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  1. What about carving a bigger compartment so 2 batteries can fit into it - but only having one connected? So you can keep a spare handy. To ensure you can always gain access to change it, have a tiny holder containing the allen key to unscrew the compartment's cover, neatly placed on the reverse of the head? Don't forget to swap the discharged battery for a fresh one each time you forget to unplug it, and have to swap the dead battery with the handy spare.
  2. For someone to be overrated, they must be known. To be known, is an achievement in itself for a bassist.
  3. Didn't the teacher have a spare bass? Who plays bass and owns 1 bass?????????????
  4. That must be really heavy to carry around...
  5. Its distasteful, but within the forum rules.
  6. That looks like damage in transit. Hopefully the shop can claim off the courier no worries, then send another one which won't be so badly damaged.
  7. I've already moved on, in a way. Music was/is a hobby to me, but playing on your own is a small fraction of the enjoyment of playing with others, in a live situation. We haven't rehearsed together for 6+ months now. We did 3 or 4 recordings initially when everyone was in lockdown/on furlough, but that's passed now and the interest has waned. I'll keep playing, but its "idling" along and I pick up the guitar once or twice a week nowadays. I bought a keyboard and was initially enthusiastic but more recently I've only played that once/twice a week too. If/when it returns, I'll get back into it, but for now, my interests are gradually shifting towards other things, which are easier to do on my own (at home).
  8. There is no connection, the point was, over the range of options available, these are two (basically unrelated) options which address the spread over the virus by breaking/not creating transmission opportunities.
  9. Putting to one side you've quoted the Daily Mail as a scientific source (indirectly), you've made the mistake of not quoting YOUR OWN reference properly. The figures are 13 Sept: 3.20%; 20 Sept: 4.9% and you've rounded down to whole numbers of 3-4%; had you rounded it properly, 3-->5% it would have given a different impression - that infections in pubs/restaurants are rising quite significantly. Its also notable its only for "outbreaks" - I'm guessing there is a threshold, above which the number of infections is defined as an outbreak. Semi-useful, I guess. Anyway, getting back to the point, I welcome the call for justification for restricting pubs to 10pm closing but I do agree there is an unintended consequence of doing so; and no easy way to refine the rule. However its a "behavioural science" area for a unique new virus so there won't necessarily be evidence (just theory and what little we have so far). Its not easy to do - far easier to simply bash the government. Whether it gets worse or better; and if it gets worse what the next step is (personally I think fully closing pubs again is around the corner but I don't wish it on anyone). I think sooner or later, they'll need to choose between a full return of students to unis; OR pubs remaining open.
  10. I wasn't aware there was a scientific study showing the percentage splits of where infections are occurring - can you provide a link please?
  11. What was the exact advice from MU? Are you awaiting clarification from them; or are they awaiting clarification from somewhere else? We need bodies such as the MU to be "on the ball" at this time, not lagging behind or unclear on advice.
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