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  1. I was waiting for his new album for quite a while. It's coming out soon... New video released today, thought it was worth sharing. That Jolana Diamant bass sounds just right.
  2. I've seen Cory in London - awesome. The gig with The Metropole Orkest sounds great - I was supposed to see Kamasi Washington in Budapest at the end of June... Cancelled already.
  3. I'm sure most of you have free time at the moment. Here are 2 links for your enjoyment. I was listening to an album with this track on, and then found the live version. Total beasts...
  4. I didn't see it being posted, I think it's great. Love Woody.
  5. Marcus is world class, one of the best smaller gigs I've been to. I admire him so much for having young musicians in his band. And he features them in most of the songs. Joe Bonamassa on the other hand... 4 times the price and pretty boring really.
  6. Ok I’ll have them please. Can you message me your PayPal address please? I’m at work at the moment.
  7. I just bought a lovely JV from Malcolm*, super easy to work things out with, even though there was some juggling with the logistics side of it. Awesome bass, top BC'er. Shame we didn't get to meet... Thanks! *Ted
  8. Seiko SNK809 for sale. Worn on and off for a couple of months or so, not a scratch on it. No original box but the papers are there. £60 posted with 4 straps. Any takers?
  9. Quality is annoying, to say the least. There’s some cool stories from Joe and it’s great to see a happy member of an awesome band.
  10. I've just finished watching it (took me a couple of days) and I think they have thought about everything. What a great show!
  11. Imagine if Fender Custom Shop relic'ing looks like this but they just don't show it. Ouch...
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