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  1. Good condition flats for sale. Silks a little frayed. I had them on my Stingray for a little bit, so won't fit a P Bass or a J Bass. Price includes postage to UK Mainland.
  2. Got a set of 4 strings. Bought them on here. They were on my P Bass for maybe a month in total - not gigged. The silks are not in a perfect state as I changed them quite often, but the strings sound great. I don't think they're even broken in properly. Will fit a 4 in line headstock or you can cut them to fit other various ones. Long scale. Postage to UK mainland included. Thanks
  3. Don’t fight it. I can throw in nice cardboard box for £5 too (only because I paid for it) :-)
  4. Great case for the money. I used it to store a bass but no longer needed. Will fit a Precision and a Jazz (really nice fit) and various other types of bass. Keys are present. Can be posted but is it worth it at this price? I’ll leave it up to you. If you pay for the postage, I cant see why not. Case is in Portsmouth. I can deliver for free within 10 miles or so.
  5. A £7,500 Yamaha?

    It's a shame he's not up for trades, I have a pre CBS P Bass, could add some cash too...
  6. Accidents will happen

    My uncle has an acoustic Gibson from the 40’s (L-40 or something similar) and once while being drunk... well, he stepped on it as it was laying on the floor. Smashed the body into pieces. Thankfully, local luthier managed to fix it and it still sounds awesome.
  7. Hi there, Back of the neck has the walnut finish too. Pot plate is the same colour as the tuners, neck plate and the original bridge - nickel. Thanks
  8. I just hope there won’t be any higher offers through PM to him now I let you all know...
  9. https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/1972-GIBSON-VEEEEERRRRRY-SPECIAL-SG-made-in-USA-/123110416700?_mwBanner=1&_rdt=1
  10. Igor Saavendra

    This is the first bass player I’ve heard with more than 6 strings that I don’t get bored of after 2 minutes. So groovy.
  11. Malcolm Young for keeping it so fat and tight for so long. For bass, there’s a lot of incredible musicians that I love. George Porter Jr, Paul Jackson, Robert Popwell, Donald Dunn... just to name a few. It all feels so good.