS 'cos I'm skint Trace Elliot V4 Head, Barefaced Vintage 2x15 cab, Musicman Stingray 4 string 3eq, Squier 5 string VM Jazz, Squier 5 string VM Precision, Roland Micro Cube with headphones & some pedals. Looking forward to the bash immensely!
  14. thats the grail of holiness right there. GLWTS.
  15. Is your pedal board a picnic basket?
  16. I don't need two, I don't need two etc
  17. Yes, bring it so I can have a go & see how wonderous it is?
  18. thats bargainous for any touring rock bass players out there!
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