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  1. Formosa Bai Hao, loose leaf, for me please. With double chocolate hob-nobs.
  2. Although in Talkbass' case, it would have been kept quite warm there.
  3. I know my place - just above the bass drum, but below everything else. It helps that I have (IMHO, of course) an instrument that "just does it" with no fuss - a Japanese Fender Jazz. If I were to use words, I'd describe it as solid, punchy, a bit of twang but always fitting in. People/audience don't necessarily know/analyse the "tone" of each instrument but they will perceive when several instruments play together, it just "fits together nice" and doesn't sound like an indistinct mush. The other thing, if its a gig where the sound is going thru the PA, the amp will play a very minor role (just letting me and a few others near hear it) and I don't necessarily care what the monitor sounds like; and will trust the sound man to send to FoH a good sound. But more often than not, the amp IS the only source of the bass so I am in control, and I know my gear so I know where to put the knobs to make it sound good.
  4. I never trust a company which claims to offer 24/7/365 support. Shouldn't it be 24/7/52? or 24/365(6)?
  5. My very vague understanding of the situation is they had 10m sea walls, but the tsunami reached 11m. And if they had 11m.....it would have been 12m etc. By building them at 10m, they thought they had safeguarded a 1 in 1000 years event or whatever. Its just a shame it occurred a few years after, rather than 999 years after. Any nuclear plant also relies on an incoming electrical power supply, to do various safety-critical things when its not generating power itself; and the generators are a 3rd power source - in case they lose the external supply too.
  6. Right click on the top bar, "reopen closed window".
  7. Someone made a boo-boo.....a big one. No doubt, we'll never know the full details.
  8. Having seen US firefighters in action, while a lot of them are well trained and competent..............not all are. I can believe they might go in gung-ho and spray water everywhere.
  9. I've turned to YouTube more and more recently (as a viewer), there's definitely a science and an art in "being a successful YouTuber". Its difficult to put my finger on it. One aspect is (unfortunately for some....) the tone of their voice. If it grates, I'm not going to watch a video no matter how interesting. Another is, they remain true to their area of expertise, but while offering variety. Its a difficult balance to achieve. With so many more YouTubers, its 'almost' saturated out there. Unfortunately for the OP, I've not even been persuaded to click on the video; and the suggestion to do so is awkward, because I have my evening planned out: I'm currently watching MiC, then will play computer games for a little while, then go to bed and watch some porn.
  10. Can someone who is on FB Marketplace copy&paste the guidelines/rules/advice it gives on sending payments? Thanks
  11. Fully addressed in a previous post.
  12. That's the 4 line version, which is partial/a summary of the crime. Here is the full version: https://www.cps.gov.uk/legal-guidance/fraud-act-2006 I think we all agree that it's fraudulent (general language) in terms of he/she is attempting to fraudulently gain money ie he/she will receive the money, never send the bass (s)he doesn't have etc. But that there is no crime (yet) committed, thus it will probably fall below the threshold of the police or the bank doing anything. Its Facebook Marketplace's arena, to disallow this type of advert on their site, to not lower its reputation (even further). After all, the OP gareth didn't actually feel the need to contact the police at all. ETA I know it only needs to be an "intention" to gain, not an actual monetary gain - what I'm saying is yes, to a suspicious mind, its quite obvious, but the police aren't going to lift a finger here and neither is the bank. Happy to be proven wrong in due course though.
  13. Taking the thread title, "Is this a fraud" - no it is not, because nobody has (yet) suffered a loss. There is no crime of "attempted fraud", it must be complete to stick a charge of fraud (legally) onto someone. So I suspect the police and the bank will take no action. The ones to take action are Facebook Marketplace, I suspect its against their T&C to offer something for sale that you don't possess. Using library pics would be a pretty good indication of this; and the other factors of no meet up, bank transfer, etc are factors (because it eases the gain/loss) but don't in itself prove anything. I have no idea how Facebook Marketplace oversees its service and I don't use it so I can't really comment further. Suffice to say, the details of this 'sale' are interesting but ultimately the best advice is cash on collection/paypal with delivery tracking/buy from music shop. Anyone who actually falls for this and sends money by bank transfer................
  14. I don't need to guess, because you can tell me......
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