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  1. I’ve posted basses and amps to the US before. I think I’ve always used UPS. As long as it’s packed securely, it’ll be fine. I remember it being really expensive though, with the customs and all.
  2. Quick and hassle free transaction. Thank you.
  3. Super quick and easy. Tony is a a top BCer. Thanks!
  4. Total of maybe 2h playing, cut to fit a P Bass with plenty of string left to wrap it around the peg few times, that’s how I like it. I only have one P Bass now and I prefer Thomastik jazz flats. £25 delivered to your door in mainland UK.
  5. Focusrite iTrack Solo for sale, looks cool with the silver casing. I haven't really used it much. £45 delivered to your door in mainland UK.
  6. I just spent a better part of an hour looking for this... Again...
  7. Never heard of them before, no idea why. Superb playing, enjoy!
  8. Paul bought a bass from me, quick, and easy - instant payment, very easy to reach. Thank you kindly Paul, all the best!
  9. Great fretless bass. I got it in a trade not long ago. It has brand new GHS Boomers on with a nice action, sounds really lovely across the board. Q body, lovely coated fretboard. I think it’s a lot of bass for the price. Postage is not a problem. Will come with a semi hard gig bag.
  10. Hehe, yes plenty of these sort of things around 🙂
  11. Constantly going through groovy jazz, funk, blues, Cuban, rock, hip hop... AC/DC is always there. Any album will do if it’s loud enough 😉
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