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  1. I've seen Cory in London - awesome. The gig with The Metropole Orkest sounds great - I was supposed to see Kamasi Washington in Budapest at the end of June... Cancelled already.
  2. I'm sure most of you have free time at the moment. Here are 2 links for your enjoyment. I was listening to an album with this track on, and then found the live version. Total beasts...
  3. I didn't see it being posted, I think it's great. Love Woody.
  4. Marcus is world class, one of the best smaller gigs I've been to. I admire him so much for having young musicians in his band. And he features them in most of the songs. Joe Bonamassa on the other hand... 4 times the price and pretty boring really.
  5. Ok I’ll have them please. Can you message me your PayPal address please? I’m at work at the moment.
  6. I just bought a lovely JV from Malcolm*, super easy to work things out with, even though there was some juggling with the logistics side of it. Awesome bass, top BC'er. Shame we didn't get to meet... Thanks! *Ted
  7. Seiko SNK809 for sale. Worn on and off for a couple of months or so, not a scratch on it. No original box but the papers are there. £60 posted with 4 straps. Any takers?
  8. Quality is annoying, to say the least. There’s some cool stories from Joe and it’s great to see a happy member of an awesome band.
  9. I've just finished watching it (took me a couple of days) and I think they have thought about everything. What a great show!
  10. Imagine if Fender Custom Shop relic'ing looks like this but they just don't show it. Ouch...
  11. You almost got me there! Haha
  12. Spot in. This is a recipe for better tattoos all around. I bet most of the “bad” tattoos are created when the customer demands and doesn’t listen to reasons why his/hers idea might not be the best. And it’s the artists job to make it work for both sides. Bad “artists” just do the tattoo anyway without any consideration to the detail/space ratio or the placement of a tattoo. And that’s not even touching of the subject of choosing the right technique for the design. Sadly, these days it’s pretty easy to get a bad tattoo. Especially, if one doesn’t do any research and doesn’t want to spend much money. ”Good tattoos aren’t cheap, cheap tattoos aren’t good”.
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