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  1. Imagine if Fender Custom Shop relic'ing looks like this but they just don't show it. Ouch...
  2. You almost got me there! Haha
  3. Spot in. This is a recipe for better tattoos all around. I bet most of the “bad” tattoos are created when the customer demands and doesn’t listen to reasons why his/hers idea might not be the best. And it’s the artists job to make it work for both sides. Bad “artists” just do the tattoo anyway without any consideration to the detail/space ratio or the placement of a tattoo. And that’s not even touching of the subject of choosing the right technique for the design. Sadly, these days it’s pretty easy to get a bad tattoo. Especially, if one doesn’t do any research and doesn’t want to spend much money. ”Good tattoos aren’t cheap, cheap tattoos aren’t good”.
  4. Yes. Depending on the ink I guess, but the first thing a tattoo artist asked me when I enquired about a full black sleeve was “do you realise it can get really hot in the sun?”. I didn’t consider it up until then, so hence why I don’t have a full black, just bits - and that still burns a lot sometimes. Edit - picture of the outside of my arm. This gets pretty hot in the full sun. This is an old one from like 5 years ago - now there’s more black above that.
  5. Is this actually your arm? It looks solid! I love blackwork but only have “little” bits, as I think a full arm could get too hot in the summer.
  6. Awesome backpack for sale, bought it a while ago and only used on one trip. This is a high quality backpack that will probably last a lifetime. Super comfortable, adjustable straps, very secure and comfortable even with a heavy load. Lots of little, easily accessible pockets plus a smart separator inside of the backpack, so instead of one huge space, you can get one bottom one and one top one. Surplus to requirements at the moment.
  7. Kamasi Washington (sax), Makaya McCraven (drums), Marquis Hill (trumpet), Christian Sands (piano - he plays in a trio with Christian McBride on bass) are my favourite jazzers at the moment. Rock? Nothing new these days.
  8. I don't mind playing anything (as long as I can hehe) and always enjoy it but I'm super picky with what I listen to. Weird I guess. It's a bit more complicated than that but yeah, the band agrees with you 🙂
  9. It’s finally out. Months after I’ve quit the band. Very long story with the craziness/hassle with this project but here it is. Me playing music that I would never listen to. My cousin plays guitar and the solo is superb in my opinion. Enjoy!
  10. I’ve posted basses and amps to the US before. I think I’ve always used UPS. As long as it’s packed securely, it’ll be fine. I remember it being really expensive though, with the customs and all.
  11. Quick and hassle free transaction. Thank you.
  12. Super quick and easy. Tony is a a top BCer. Thanks!
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