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  1. Clothing is 4% duty and VAT is 0% or 20%. So their handling fee is £37.20 (if its a 20% VAT rated item).
  2. "She was surprised when she then received a text from courier company DPD, containing a link asking her to pay £58 in customs duties, VAT and additional charges for her £180 order. On top of that, the UPS courier for the second parcel showed up at her door several days later, asking for an extra payment of £82 for her £200 coat." So people aren't aware that there's import duty??? I guess its possible....but I think most people know import duty exists. As for UPS charging £82 for a £200 item when the rate of import duty is max 25%, they're taking the P and it seems, taking commercial advantage of a situation.
  3. Google "power alley" though.
  4. The challenge will be running 3x or more subs on one channel then. It might work, but you are running into the problem of "everything is a tone control" and also the mismatch of the amp's power output with the speakers power handling. In other words, because there is no more power output, there is no improvement in simply moving a greater quantity of cones. I guess you're placing the subs each side too, rather than one group in the middle. You will get "power alley" from that.
  5. I can't see a way of combining wildly different styles (ie sub and full-range) speaker on the same channel without one interfering with the sound quality of the other. Sure, you could do the wiring to get the impedance the same, but I think there will be a sound quality weirdness. Do the two channels have their own EQ? If not, then I think its always going to be a weird compromise there too.
  6. You say '15" tops', that suggests you have 2 of them. If that's the case, then that PMP2000 mixer can only power 2 speakers at a time. Trying to split it to 3 or more speakers will end in tears. Its quite an old style/basic mixer. BUT it does have a CD/TAPE/LINE OUT RCA which could be used with an adapter to convert to eg XLR or 1/4". Then this could go to another power amp then onto the new (I am guessing passive) sub. Or you could swap your passive sub for an active sub. I would imagine the power amp/active sub would have enough in the way of tone controls to only amplify the bottom end and produce an acceptable result. It won't be as straightforward to set up as a setup with a crossover though.
  7. It depends though. Maybe I'm a bit weird but I don't buy a new bass every 5 minutes. A (bass) guitar or an amp is something personal and individual, so you'd probably want the experience of trying it out, maybe talking with a shop keeper, pondering over it etc before purchase. You'd want a proper brick-n-mortar shop for this. BUT there's many things which aren't the same, they are boxed items which are either big brands (Shure, NI, Alto, Yamaha etc) or small/cheap items like leads or mic stands or other accessories. And these days, you don't need to seek advice from a music shop keeper (will their advice be impartial anyway), there's loads of online discussion and reviews. In this instance, why is it unreasonable if the customer wants a good price? Certainly with branded/packaged items the same thing will be offered by all retailers. Also why is it unreasonable to ask for short delivery time?
  8. Yet they exist? (I don't own one).
  9. I missed all the threads - can you point me in the right direction? Thanks
  10. I'm not sure used sales attract VAT. Surely its already been paid - when it was initially purchased?
  11. What is the argument for convincing them to shop another way? There needs to be some kind of incentive to use a local music shop. If I go to one (in the past....), and they offered good advice etc I'd buy from them even if they were dearer. But I've also been to some where they fall short of expectations - badly.
  12. That's another topic entirely! I think the utopia of there being many high street shops to choose from, competitive with online suppliers, is somewhat of a hope. The reality is, online shops are more efficient and have less overheads so will naturally do well. Of course, we have a bit of a pandemic at the moment which favours online retail; but also its partly the fault of landlords who haven't caught up with the times and continue to charge high rents for high street shops, long-term shooting themselves in the foot. Unless they make a change in DSR, I think the slide towards online retail is inevitable, irrespective of the pandemic.
  13. £138.27 on Amazon..... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Behringer-XENYX-QX1832USB-Channel-Mixer/dp/B00C3ZR19S/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=Behringer+Xenyx+QX1832USB&qid=1609867388&sr=8-1 The point being, it makes sense to shop around and compare prices. Personally I've always looked at Thomann but never actually used them, because they weren't the cheapest for the items I needed at the time. So their price increase/extra admin/extra fees are rendered irrelevant.
  14. Its 5th Jan and the rules were finalised about 10 days ago. They'll catch up, in due course; or the rules will be tweaked if there is a significant negative impact in them.
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