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  1. You are welcome to come and have a play on her if you like.
  2. It was used yesterday for a jam and tomorrow it is in the Studio for a Reggae band. No rest, but she loves it.
  3. Andyjr - These photos do it no justice because of the file size limitation, but trust me, it looks bloody amazing, and it's used every day as it is kept in my recording studio. I play in a Ska band and it gets used every gig, even while it was only half done. TheGreek - Terry is brilliant, he matched the trim and remade the neck trim and even made it look like it was done in 1964, he re-fretted it and managed to get that neck separated and then put back without damaging the guitar...Amazing!
  4. Admittedly it has taken a couple of years to get this all done and finished how I wanted it, but, this is a working musicians axe and as such it has played many gigs during the restoration process, hence, 2 years I bought this bass from this very website from a chap in Germany, it was in a bad way, the P-ups were both dead, the neck had been fitted VERY BADLY and also the 'idiot' that done it had used white resin wood glue and had managed to break the decorative pearl around the neck fitting. Also the body of the bass had suffered from mould, this was a real problem to stop and cure it, it had left the bass looking very flat, dull and a coating of haze across the finish. Very sad indeed. Now I'm not blaming the guy who sold it to me, however, he failed to mention the condition and the fact the neck was glued on with resin (if he knew.... hmmm ) Anyway. Between myself and a very talented Luthier named Terry Chapman we have managed to restore the bass to it's former glory and managed to keep the 'Mojo' of a guitar built in 1964, it's nearly as old as I am and looks better too. The headstock logo was missing a piece of the H and I have ordered a replacement but it was not as nice as I wanted so I left the old one as it was. I know a couple of you guys were keeping an eye out for the finished job, so here she is in all her glory. Enjoy.
  5. Interesting, I live in Hitchin.. might be worth a jam, drop me a PM with a contact please.
  6. I have an M-audio 26/26 with 2x behringer ADAT's connected. I use the M-audio as my main inputs then i feed out the lot into a TAC desk (love analogue mix & FX). I use 7 mics for drums, the 8th for Bass on initial recording. kick/snare/tom1/2/3/hats/overhead I have a set of Samson drum mics that were/are cheap as chips but never seen the need to replace them at all. Everyone's idea of a studio is different but as already suggested you can do it with an 8 I/O interface then simply mix to stereo.
  7. Thats gorgeous... we should breed them and sell off the hofner cubs
  8. [quote name='Happy Jack' timestamp='1497253295' post='3316744'] Pick or fingers? I find playing ska lines with a pick leads eventually to cramp, but the 14mm spacing on my Hofners makes playing it fingerstyle a mite tricky. [/quote] I have never used a pick to play bass, always used my fingers as it gives me more control over the sound. The tight spacing is quite a relief these days as i am a lazy player...
  9. [quote name='luckman67' timestamp='1497210997' post='3316599'] Yes it's been retired from everyday use since 1998 but who knows as I get older (50 this year), & the Precision becomes to heavy to lift it may come out of retirement & become my main bass again. [/quote] Well this is what happened to me (now 55) I had a gorgeous 1978 P bass but I needed a forklift to pick it up, sounded great though. The Hofner is a perfect replacement for me for live work & Studio, sounds great with the traditional Ska music we play.
  10. [quote name='Twincam' timestamp='1497201911' post='3316505'] Hate is probably too strong a word. They feel a bit toy like to me, or should I say they don't feel substantial. The string spacing, I'm purely a fingers player and although I can play them its still a bit cramped. There odd controls. There just not logical very un German lol. However there's a lot of things I do like about them. [/quote] Yes i get the weird controls, the spacing doesn't bother me, in fact it helps a lazy old git like me so I don't have to move too much..
  11. [quote name='Twincam' timestamp='1497178553' post='3316285'] Lovely looking bass. I have a love/hate thing going on for hofners. I love there looks and that hofner tone. [/quote] Cheers, what do hate about them?
  12. [quote name='luckman67' timestamp='1497181931' post='3316321'] That looks really nice hope you have many happy years with it, I've had my '64 500/1 for 29 years now & still love it. [/quote] Shame to see you have retired it....
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