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North West Bass Bash

This Sunday!

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  1. Matamp

    Matamp bass cab please
  2. Ampeg SVT Classic 300w plus Ampeg SVT 6x10 cab

    would you consider selling the cab separately? and where are you based?
  3. Limelight 70's jazz bass in mocha.

    Hey ead, thanks very much for the info. clarity is always best. editing now.
  4. Limelight 70's jazz bass in mocha.

    So I traded this with the legend himself Pawel G, but unfortunately i have had great big credit card bill and have to let it go. This bass is incredible and sounds incredible too. Gutted I have to let this go as I have been playing it non-stop since I got it. Dam debt. NO TRADES SALE ONLY. I may as well use Pawel's description as he had all the details down so well. Apparently one of the few 70’s jazz basses that Limelight have done so far. Beautiful ash body (really rich tone, sounds like a serious Jazz Bass), maple neck with black blocks and binding. Nice vintage feel - to me the road worn job on this is one of the best out there. And obviously - hand wired limelight pickups - I don’t know much about the electronics, but these pickups have some serious output and they sound solid. Cuts right through the mix whatever you do. Bass is in Aldershot, Hampshire. I can deliver within an hour drive. Anyone welcome to come and try it and more than happy to provide more info or pics. Weighs about 5kg
  5. Fender Classic 50s Precision

    Amazing. My main bass has been a mim bass with lots of upgrades, for the past 12years. Love mine. If It feels perfect buy it and keep it. That's what I say
  6. Fender Classic 50s Precision

    Got your message Dave and glad you found the jazzy you were after. Glwts
  7. Feedback for Pawel G

    Pawel G is a pleasure to do business with. Really nice guy and very approachable. Legend
  8. Looking for, I'm good nick, Mesa diesel cabs 410 size and above.
  9. Mesa Boogie 6x10 Powerhouse Cab

    Pm sent
  10. Sold. Ampeg 410 HLF £200

    Sold please close
  11. Ashdown ABM Neo 2 x 10 Classic Bass Cab

    Location, ohms and watts if you could be so kind dear sir.
  12. Mesa M-9 Carbine + Powerhouse 410 Rig

    Cab still available? How much on its own? Thanks
  13. Mesa Boogie Diesel 215 *SOLD*