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  1. Lovely... very relaxing. Sounds good on the bluetooth speaker and laptop here, I will check it out on monitors in the studio later..
  2. cool as.. enjoyed muchly. thats a lot of video/audio to sync and mix... good job!
  3. Wow.. 20 second set up! Gonna have to try amplitude again.. looks like it could help in the search for a decent bass vst. Vocals sound fantastic, considering the phone mic/ room acoustics, etc - the fx are a bit heavy for my taste, still stunning tho'...
  4. Superb! Bass tone is just glorious on my monitors...
  5. So.... after spending the whole of last week mixing/mastering this one track, I'm putting it up here.. Written and arranged by my talented and wonderfully lovely wife - ( with a little help from myself). Bass is a Harley Benton PB50 with old rounds on... # In her words... this is a new mix of a dusty track from a good few years ago. it marks an aniversary of a personal loss and the feelings attached. in this current situation we felt it may help others in their own journey we hope you like it too.
  6. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Rocketek-Bluetooth-Adapter-Transmitter-Receiver/dp/B06XTS21ZH/ref=sr_1_20?crid=H3KFIP8KAZ2X&keywords=bluetooth+dongle+for+pc&qid=1579505764&sprefix=bluetooth+d%2Caps%2C137&sr=8-20
  7. That would be better, but they are just on/off with adjustable switching speed for pitch and toggle/momentary for mod - enough to get going with...
  8. pitch bend +/- and mod buttons to the left, below octave +/- and sustain... work well too.
  9. I use one of these, lurks... 35 notes on amazon.
  10. Sorry Bard, only just seen this.. ( no notification came up), will check out price and pm you...
  11. Just don't get that with my HB pedal, example vid needed...
  12. I have the Harley Benton copy - haven't tried bass through it, but I'd say it was as quiet as the Fender amp that I often use it instead of... Maybe yours didn't like the PSU you were using or something.
  13. F###in' excellent! Really lifted my spirits after I just got back from another hospital visit, holding my wife writhing in pain, sp#wing bright green matter due to her f###ed pancreas... As you said , what else can you do under the circumstances. Thank you, you're an inspiration!
  14. Got hold of the cheapest Behringer to try ages ago... tried different valves in it (including a Mullard), just to give it a chance to sound decent. You can certainly alter the tone with different valves, but I didn't like the sound of it whatever I loaded into it....
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