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  1. Still available and open to offers and trades.
  2. Bump. Open to offers and trades.
  3. Based in guildfird esher farnborough. Hello all, for sale is my [b]brand new[/b] Fender Japan FSR 62 in walnut. I bought this brand new a couple of months ago and have only played it twice (still has the tag on it). I have been gigging lots recently and this hasn't been used as i didn't want it getting ruined and i always go back to my trusty black Jazz. I have had it set up and at the same time i had a new hipshot kickass bridge installed. the original bridge is included in the sale. I know you can buy these brand new for £1007 but they do not come setup with a brand new upgraded bridge worth £60. I'm asking for £1000 O.N.O and will also consider the following trades.[list] [*]Lightweight powerful heads [*]Ampeg PN 410HLF [*]Neo Cabs with high output and must be 410 [*][b]GIBSON GRABBER OR RIPPER PREFERABLY WITH A ROSEWOOD NECK[/b] [/list] [b]​[/b]Please feel free to send me a message to ask anything. [b]PHOTOS HERE: [/b]https://www.flickr.com/photos/155004987@N03/albums/72157689576621125
  4. T Rex Bass Juice - price drop

    i assume this sold? if not i'll take it
  5. RMI - Ramsay Musical Instruments

    Obviously picking this one up late but was it the green 5 string with block inlays you missed out on?
  6. SOLD: Matamp "Black" 410 cab

    Used to own the cab and still have the head. great cab with lots of punch. GLWTS
  7. Hey. I'm looking for a Babicz 4 string black bridge fender style. If anyone out there has one.
  8. sold

    Are they both 8ohm 400watts? And black? Thanks.
  9. Mesa boogie bass 400+ service

    Can anyone recommend someone good to service a mesa 400+ preferably in the south. Thanks. Ben.