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  1. why you shouldn't buy a rickenbacker: "cuz fender" Lol Sorry. (Whatever your heart desires, really. I personally prefer fender over everything.)
  2. I am just now really switching from guitar to bass because I just simply like bass better. It's easy to find songs with heavy guitar, but I find it hard to find songs with heavy bass lines. I'm aware of Green Day and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, but that's really all I've been able to find. Right now, I'm just looking for song suggestions or you can even just name your favorite bassist. I appreciate all suggestions. Thank you!
  3. Seymour Duncan... anything by them.
  4. The American Fenders are a little pricey. Try a Japanese or Mexican made fender. They all pretty much sound the same. But whatever floats ur boat.
  5. [quote name='ahpook' timestamp='1496854507' post='3314331'] Sadly no, the spacing of the frets is determined by the scale length, so the frets would be in the wrong position. You could tune the open strings OK but it would all go a bit wrong when you started to fret. For instance, the 1st fret E string would no longer be F [/quote] Thank you...guess I'll just have to get a new bass when i'm ready to play that way.
  6. I'm getting a short scale bass. Someday, I might want to change out the neck for a longer normal neck. Will a normal neck still fit on a short scale bass? Is that even possible?
  7. If that has a rosewood fretboard, you might want to keep it. The value is going up on MIM fenders with rosewood fretboards because there's actually a law that's been recently made about exporting rosewood. Fender ,from what i've heard, now isn't making any MIM guitars with rosewood. Wait like 10 years, and sell it for 500$. Just a bit of advice.
  8. Wish I had the money for something like this. Just love how late 60's and 70's P-basses look and sound.
  9. So I have decided to mod my squier vintage modified strat (yes, its a guitar not a bass) with a black pickguard, purple pickup covers, and purple knob covers. My guitar has a 3-tone sunburst finish right now. Just wondering how all of that would look together. Right now it has 2 of the stock Duncan Designed pickups, and one Duncan Designed humbucker. Plz dont chew me out for posting guitar stuff on a bass forums. Its still modding.
  10. Nice guys! I'm saving up for a 60's P bass.
  11. The title says it all. All fenders are welcome.
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