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  1. Another day, another clear out. First up is the Boss BD-2 Blues Driver. Everyone should try one. It does all kinds of drive tones and they're famous for a reason. £40. Danelectro FAB Delay pedal - honestly not a bad delay pedal. Don't be put off by the plastic shell and the ugly yellowish colour, this is a great pedal - £10 Blaxx Tuner - cheapo do-a-job-tuner. Big, bright LED screen is easy to see when activated, and has never let me down in the 5 years I've had it. It's done some gigs but you'd never tell, still in great condition. Only selling because of a recent TU-3 purchase - £10 Tone City Angel Wing Chorus - Good little chorus pedal, truth be told, but trying to downsize so need to say goodbye - £20 MXR Custom Badass '78 Distortion - MXR's take on the Boss Distortion CIrcuit, modded for a bit more tonal versatility and the crunch switch adds some bonus grunt to it. Really versatile, doing everything from grunge sounds to Satriani style saturation - £45 All prices assume PPG and add £4 on for UK Mainland Delivery, unless you buy multiples, then I'll work out postage. Only trades I'm interested in are for a Gigrig QMX 4 or similar, or an Isolated power supply. Pictures via Imgur - http://imgur.com/a/16Kn5NY
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  4. Trade for a valve amp of any variety. If you've got one you want to offload, then get in touch.
  5. Marshall Origin 20C can now be had for £299. Good plexi style tones.
  6. Hard to tell from the pictures (might just be my phone screen) is it blue or is it black?
  7. Up for sale is my Boss Katana 100 1x12 combo. Amp is in great condition and can produce a massive range of great tones. Everybody has heard of them, everybody is amazed by them, they're just fantastic. Problem is, I have my eyes set on a Vox AC4, and need to clear some funds to get one. The old 1-in-1-out rule. Will get some pictures up soon, or if needs be will send you the pictures I had off the guy I bought it from 4 or so months ago. I think between us, it's had less than a years ownership. Will include a cable to connect it to a computer and access the Boss Tone Studio. I've found this to really transform the amp. £200 on collection from Birmingham, B36. Will trade for Vox AC4 or other smallish valve guitar amp, show me what you got.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Up for grabs are 2 recent impulse purchases that it turns out, I didn't actually need. They're good but I just have barely used them. First of all is my EHX Memory Boy. Versatile Analog delay with loads of different sounds from its switches and even takes an expression pedal if you want to use one. Comes in pretty much unused condition, probably only been switched on half a dozen times. Also comes with box and all the box shrapnel supplied by EHX, including a power supply. £50 Inc UK Mainland Delivery Next up is a bit more obscure. Analog Fox Tone Machine Octave-Fuzz thing, modelled on the Foxx Machine fuzz and with an octave-up switch to make it like the Fulltone Ultimate Octave. Hard to explain but theres a video on Youtube from Intheblues where he goes through the tones. £50 Inc UK Mainland Delivery Pictures of both: http://imgur.com/a/VTRCXqc Both come with Velcro on the back. £50 each or can do some deal on the pair. As evidenced by these impulse buys, I'm always looking for new and exciting things in part/ex, particularly any nice power supplies, loop switchers, big muffs, compressors, other nice pedals you may be looking at offloading.
  10. Swapped pedals with Rory. Deal was smooth, Comms were great and I've never seen anything packaged as securely as the pedal Rory sent. Top notch bloke to deal with, would do business again in a heartbeat.
  11. Hi mate, Probably more than it's worth tbh. I don't have a box either.
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