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  1. I have this vintage Fender hard case for sale/trade. I don’t know exactly what year it is, but the plush inside has a very old looking colour. P bass fits in there perfectly with no movement whatsoever. Possible trade for a Mono gigbag or something similar to that. Pictures soon...
  2. PawelG

    Yamaha BB2024x - £1300

  3. PawelG

    A bit of a weird one maybe?

    (Also ''Baraka'' - this is I think the first movie from Ron Fricke, the director of ''Samsara'')
  4. PawelG

    A bit of a weird one maybe?

    I hope you'll like it. It's been filmed over 5 years or so in 20+ countries around the world. Only sound and vision. I highly recommend it. It's magical.
  5. PawelG

    A bit of a weird one maybe?

    Love it. It reminds me of a movie ''Samsara''. If I didn't know you did it, I'd definitely say it's a part of a soundtrack to that movie. Awesome.
  6. PawelG

    Best Sounding Bass Recording

    Great thread, some really cool cats. What hasn't been mentioned yet... Christian McBride Marcin Pendowski. https://pendofsky.bandcamp.com/track/psychobaton
  7. The closest thing to the original thing there is. (Or better because of the consistency...)
  8. PawelG

    SBL Technique Accelerator Course

    But then again what's right for somebody else, might not be right for your son. Or vice versa. It's all really subjective, if your son is making lovely music - who is there to tell him if the technique is right or wrong - it's all his individual style. I like Scott's stuff as he always says that you take into account what people tell you and make them your own. Because there's no point doing something that's uncomfortable for you just because that's the ''correct'' way to do it. Good teacher has to adjust and really look at things from your perspective, not the perspective of ''right'' or ''wrong''. And I think these are hard to come by.
  9. PawelG

    Anyone been to Prague....

    I’ve been to Prague several times, all the things mentioned above are great. Charles Bridge is worth waking up super early for - if you go just before sunrise is gorgeous... and even then, there’s people, but not nearly as many as let’s say an hour later. The castle is cool, but there’s a lot to see. I like to just walk around Prague in the morning, the city is really cool and has a nice atmosphere... until you encounter some Czech people. I find them unbelievably rude. They do not care. 8 out of 10 experiences from pubs/restaurants/shops etc are really bad. I’ve been to various places in Czech and from what I’ve been told - even Czech people don’t like Czech people from Prague. Maybe it’s the capital city thing but my god they are rude. So, don’t be bothered if somebody is really unpleasant . I once got asked to leave the pub because I didn’t order enough! Anyway, I didn’t see anyone mentioning Petrin tower. If you go there at sunset and the weather is good - the view from there is incredible. Nice to walk up there through the park. It’s on the hill, where Strahov Stadium is. Here’s a photo taken at Charles Bridge last Easter at sunrise. Enjoy your stay!
  10. PawelG

    Best postage company in uk to uk

    Just to add to the confusion - I’ve used Parcelforce, DPD, UPS, DHL within the UK and internationally and (touch wood) never had a problem. I always pack things super carefully, so I know even if they get dropped or something, they items are very unlikely to get damaged. And then again, I have received acoustic guitars in a flimsy cardboard box or wrapped in stretch without any damage. So, you never know. And it’s always better for the seller to arrange the courier. It’s just much easier. Good luck!
  11. PawelG

    SOLD Yamaha BB1024 Tobacco burst - mint

    Where are these made?
  12. PawelG

    The greatest bass lines to learn ?

    Vulfpeck - Dean Town is a good workout.
  13. PawelG

    Feedback for Gary Williams

    I’ve met with Gary in a lovely town to sell him my little bass combo. Gary was on time and kept me updated all the time. Great guy, pleasure to do business with. Thanks Gary!
  14. PawelG

    Feeling a bit sad .

    All I can say is, don't worry. Things happen, keep your head up and something will come up again. What if the next thing is even better?
  15. PawelG

    Feedback for adamg67

    Got some lovely headphones from Adam, professional packaging, great communication and super quick delivery. Thank you Adam!