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  1. We'll need more details...........you ordered a guitar from Ali Express, paid for it, but its not arrived yet???
  2. They are heavily dependent on the weather. By the looks of it so far, 2019 is probably the year to miss. I am sure they are great when its hot and sunny though.
  3. Its an interesting point that if you only have one instrument, you get to know it more, then focus more on playing it better.
  4. This is embarrasing. I looked at both pickguards and thought, hmmmm, something's not quite right with the looks - I think its the fact that its blue.......then I looked at my own guitar and realised it was.......blue......whoops! In defence, mine is Lake Placid Blue though, which seems to "pop". Personally, mine has a white pickguard but there's something about the tort too. I'd leave the white on for now, but definitely do the swap every now and again (just make sure both use the same holes......when I did my last pickguard swap, I had to fill and redrill - but it was Japanese). Are you keeping it?
  5. If we're being technical, then the bit about time signatures isn't correct - in compound time, the top number doesn't define the number of beats, but if divided by 3, gives the beats. Eg 6/8 has 2 beats per bar, 12/8 has 4 beats per bar. And it follows that the bottom number doesn't represent what kind of note gets one beat. I'm not sure there's a neat way to explain it in a few bullet points though - you'd need to distinguish cases where something is in compound time, vs simple time and there is no universal rule (you might be able to say, its when the top is >3, and /3 for example 6, 9, 12, etc). Apart from that I can't see any faults. I'd have included the bebop scale though.
  6. Make it as relaxed as possible, give them the music well in advance (or even let them choose a song).... You want to be able to bring the best out in them rather than piling on unnecessary stress.
  7. Is this it? https://www.soundonsound.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=65981
  8. "You can take a horse to water but a pencil must be lead"
  9. Why not simply cancel or not arrange any gigs until you're ready? If things are going slower that you're happy with, is it because you're being too pushy or one person are lagging? What do the others think? (Edited due to miscounting the number of guitarists). Also, you say everyone has gigging experience - how much experience does the guitarist/keyboard player have? Does he know that failing to rehearse/know the music is going to catch him out at the gig or does he have a cunning plan you don't know about?
  10. Why didn't you peel the tape off before handing over the money?
  11. Can we clarify the terminology, its not a "live stream". Its a video signal from the camera. If you do it digital, you'll get lag - do you really want lag, if this is a live performance?
  12. That mixer is very basic, but has enough to do what you want to do. If you want to use it for live sound AND recording at the same time, there are 2 options I see: 1. Connect the MAIN OUT to your active speakers; and the recorder to either the CTRL ROOM OUT or PHONES socket. One is a pair of mono 1/4" TS, the other is a stereo 1/4" by the looks of it. This means that you can use the slider to quickly/easily adjust the live sound out to the PA, and the Phones/Control Room knob to adjust the recording level separately if needs be (it would need to be turned up a bit...not at -infinity, obviously). 2. Connect the 2-track OUT (the pair of RCA connectors) to the recorder. You might need an adapter for this. Also, it seems to be a fixed level, it doesn't have its own level control. It is probably fixed to the main output slider. Given that there's no separate level, and you'd need an adapter, I'd personally not recommend it be used. This would leave either the main out (or if you really wanted to, the CTRL ROOM OUT/Phones - but I don't see why???) to connect to the speakers. Basically, the mixer has so few outputs and controls that you might need to use an output that isn't labelled/intended/documented in the manual, for recording at the same time.
  13. So they're competing with the TalkBass forum?
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