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  1. This totally depends whose hands the bass is in and how they hit the strings. Plectrum? Thumb ()?, do you use a compressor? I've always found a Stingray hardest to control
  2. If you've been playing bass for a few years you'll be reasonably "proficient" as soon as you pick one up, fretless actually comes pretty naturally, a bit like playing a fan-fret. The problem is you'll spend the first few weeks playing all those Pino basslines to put a smile on your face, then when that's done you'll realise it's a bit like starting over again But that's a great feeling, fretless is fab
  3. Those 80s Aria ZZs were fierce
  4. Mine is also battered and chipped but that just means it's now 50% mojo!
  5. Gorgeous. They are still some of the best basses you can buy, ludicrously good value for money. But HEAVY
  6. LOVE my Bongo. Myung says they are the best basses ever made, hard to argue
  7. The pickups are lively but certainly not harsh, definite vintage vibe. That said, smooth would not be the first word I would reach for
  8. I got the Classic Vibe recently, I reviewed it at the page below
  9. The B3 sims are excellent, I use them constantly with a different preset for each song on the set list
  10. Just had a play with mine to see, no hiss....?
  11. If I had roadies I would have 2 of these
  12. +1 on the Hartke gear, perfect for your needs - the HD500 combo would be awesome
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