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  1. bright clangy bass sound !?

    Old school Trace will deliver but heavy heavy
  2. NAD - Elf Content

    I got mine for the same reason, 10 second change over if my tecamp goes down. The Elf is loud enough, any louder and it will just be backline with a PA, I don’t play those gigs generally. It doesn’t sound like an 80s Trace but judicious play with the eq will get you close enough if you are playing an active. I like the HA3500 comparison, I played one of those for years.
  3. I get Nash but I can’t understand how you can make copies with the Fender logo on them without having been crushed in court years ago? Andy
  4. Woops sorry just saw the No Trades at the top!!
  5. NCD Vanderkley MNT112

    That's my rig Puma900 and Vand 1x12 and 2x10. Bass Direct use it to demo and i kept coming back because my gear never sounded as good at that. Eventually I upgraded, that was 2 years ago. Really brings out the best in a Musicman btw
  6. I guess we need to consider the Trace 1x10 that’s just come out, I’m planning to get one this year, haven’t tried yet though
  7. Musicman Bongo finally arrived today!

    Myung describes them as the perfect bass. Mine is my main gigging bass, there’s not a tone I can’t get out of it. Be careful though, they’re bloomin’ powerful and you’ll need to make sure it plays nicely with your gain control
  8. Thanks folks, will see how i get on with the ELF, it’s a cracking amp, just can’t get over the size, I’ve got it running through a 15” Cab with a Celesation and it shakes the house.
  9. Thanks folks, so I don’t need to go out and buy as Radial then?
  10. Got an ELF for Xmas so wondering if I can double up and save on the DI?
  11. new amp....but which one.....??

    EICH/Tecamp fit the bill for your requirements
  12. I sometimes use my Hartke HD50 as a vocal monitor for small gigs, sounds great but make sure you start with the volume on zero and go up slowly....
  13. Who else got an ELF for Xmas??

    We are lucky bass players