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  1. Ndldean

    Your Go To Bass

    This beaut. My Am Std precision is my love. I have a mustang and recently acquired Sire P7 (which I love) but this is the one that made me fall in love with playing a p bass and rekindled my joy in playing bass.
  2. Because any GAS isn’t restricted to price range the Fender custom shop postmodern P bass has a jazz neck 🤣 i think the Precision active deluxe MIM has a jazz width neck as well.
  3. I’d second whats been previously mentioned and say: 1. If active a passive option with separate passive tone control 2. Built in tuner would be very handy... not sure where it would go though... back of the headstock possibly.
  4. Maybe get something short scale?
  5. Oh wow😍 These Pino basses look absolutely gorgeous. GLWTS!
  6. Just watched the Fender official video with Saya Gray playing the buttercream P Bass... looks incredible! Got me thinking what it would look like with white or cream pickups...
  7. What a beauty. Double P has always intrigued me. Congratulations.
  8. Love me some capri orange! Looks great without a guard!
  9. Purchased a bass from jay-syncro recently. Great guy to deal with. Bass arrived quickly and wrapped up better than most children on a cold day. A big thumbs up from me.
  10. Let's not miss the point, Jaco only needed a bass. 4,5,6,7 strings.. Whatever he put his hands on, he probably would have expressed his greatness. Much like Wooten does on any conception including that mind boggling bow bass...
  11. It's such a nice colour, has this quality where it's a soft orange and then in your face at the same time! Love it!
  12. Obligatory sofa close up of my American standard P bass and the newest addition my little Mustang PJ
  13. Great to hear the gold white tapes, been thinking about getting tapes for a while. May have just pushed them into the shopping cart.
  14. To justify those looks and that price tag, they should sound like the best damn bass ever.
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