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  1. Westfield Les Paul

    That's the beauty of this.. works for any string gauge you want to put on ( the bottom of the slot and string is a constant) - I set up basses like this too .
  2. Westfield Les Paul

    forgot to mention.. with light strings the nut has to be spot on - or there will be zero chance of staying in tune at the lower frets. The following method has served me well for years... 1) fret string a the 3rd fret 2) tap string onto the top of the first fret (the wire itself), you will almost certainly feel the string move ( too much clearance) before you hear a metallic click. 3) very carefully lower nut slot (keeping the break angle) until you feel no movement but you still hear a click as you tap (any further is to far and will fret buzz). Err on the side of caution here until confident. 4) repeat until all strings are at optimum.
  3. Westfield Les Paul

    That looks fantastic! Get him playing some power chords through an overdriven amp and you'll have him hooked... Easy cheezy like rhythm parts for Anarchy in the UK,Teenage Kicks and Sin City to get him going - play along to help out too, if you can.
  4. Westfield Les Paul

    10's on a les paul will feel like 9's on a fender.. i find that I need 10's to get any chance of chords without them squirming around too much due to the lower tension.
  5. Upside down necks. Cool or not cool?

    . [quote name='Spike Vincent' timestamp='1479320661' post='3175655'] Not cool.They could be put on proper left handed instruments. [/quote] For a lefty, it gives the option of loads of 'righty' necks to use.. This maple strat neck is far better than the lefty r/w it came with.
  6. Squier Short Scale Jaguar *Sold*

    We have one of these for the right handers in the house.. it's a fantastic bass! Has a massive sound from the P p/u,and so easy to zip around the fretboard. A real bargain at this price!
  7. What are you listening to right now?

    I got to talking music with a chap (Joe Jeffery) who regularly walked his dog (Dexter) past our work site... Turns out he's a Blackstar Artist and Auden guitar endorser, currently playing guitar with Beau Holland. linkage: [url="https://soundcloud.com/beauholland/love-like-you-demo"]https://soundcloud.c...e-like-you-demo[/url]
  8. Feedback for Telebass

    Great deal on a metronome... fast delivery and well packed. Thanks Dennis!
  9. I'd like to take the metronome, if still available... I'll pm later today
  10. If your computer can handle it ... record and mix in 24/88.2k rather than 44.1 or 48k. A startling improvement in clarity/quality for free!
  11. First recording using a Warm Audio Tone Beast TB12

    Man, with that sort of quality at 48k - I'm confident you'll love working at 88.2 ( it's like lifting a blanket off your monitors...) Again, great song and mix... please keep 'attempting' those vocals so I can hear more of your work.
  12. First recording using a Warm Audio Tone Beast TB12

    Sounds great! I really like the track... fine work all round, particularly the vocal. That's a lovely three dimensional sound from the mic/pre combination - do you record using 88.2 or 96k by any chance?
  13. Feedback for Thunderbird

    Just got back from Pauls after buying a little practice amp... a coffee and a good chat was included! He's a sound fella that I wouldn't hesitate to deal with again.
  14. If still available - I'll take 'em for sure... Pm on it's way
  15. Definitive 'Ric' bass tracks?

    It needs the share link dropping on the page... [media]http://youtu.be/wa1c6EU2bY0[/media]