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  1. Never heard of them before, no idea why. Superb playing, enjoy!
  2. Paul bought a bass from me, quick, and easy - instant payment, very easy to reach. Thank you kindly Paul, all the best!
  3. Great fretless bass. I got it in a trade not long ago. It has brand new GHS Boomers on with a nice action, sounds really lovely across the board. Q body, lovely coated fretboard. I think it’s a lot of bass for the price. Postage is not a problem. Will come with a semi hard gig bag.
  4. Hehe, yes plenty of these sort of things around 🙂
  5. Constantly going through groovy jazz, funk, blues, Cuban, rock, hip hop... AC/DC is always there. Any album will do if it’s loud enough 😉
  6. Nate Smith, Rocco Prestia, Malcolm Young, Stevie Ray Vaughan would be crazy.
  7. Super quick and easy, Mike is an absolute gent. Thanks!
  8. It’s funny how every thread about Scott or his playing/SBL thing has the same people commenting “bla bla, it does nothing for me” - great, we get it. But why the hell do you click on these threads and post the same thing? Just move on ffs... don’t waste your time. Also, reading some of these comments, it makes me think that people are just jealous of the level of skill that Scott has. @bubinga5 thanks for sharing.
  9. Some sort of tapewound strings, came on a bass I recently got. I believe they are D’Addario Nylon Tapewounds. Cut (but plenty of string to go around) for a 4 in line headstock. They look almost brand new. Price includes postage to UK.
  10. I sold a 70’s Matamp to US a couple of years ago. It costed the buyer around £450 for delivery and customs charges. The value of the amp was around £2k. I hope this helps.
  11. I have these two leads (PlanetWaves and Fender Custom Shop) laying around, yours for postage - I reckon £1-2 each. Used, fully working condition.
  12. https://bassmagazine.com/artists/elon-musk-unveils-new-solar-cell-powered-flamethrower-tesla-bass-guitar
  13. I would totally do it but I don’t have time at the moment... Gutted really, but maybe next time. Good luck for everyone who enrolled, I’m sure it’ll be fantastic! Clearly, Gary Willis is from another planet (and so is the drummer).
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