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  1. There is no protection scheme in itself, for transactions on BassChat. Its difficult to evaluate reports of others who have had problems on eBay and/or Paypal because we don't know the case details including the perspective from the other side.
  2. Is it due to the dangers associated with getting a tattoo??
  3. TBH, its all been done before. Keith Moon* shortened his life** in pursuit of musical perfection. *and many others. ** and the lives of many musical instruments
  4. They're wheel bolts. A nut has a female threaded portion. A screw, set screw, or bolt has a male threaded portion. On a bolt, there is also an unthreaded portion. On a set screw, the thread is not tapered, while on a screw, the thread is tapered. They all have a head of some kind or other. If its threaded but doesn't have a head, then its a (threaded) rod.
  5. All I can give is my experience in the UK. Maybe its different in Bulgaria or NZ where there are far fewer potential local buyers. If you don't answer the question at all, it doesn't appear to the public on the listing.
  6. Its completely meaningless. In fact, anything that happens in the first 6 days 23 hrs 59 mins of an eBay auction is meaningless. The serious buyers either use sniping software or are active in the dying seconds of the auction. As with any auction, it is the price the SECOND highest bidder is willing to pay, which determines the eventual sale price of something. In all my years selling on eBay, someone who has contacted me before the auction has NEVER gone on to buy/win an item, so bear that in mind with the time & effort you put in to replying to messages.......
  7. Its not justification for owning more instruments, if that's what you're seeking.....
  8. If you want feedback that's another pedal - or turn the amp up really high volume.
  9. I would say, a lot of these kinds of events DO have licences. Schools, church fetes etc would know to obtain a licence because their main premises (the school (hall), the church hall etc) would already have one. It is the venue's responsibility to have a licence, not the performer(s). Unless you are the owner/lessee of the venue, you don't need to worry.
  10. What's interesting is the government has now removed its specific advice on amateur music group rehearsals from its gov.uk website. Not archived, but completely removed the page and now it redirects to a vaguely-related page which has much less info. So we're left on our own to decide what to do re: testing, rules, social distancing, ventilation, one way system, etc This type of issue is going to come up more and more.
  11. small cab - no (it need speaker level input) small combo - yes
  12. I still have it, for sentimental reasons. I have no idea how much its actually worth. I tried to value it but the thread got pulled as a "for sale" thread.
  13. ETA also, have some patience. Even a smooth, clear-cut Paypal claim takes an amount of effort and time to see through.
  14. My advice is to: 1. Keep all correspondence to email/text (don't use phone) 2. (Obviously), keep it polite, professional and on-point. 3. Decide if you are rejecting it under The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 (because its simply unwanted within the 14 days) or whether it is faulty. If needs be, hedge your bets by mentioning both and providing supporting evidence for both at the same time. 3. Open a Paypal case ASAP. The time periods from opening to claim win/money back are quite long 4. Copy and paste all correspondence to the Paypal claim With Paypal, unless you make a silly mistake or are clearly in the wrong or trying to pull a fast one, the buyer normally comes out as the winner. There is another debate as to whether that's right or wrong, probably for another thread though.
  15. Let's cut to the important facts - how did you pay for the bass & original delivery? I had to look up the actual specific wording of the legislation. It is here: https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2013/3134/regulation/35/made You have already fulfilled your legal obligation because you are only required to send the item, they are not required to have received it! 35 (4). What complicates it is that DPD might have failed to fulfil their obligation in DELIVERING the item, although you have SENT it (they are obvs not quite the same) so you may also have a valid claim against DPD. Or more simply, since DPD have been quite reasonable so far, its the shop's own fault they've not received it because they've underperformed because it would be reasonable for them to liase with DPD on the delivery details.
  16. Don't laugh........ So Lonely BUT on electric guitar, so that I can "teach" my new bass guitar pupil/GF, who has owned a bass guitar for approx 1 week. The previous less was a more complicated bassline (Girls on Film) and we took a deep-dive into technique, position choice, shifts, octaves etc. This week's was deliberately scaled back to be simpler, so as to concentrate on "groove", tone, note duration, and keeping time with the drummer (a computer looped drum track) while the guitar goes off-piste and a bit cattywompus with timing etc. Its difficult observing accurate timing while deliberately playing out of time!
  17. Beautiful - I am getting into mini-basses (for my GF) - what is the scale length of this?
  18. Strictly, music on its own isn't, but the whole performance and spectacle of the music, how its presented, the bits of banter in between each song, the visuals, "the show" certainly makes a difference to the perception of how its received. I remember way back in my uni days a number of bands playing at the Student Union. We saw it all - some terrible free bands on Sunday evenings and some brilliant stuff. For the start of term/year party, they could afford a decent pro band and the guitarist and bassist used matching wireless rigs with matching height amp/cabinet stacks and matching aerials on top, for example. I imported a Fender Jazz from Japan and it needed to be subtly modified to more closely blend in with the "black" of the band (our shoes, shirts and trousers were black; all accessories such as music stand, stand covers, instrument stand etc was too) (it is a big band so I'm allowed to read music at gigs). With everything in black except for the brass/sax instruments in their shiny polished brass finish, it adds a little sparkle and professionalism. My OCD treatment is going well, thanks.
  19. How about fitting (and routing for) a conventional 4 string pickup of 2+2, acknowledging that the B string is a thumb rest?
  20. That notation is completely meaningless/wrong
  21. Its a non-issue, nobody's going to go to a pop-up alcohol free bar.
  22. Its easy to dismiss jazz like that but the truth is, the comping IS in time AND is playing the right harmony, in an ideal world. A soloist may very well be taking liberties with the note choice or timing but that's an entirely different thing. If the bass player is doing that (and not soloing), then its bad, trust me.
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