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  1. Unfortunately not, I’m looking for the six string fender bass
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. I use 2 1x12 cabs, so a natural back there, and also have a Trace Elliott ELF which takes up no space as a back up and is pretty loud as well sounds good.
  4. Ordered some Barefaced cabs. Would consider trading for other bass related equipment, cash either way
  5. Hi, I’m based in Richmond Surrey. Yes they are 8ohm. Rgds Alan
  6. Post Christmas bump - would also consider other trades
  7. Well, I just got a hybrid car and the Bergs are 2mm too tall to fit into the boot, so l have ordered some Barefaced super midgets. The cabs come with covers and are in very good condition. Looking for £700 for the pair. The cabs are rated at 350 watts each with front firing ports (important on small stages as they can be placed against a back wall without the issues I got with rear firing ports). Very light and easy to carry with excellent weight to the sound. I use these with a Demeter amp and they are really great, fantastic slam - just ever so too wide/deep/high for the new car otherwise they would be staying! One sold and have one left at £350
  8. Apologies, I put this in the wrong category - could a moderator please move to the amps cabs for sale thanks
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