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  1. Lovely „Precision”

    I think it’s definitely correct one for the era.
  2. https://www.gumtree.com/p/guitar-instrument/fender-precision-bass-guitar/1287389896
  3. JV jazz basses. Thoughts

    All the JV's I played/tried were superb. My JV PBass to me is as close to the pre-CBS Fender as it gets. The only P Bass that instantly felt better to me was a 66 P Bass that belongs to Steve Browning. What a bass that is... I used to have a JV Jazz too and it's superb. You don't even need to plug it in to feel that it has this lovely 60's jazz growl/burp. Awesome. And the finish on the neck is very much to my liking too. I'd pay attention to the pickups - the original ones are spot on.
  4. It must have been something special? I think somebody mentioned that to order a new one costs about £1000.
  5. I like your Limelight P...
  6. Are Flatwounds Addictive

    I find them sounding great when slapped. Different to the popular Marcus Miller type of slap sound.
  7. Caring for vintage instruments

    If they’re just to be displayed, and there isn’t 50 of them I’d go something HRC style. They seem to have it sorted.
  8. Looking for something used, cut/uncut to fit a jazz bass. Dr Hi-Beam, TI PowerBass or something... Let me know. Thanks
  9. I’m pretty sure somebody was looking for one in the “item wanted” section. This one falls into the price bracket too. Good luck!
  10. Lovely 1979 example of a Les Paul Standard, mahogany body with 3 piece maple top. Maple neck with rosewood fret board. T-top pickups that have cans on them. Gator case included. Interested in a trade/part trade for a nice ES-335 or Les Paul Deluxe.