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  1. PawelG


    Met Josh yesterday to purchase a toy. He went out of his way to meet me half way - very much appreciated. Lovely guy. Thanks Josh!
  2. I didn’t say it wasn’t. Not surprised it’s gone.
  3. PawelG

    Feedback for lcu1988

    Got some strings from Laurence recently, super easy, thanks!
  4. PawelG

    Best Warm & Funky Strings

    It's very personal, I guess. So, I'd go for something from Thomastik, like their Roundwounds or Superalloy. Straight from the pack - they're warm but they have everything you'd want from the roundwound. And oh, they are funky. To me anyway 🙂
  5. PawelG

    Bad bass review

    I was having a laugh and then I was serious 🙂
  6. PawelG

    Bad bass review

    Now you got me interested. Or is it a pick playing that you do?
  7. PawelG

    Bad bass review

    Do you play at all? 😉
  8. Lovely.
  9. PawelG

    a Marmite bass :)

    It has a gig bag that ''almost fits it''...
  10. PawelG

    Hmmm MIJ Precision?

    I'm no expert but this looks very wrong.
  11. PawelG

    Feedback for TOM1946

    Bought a bass from Tom, super kind, went out of his way to get a case, pack it and send it. The whole experience was super smooth. Thanks Tom!
  12. PawelG

    “Lock in with drummer”

    Yeah, I guess. To me, it means to have the same feel, make the drummer sound good and just to sort of ''lock in'' to create this lovely thing called ''rhythm section''.
  13. PawelG

    Joe v Scott