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  1. Bass for £10

  2. https://www.gumtree.com/p/guitar-bass-amplifiers/ashdown-bass-rig/1279143154
  3. Yamaha Pulser Bass 400

    I used to own a 77' Pulser 400 - mine was in mint condition. It's still in the family but now belongs to my cousin. It was lovely to play, the neck was really fast (although a nice chunk of wood), beautiful bass. Never got around to putting flats on it - it was a bit too bright for me with the rounds. If I had it now - I would definitely put flats and I can only imagine how amazing that would sound. If you can get this bass in good condition for 300GBP or less - don't think. Get it.
  4. Lyrics that changed your world

    “Saw a wet patch on your seat. Was it Coca-Cola?”
  5. The Meters and The Crusaders! Also, as mentioned above - Blues Brothers and all that... And Chic, The Dramatics, AWB, Herbie Hancock. And AC/DC. And like 100 others...
  6. The Perfect Precision Bass

    My perfect P is a JV. Stunning feel and tone.
  7. Dean town by Vulfpeck is a killer. Easy enough to get down. At about half the normal speed... So much fun to play though.
  8. Check out String Connection. Polish jazz/funk from 70’s, 80’s I think. Some really good stuff there. Full albums on YouTube.
  9. Rap - no, it doesn't start with a C!

    How about this modern jewel?
  10. Rap - no, it doesn't start with a C!

    A lot of great hip hop out there. I used to be heavily into stuff like that. Now only listen couple of times a year maybe. I haven't seen my favorite album mentioned yet... Next to Guru - Jazzmatazz, Vol. 1 - here it is:
  11. Little Valve Amp

  12. https://www.gumtree.com/p/guitar-bass-amplifiers/wem-bass-amp/1277663970
  13. "Please don't buy it off him"

    I once bought 3 basses for £450. Sold all of them over the next 6 months making around a £1000 profit. I've cleaned them, changed strings, checked, played and that was my bit of fun. Money was good too. I didn't use anybody's photos or description. I guess I'm not a crook then? :-) By the way - nobody else called the seller, the deal seemed ''too good to be true''.
  14. Feedback for Chimike

    Met with Mike last night and came back home with a lovely Acoustic amp. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Pleasure to do business with. Thank you.