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  1. Instruments such as voice do harmonies or counterpoint melodies, which sounds pretty good. Strings in orchestras are different - due to the timbre and the intonation, when many eg violins play together it distinctly changes the sound. Also, a single violin is a very quiet instrument so it really helps balance out with eg the brass section. 2+ guitars in bands - they tend to play different things. As well as harmonies, often one will play chords and the other upper/revoiced/rootless voicing chords or a riff or melody line. Very different to drums.
  2. Exactly. Any debate about "put your finger on the line/put your finger just before the line" is pretty meaningless.
  3. Halford's offering is distinctly different, it is a national chain store selling what is fairly generic stuff, but with the advantage that there's one in a town near you and you can nip out eg on a Sunday morning for a spanner or battery if you need it. (And of course they expanded into bicycles and repair work). Dawson's didn't really get close to that, and I'm not convinced there is the same need for generic bits - maybe, if you're gigging and desperately need eg an XLR lead; or reeds for woodwind players, etc etc? Not really. Musical instruments are much more individual and personal to a player, there is opportunity to capture that (much better than online stores) but they didn't really rise to it. Other musical instrument shops did. There are always disadvantages to buying online, high street shops need to maximise their opportunity to compete on the unique aspects they can offer.
  4. If I reveal my best deal here, then some years later it comes time to sell, this is still searchable and reveals what I bought it for, right?
  5. Can you raise it with Invision as a UI/UX bug, see above for explanation.
  6. If the user receives the notification then they should be able to see the message which prompted the notification to be created. So, the choice would be notification + see Guest message; or no notification + unable to see Guest message.
  7. Can it be disabled in the meantime?
  8. I can't see how high street music shops can survive, against the competition of online ones and the ability to return up to 14 days. It was marginal before CV19.
  9. What an upside-down way of selling something! I get the idea that you'd not necessarily artificially lower and lower a price until something is sold - because if you did, then the market would become very sensitive to short term fluctuations - but surely, if you're selling something, then you'd offer your lowest price to the widest audience, for the maximum success. There is no "brand loyalty" with eBay stuff, the vast majority buy whatever item they're interested in, at the lowest price (assuming the same quality of item). A physical shop can build up a loyalty, an online store possibly but less so. But a trading platform such as eBay, not really.
  10. In my experience, pianos don't uniformly drift 30 cents flat either! Good luck.
  11. Unfortunately the piano is a bit too flat to adjust to with your tuner, 30 cents flat would be A = 432.44Hz Online calculator here: http://www.sengpielaudio.com/calculator-centsratio.htm If its distance recording (ie not playing together), then you could put the audio for the piano through a plugin on eg Reaper, to correct it to A=440, then everyone else could tune to concert pitch as normal.
  12. It sounds like its just you and you've had bad experiences with poor music teachers. Without picking through the entirety of the long post, phrases like "caught up in the technical side of playing" suggest they are not very good teachers, in that they have fundamentally not balanced out having fun, making music, being creative etc alongside a solid understanding of theory and technique. Having said that, teaching adults in a complete PITA, occasionally you'll get a "can't learn won't learn" situation.
  13. Unions still get paid, if the workers they represent go on strike and don't. We need a postal strike/dispute like a hole in the head at the moment - and I can't see the general public giving it much sympathy. Meanwhile......EVERY eBay Trader that still uses RM is switching to a crappier/cheaper courier as we speak.....
  14. The easiest way to remember them is that the notes are.........5 letters apart? Because its the circle of fifths....
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