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  1. Jeff Berlin plays a Cort Gary Willis plays an Ibanez
  2. This - A luthier quality bass with astounding tonal range (for a passive) and so so so playable. Mine is the smoothest bass I have ever played. Even if it's £600 sell the wife and make it yours. Also if you can get anywhere near an Ibanez Musician you will have an alembic quality bass that never ever disappoints
  3. Whatever you do don't dump the Tecamp, they will become very much sought after before too long, incredible heads
  4. I think a "help me find" section on the site would be cool
  5. Try a Volto, no plugged power supply needed, fits underneath pedaltrains
  6. I guess it's all in the fingers!
  7. I had a Legend Custom and it was a set neck as I recall
  8. Remember that if you get a Spector it will always sound like.... a Spector. It's a fantastic tone but you'll find it difficult to pull different sounds from it. For info I have played a number of Spectors down the years, incredible instruments all, I just wish I could find one that was a bit more versatile cos if I did it would probably be my number 1....
  9. My ears say yes, my back says no. Bet it sounds incredible though
  10. Regardless of underhand name choices, I will be buying one of these, price of a half decent pedal these days.....
  11. Vanderkley cabs are the best I've ever played, easily. Cabs are very personal choices though, it's all about how they process your fingers through your amp - you might be a Trickfish or Barefaced person, try 'em all, that's what I did anyway.
  12. Back in the 80s they were very popular
  13. Defo

    5 string trouble

    Yep, I had a feeling that might be the truth of the matter, I'm definitely getting back in the market and plan to try and do this - it's difficult when you've got nice 4 strings sitting around staring at you though
  14. Defo

    5 string trouble

    I tried that once on a Stingray and it felt weird as I tend to use the G string a lot and flying up the D to get those notes drove me potty - I know it sounds like maybe I should just practice more
  15. Defo

    5 string trouble

    Thanks, I think I am maybe a bit in the habit of needing an open E to orientate myself so that is useful advice
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