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  1. Acoustic screens around the entire brass (and percussion) section makes a lot of sense.
  2. Thanks for the comments. It kind of makes sense - whilst there is nothing extra on the spec sheet, the gains (no pun intended) are there to be had. Its interesting that Behringer do a "normal" and "premium" line. I've used some of their kit before - a tuner pedal and a graphic EQ pedal - with no real complaints about the EQ but the tuner, in the end, didn't really have the speed or sensitive hearing of other, better tuners. One thing is clear, the market is flooded with different variations of analogue mixers, from about £40 to £6000 and everything in between, so its definitely worth doing an amount of research before buying one with possibly features you'll never ever need; or without something which you would find useful. And while a bit of room to expand is wise, it also makes sense to go for a decent brand (such as Yamaha) rather than simply find the cheapest with x inputs, or whatever your criteria is. Unfortunately, for a big band potentially the number of inputs needed (long term) is mind-boggling (possibly 40+, a workable compromise might be 16 though). Fortunately, it won't be my money (directly) I'm spending.
  3. Interesting comments regarding the sound quality. For example, the Yamaha MG16XU is £454 (has built in effects and compressors), the Yamaha MG16 is £378 (no effects though) and as comparison the Alto Live 1604 is £336. In this case, what does the extra £120 or so, buy you? Putting the specs side-by-side, each mixer has the same number of inputs and similar features etc.
  4. Logic says it can't be simply down to the setup, since - by physics/science - string pitch is related to thickness/weight, tension and length.
  5. My band is at the initial stages of embarking upon making a promotional video, what tips can you share? Its a big band, so its not like getting 4 people together, events etc need an amount of planning and organisation. We are thinking of having some decent video shot at the next gig. How much approx did it all cost, how long, did it give the boost you needed etc?
  6. Are the "onboard" effects on these things any good at all? Regarding size, clearly the Alesis is pretty tiny, its squeezed the inputs and controls you would need into the minimum space available. So, a mixeer with more inputs is inevitably going to be a bit bigger. I am in a similar situation, personally I can't see the point of buying a 4-input mixer, then maybe in a few months needing 5 inputs, then 6, etc etc so I'm going to wait as long as I can then buy a mixer that can cope with loads of inputs (different size band though!)
  7. Yeah I think you're right in this case - that if you plug something into channel 3, it will only come out of the left channel. I looked at the manual and its unclear, but most mixers with a stereo input of that type (ie 2x line level 1/4" mono TS) will sense that nothing is plugged into the right side, and treat the left side as a "mono" ie put it to both channels. Given that it also only has 2 mic-level inputs, I'd hunt around for something a bit more generous in its inputs for your needs. You could get an adapter to manually split it if you really wanted, though. There does seem to be a trend of advertising eg "4 inputs" but only 1 or 2 of them are useful enough to be usable.
  8. Can other people with apostrophes in their name receive them?
  9. I think there's a 0.95% imposed by Mexican customs on the way out; then 3.2% and 20% £675.85 maybe plus a customs handling fee by the courier too?
  10. You need to do the sums properly, £376.88 + £167.50, all plus duty + VAT
  11. Ok its hard to be sure from the description you gave, but it seems you're constrained from simply putting the sub(s) front and centre on the floor just in front of the stage? (And/or you can't dedicate/barrier off that area?) Can you, or do you want to, remove this apparently full width bunch of steps? (How wide is the stage??????) If that's the case then, I guess, to one side or the other (but NEVER one each side - Google "Power alley" for an explanation), or as close to front centre as possible without getting in the way. Definitely don't want the subs actually on the stage, I can only imagine weird acoustic issues resonating whatever's underneath it. I think manufacturer's have a lot to answer for by sticking a pole mount on a sub box, it tends to suggest that the mains can simply go on top. They could go on top of one....but the other would want to not be, since if it were then the sub would be in the wrong place.
  12. What incentive do the ducks have, to line up? If they're struggling....here's an incentive: AdBlock Plus blocks these. I have it installed already so I've basically not noticed any more (or less) ads, or changes in ads. I did notice the site down for a bit, and a bunch of other user's avatars disappearing which might/might not be related though. Unobtrusive ads.....probably okay for most; obtrusive ads.....everyone will either install ABP or leave!
  13. I would like to think I'm fairly normal, in that I usually - for comfort reasons - need to rest my thumb on something (for want of a better term) "sticky outy", so if I'm playing the E string then it needs to be one or other of the pickups (Jazz bass, normal) or perhaps the pick guard much closer to the neck. And if its the A, D, or G string then its the next string up ie my thumb rests on the E string when playing the A string. Of course, the above means I can play the A, D or G string anywhere along its length, but I'm self-restricted to where I play the E string. Which can be an issue. To (partly mostly) get round the issue, and I am aware of the incoming flak, I sometimes adopt a technique where I don't rest my thumb beyond the four strings, instead using the thumb as another finger (it is a finger....right?) to play eg the E string. Hope it makes sense.
  14. Yeah, something clip on is all I could find too: https://adcdrums.co.uk/v29009/stagg-clip-on-music-stand__p-124.aspx
  15. How tall is the stage, and is there an area in front of the stage which is fenced off?
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