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  1. Out with the 'old' : In with the new: Really love these GHS balanced strings for short scale - Never had such a uniform feeling all across.
  2. I been having some incredible luck finding 'unicorns' lately - First it was the left handed Kasuga 'Rick' from 1977 and now a Fender JB62SS in Vintage White. These things are incredible - Take a Jazzbass and 'shrink' it down to a 29.5" scale, make the body 15% smaller, but keep electronics, pickups etc in the same size for easy upgrades. Yum yum! This thing is so mind-blowing easy to play - 3.1Kg (6.8Lbs) and it just sound like a proper Jazz. Tonight is going to include a full setup, upgrade the bridge (Babicz) and pickups (Fralin) and of course install some proper left handed CTS pots along with an orange drop. 47 Pics: For reference - JB62SS vs Fender Jazz: (Borrowed from another site)
  3. Man, if I had not just bought a 'unicorn' Fender Short Scale (Left Handed Fender MIJ JB62SS) I would have been all over this. Good luck with sale (Will keep an eye on this, if I decide to sell my '77 Kasuga Rickenbacker 4001).
  4. Shipping to Denmark possible? It is within the EU - Had dozens (damn Gas) of guitars shipped here from the UK without any trouble, using Parcelforce, Royal Mail etc.
  5. Ha ha - Truth be told I am having a hard time putting this bass down. It got something going with how it sounds that is just... Raw, is the only way I can describe it. The pickups are the original ones (I changed the wiring with a harness from Ricksounds) and they are just NAILING the sound I am after - Plugged it into an old AMPEG a few weeks back that I had in for repair and even my son, who have NO interest in my musical endevours, came in with his jaw hanging down the floor yelling that was the most awesome sound he ever heard. Managed to recreate the AMPEG sound on my Fender Rumble Studio - Yum yum.
  6. Finally got here - Have to say, this is a deceptive little beast. Weighs next to nothing but still puts out enough volume for jamming with a friend. It got tones for days and the blutooth streaming is simply brillant. Updated it with firmware 2.0 and discovered it had a Acoustasonic setting, tried it with my acoustic guitar and it took it like a champ! Happy days here!
  7. Still not found a European vendor with one in stock, tried Gear4Music which is the biggest I know (Besides Thomann) and not in stock either, though they have a B stock. Time to hit the smaller retailers I guess.
  8. Was looking to purchase a Fender Rumble Studio for home use and noodling in the basement. However, been unable to find any in stock in Danish stores, a few of them even listed it as "Discontinued" - Found that super weird so went to Thomann who also have it listed "On request" but when I wrote to Thomann they were uncertain the order would even go through. Have they been discontinued or did I just hit some weird moment where they either become super popular (Fender not keeping production up high enough) or Fender have problems sourcing a part? Read a few threads at another forum about the screen dying and Wifi problems - But unsure how big these problems are.
  9. First of all, a special thanks to @Bassassin for taking his time to identify this 'unicorn' for me - You rock! I been craving a left handed MIJ 'Rick' for years, but had totally given up on finding one. Only seen one other (A mapleglo if I recall correctly) but the price was way to high, condition was average at best and it was a bolt-on (I wanted a neck through). So imagine the sound of my jaw hitting the floor when I spotted a fireglo left handed 70's MIJ rick, in NEAR mint condition (Yes it have signs of use and it have that 'Been used at a gazillion venues'-vibe) - And yes, neck through. I contacted the seller faster than light and a few days after it arrived at my doorstep, and oh boy... Sounds like a 4001, feels like a 4001 and the whole bass just resonates like nothing else. Having Tim making me a proper Kasuga TRC as that is missing, it needs that 'crown' to display it's heritage.
  10. How much is shipping to Denmark ? This could be exactly what I am looking for - Work in the Navy and with deployments etc. above my ears at the moment I *NEED* something that is easily transported but still manages to be useable in our little 3-man rock group onboard (Hey - You gotta spend those 4-6 months at sea doing something fun, otherwise you go crazy!).
  11. For whatever reason I am unfortunately unable to change the 'Price or Trade Value' - The correct price is of course £850.
  12. [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif][size=7]Price or Trade Value : £850[/size][/font][/color] This Left Handed StingRay 3EQ was completed on October 6th, 2000. The color is Honeyburst with the Rosewood fretboard. It was originally shipped to Royal Music Center. 100% mint condition, no dings, dongs or scratches, only have around 50 hours of use and never left studio. Bought as a backup bass. Comes with original EBMM hardcase. Shipping worldwide (Insured and with tracking) - Located within the EU (Denmark). Imgur.com album for high resolution pictures: [url="http://imgur.com/a/BXAzl"]http://imgur.com/a/BXAzl[/url] [attachment=228168:IMAG0865.jpg] [attachment=228169:IMAG0866.jpg] [attachment=228170:IMAG0867.jpg] [attachment=228171:IMAG0860.jpg] [attachment=228172:IMAG0864.jpg] [attachment=228173:IMAG0862.jpg] [attachment=228174:IMAG0859.jpg] [attachment=228175:IMAG0861.jpg]
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